How do you cope with wedding blues?

This is more of a question post than an answer cause at the moment I’m not really sure!

I realise I’ve not yet written about the wedding but I can’t wrap my head around how I can possibly describe the most amazing day of my life in order to give it the justice it deserves! A post on our minimoon to Rome will also be on its way but today I need to talk about this post wedding limbo I’m in, I need to get it all out so I can move on from it – does that make sense?

Let me first get this straight, I’m in no way depressed about it and I’m still on such a massive high from the wedding, I couldn’t be happier right now about being married and the life we have ahead of us. I’m just a bit overwhelmed on the whole getting back to reality thing; catching up on work and washing and tidying, in a way that makes me want to pack up my bags and move me, my new husband and my cat to a desert island so we don’t have to deal with it.

Firstly I need to change my name and Lord Jesus let me tell you there is a whole host of things you won’t even think of that you need to change your name on! My banks already screwed it up on the name change front and ended up sending me 2 credit cards in my old name – not all bad I suppose! But yeah that’s a brain teaser!

Next getting back to work and trying to summon up some motivation when you have SO MUCH to do is a little daunting!

And the flat, oh cripes the flat needs some love but I’ve taken to eating left over wedding cake in bed watching YouTube videos rather than actually doing anything about it!

And lastly the weight, I got down to a champion weight for the wedding and without wanting to sound big headed I looked bloody great in that dress, and I deserved to cause I worked really hard for it!! Now…. I’ve been enjoying the finer things in life, napping, Carbs, cheese! And lots of it so yeah I put on half a stone in 2 weeks but don’t tell anyone that part.

All of this that i’m feeling now though, is 1million times worth it and I would do it over and over again!!!! If only weddings were like Christmas! But yeah yesterday I was feeling like a total misog and I could not snap out of it! (It didn’t help that a woman working in new look decided to tell me she used to have awful skin too and used whatever it was to clear it up – cheers babe I love it when people basically call me a cretin on my lunch break). However, I have an air of change in me today (I think it’s the new top I got!) and I’m hoping that I can muster up all the motivation, smash out some amazing work and go home with some left over to sort out the flat!

Personally for me, I know that exercising again will spark all of this BUT I have so much stuff to do going to the gym on my break isn’t really the best use of my time right now. Also I’m sure you’ve all been in that position where you know exercise will help but, you cannot be bloody bothered!

So yep this is me, post wedding, learning to live in the normal world again! Any tips throw them my way please 🙂 also any desert island tickets would be fab, cheers pals!

Peace and love xoxo

PS I wrote this on the train this morning and between now and then I’ve been nailing life so the whole getting it on the blog and out my head thing seems to have worked! Thumbs up for blog therapy.


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