Dress stress (bridesmaid edition)…

In keeping with the wedding theme of yesterdays post I thought I would speak of my most recent wedding struggle… the infamous bridesmaid dress!

Picking my own dress was surprisingly easy. I have commitment issues so I worried that I wouldn’t be able to “say yes to the dress”. However, these fears diminished when the woman said to me… “What if you came back tomorrow to buy the dress and someone else had taken it” I hastily shouted, “NO IT’S MY DRESS” and I think we all had our answer.

Now when you are choosing for someone else it is a bit different, especially with more than one bridesmaid to cater for! You need to take into account everyone’s shape, size, likes and dislikes and let me tell you it is not easy!!!

Not only this but I am a bride on a budget (and not a very big one at that.) So when an email popped into my inbox directing me to the Aisle Style website I was pleasantly surprised! Up to 50% off 2016 bridesmaid dresses… come to mama!

Aisle Style is an online store that not only specialises in bridesmaid dresses but also hosts wedding, prom and cocktail dresses. The pieces below can all be ordered in a variety of different colours, which is so handy and something that is not always available on the high street.

Our wedding is in August 2016, so will (hopefully) be nice and warm!! This is kept in consideration when choosing dresses ’cause I don’t want my girls to be a hot mess! (not until the evening at least.)

We are also going for a country, shabby chic vibe which means lace and tulle are winners!

Here are a few dresses that have made my short list:

All of these babies are under £100! (Bargain brides assemble!)


Starting off with these absolutely stunning dresses, which totally fit our theme and I’m not going to lie, have been on my pinterest board since the engagement! I actually looked into buying these previously and found that they were too expensive BUT on Aisle Style they are only £99.99!

I am so on board with having 3 different pastel colours for my bridesmaids so this picture basically captures everything I am after… the lace detail is just perfect and will really compliment my dress.


This second dress is very similar to the first one however, I love the two tone effect and I feel that it really makes the lace panel pop! Not only this but it is slightly cheaper at £95.99


Dress number three – This one really caught my eye because of the amazing back detail! I feel like it would be flattering to most body shapes and the slight split at the side will help keep the girls cool on that warm August day! Priced at just £70.99 this is an absolute steal!



Dress 4 – Another tulle/chiffon beauty! This dress is so elegant and another shape that I feel would be flattering. My only worry with this one would be my younger sister having such a gaping cleavage but I feel that even with a plunging neckline this dress is extremely tasteful. (Luckily I don’t have breasty bridesmaids – soz girls!) This baby is priced at just £65.99 and is the cheapest on the list!


And last but by no means least dress number 5 – I understand that these dresses are quite similar but they all have a unique aspect. This one has that gorgeous wrap around effect which is wonderfully slimming and accentuates what mother nature gave you!  Another stunning contender and priced at an amazing £69.99.

I find bridesmaid dresses a lot harder to commit to … there is just SO MUCH CHOICE! But these 5 are definitely up there and at such great prices it would be rude not to!

Which one’s do you prefer? I need all the help I can get ladies!

Peace and Love xoxo

Laura x

*See disclaimer. The pictures used are directly from the Aisle Style website – please click on each picture for a direct link to purchase if you wish.


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