Who done it better || The teenage edition…

Totally jumping on the bandwagon here but I feel like this is a serious issue…

Here’s what I looked like at 14(ish), compared to kids these days:

There have been a lot of memes similar to this popping up after the whole Molly O’Malia, Tyga situation but the question I have to ask myself is a bit like a magazine’s “who wore it better” except;”who done it better?”

As far as I am aware teens these days spend their life contouring their babyskin faces, squeezing themselves into midi skirts/ankle grazer jeans and cropped tops and drinking prosecco with their pals at lavish looking venues.

This is not how we did it! My teens were filled with a lot of stripes, beaded necklaces from claires accessories, a bottle of vodkat or white lightening and a freezing cold field. As stupid and as irresponsible as this was, these were literally some of the best times in my life! I’m not saying that teenagers should go and do this, obviously its really dangerous BUT what I took away from these times was a sense of fun, kindness and not giving a f**k.

You could rock up to the field completely alone and be friends with everyone there in a matter of seconds, everyone was friendly, everyone was generous and as silly as it all was, people actually looked out for each other. There was rarely any drama unless other people sought us out specifically to cause trouble (cue being chased by stabby chavs through a dark field at god knows what time. And of course boy drama but this is always going to be a thing – cause boys suck – LOLZ)

Due to the bigger presence of social media these days and the massive pressure on kids to fit in, to look like the women in the magazines, it seems like its difficult for them to genuinely let their hair down in fear that an awful selfie will end up on instagram or someone will tweet about their hook ups.

I mean these pressures were all there when we were younger, they were just less public! Of course there was myspace but this was generally filled with lists of weird emo loves, mine being “I like it when there’s crumbs in the butter” and switching up your friends list in accordance with whose been a massive bitch that week. (I set mine to private so I could judge in secret).

Our pictures were of us being silly and having fun… I mean there were posy ones too (my friend Jenna and I would arrange “photoshoots” at the skate park) but nothing like you see today! These glossy images of “real life people” were not thrown in our face – we knew we weren’t celebrities and everyone else, in our heads, were just like us. Nowadays kids are seeing set up, fake, edited pictures all over instagram and thinking that is real life.

I honestly believe there needs to be something to counteract this on the curriculum, like a “just so you know insta aint real” class to set these teens up with the tools to know the difference, cause they are pretty convincing pictures!

I fear for the amounting number of teens with anxiety or depression, I don’t know if this was just less publicised when I was that age or if it’s genuinely getting worse but something needs to happen. Kids need to know that their outlook on life now will COMPLETELY change the older they get. They will stop caring so much about what their peers think, they will establish a strong set of friends and realise who the fake ones are and they will stop getting messed around by little boys and start paying attention to the guys that actually give a crap about them as a person. (Or at least that’s the hope, not everyone gets to this stage.)

This is a serious YOLO post cause honestly its true! You only get to be young once so just enjoy yourself, care less about your looks and the judgement and more about the experiences and the knowledge. Be the best version of yourself without beating yourself up when your insta selfie only gets 2 likes. Clue yourself up on the world and find your passion. Be a good person and find the enjoyment in everything.

Peace and Love xoxo



  1. January 20, 2016 / 12:01 pm

    It frightens me how kids of today are so different to how we were when we were younger, and also how much change there has been in such a short amount of time. It petrifies me to think how things will be by the time our kids are this age. It just seems as though kids are not able to enjoy being kids anymore, don’t get me wrong you always want to be older than you are but seriously, half of teenagers now a days look older than I do and I’m nearing 30! x x x

    • January 20, 2016 / 1:07 pm

      I know!! And I don’t mean to be funny but it can get guys in serious trouble! If a girl looks 20 but is actually under 16 it can lead to some serious trouble! It’s also really sad that they’re having to grow up in a society with so much pressure put on being a certain way xx

  2. January 20, 2016 / 2:32 pm

    I can only imagine how the previous generations think of us. Oh my lord. They probably think our teen years on MySpace were crazy, wild times. I just wrote about myself on the Internet when I was sixteen, and it was nothing like this YouTube celebrity era. We were all so young.

    • January 20, 2016 / 2:59 pm

      Totally agree, kids are completely missing their youth!!

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