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So I said a couple of months ago that things were going to change around here in terms of content but OH MUMMA are they about to take a whole new turn!

You see a human seems to have found its way into my uterus! Yep….


(It was a shock to me too mate.)

I mean finding out eight weeks in that you have a little shrimp growing inside of you, that next week will have toes … that shit takes some getting used to! And let’s not even go into the guilt I have for the amount of prosecco and lack of folic acid consumed in that time! (Face palm)

You MUST have known I hear you scream! Well, having taken a negative test a few weeks previously I put my extreme nausea down to exam stress, my giant breasts down to weight gain, my weight gain down to food consumption, my going off hummus on the extreme nausea caused by exam stress, the only wanting to eat salt and vinegar walkers down to the same… ok you’re right I should have known! But the test was negative ok!!! The three I took a month later however, very much positive!!

Laying on my bed waiting for the girls to pick me up for a hen do in Cambridge I text Jon saying “I don’t think I can do this”. I felt SO SICK I kept having to take rests while packing. He suggested I take the other test and I had some time to kill so thought, fuck it ok! Well sitting on that toilet with the test laying in front of me on the floor, my entire life changed! Not sure my hands have ever been shakier! Now what? Jons at bloody Work! So I had to call him, break the news then head off to Cambridge! (Don’t judge me ok). I told my pals in the car ’cause I needed their assistance in operation “pretend Laura’s drinking this weekend” and I think I did a pretty good job! Well I looked hungover AF the next day which really sold it. I took two more tests whilst in Cambridge, fancy expensive ones that give you the weeks and was still shocked when it said pregnant (not sure what I expected? Haha psych! Have a prosecco babe).

Luckily it was just a one night hen so I was back the next day and spent the entirety of that time trying to get hold of my mum so I could go round and tell her. Obviously she decided to be busy (she’s NEVER busy) and I was absolutely fuming at her for being so selfish! Eventually I just drove the car round there threatening a stake out till she was home… she was already at home (just ignoring me it seems). She opened the door and I said “I’ve been trying to get hold of you all day?” She replied why and I literally shout in her face before the front door was even closed “BECAUSE IM HAVING A BABY” LOL I was nervous I didn’t know what else to do!

Next up… figuring out how far along I was, well I knew the EXACT night it happened so I guessed 6 weeks. The next day an online calculator will tell me I’m 8 so apparently weeks move in hours now, who knew! That’ll be just one month of the first trimester left, of which I didn’t even know I was in till now … seven months till an actual baby arrives IN BLOODY DECEMBER, what terrible non planning on our part!


Hellooo lovely people 🙂

So I wrote the above post not long after I found out, I wanted a reaction that was authentic, one that I could look back on and remember exactly how I felt. And how did I feel? Happy, terrified, shocked, excited, nervous. Basically every emotion you could think of. But I haven’t allowed myself to get truly excited until now – now that I’ve seen that beautiful little gremlin rolling around inside of me and honestly… I’m on cloud nine!

So what can you expect going forward? Well a lot more baby content that’s for sure. My blog has always been a piece of me, a slice of my life at that particular time and it grows and changes as I do. So here’s to the next chapter! And if you have anything you would like to know or want me to cover, hit me up on Insta / Twitter!


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