WhatsApp Girl Gang 

Almost everyone is in a WhatsApp group, heck I bet you’re in multiple! Whilst they can get a little time consuming with you’re phone threatening to explode if it buzzes one more time, it’s so worth it!

I’m sure there’s many WhatsApp groups out there that are full of bitchy comments and hate. Put a group of girls together in a secret cove of opinion and you’ve basically recreated the mean girls burn book BUT they don’t have to be that way! And I’m thankful to say that mine is not.

After a little meet up in London a while back, a beautiful thing was born; the WhatsApp group of all WhatsApp groups. A bunch of likeminded gals from different walks of life coming together to celebrate and support one and other. Some of these girls I’ve never even met but I now consider them friends! The positivity and encouragement that shines through is just the best. We come to each other with the things we can’t tell anyone else and there’s absolutely no judgement, just reassurance and advice.


It’s so important to create safe spaces like this in your life; be that with friends, family or a bunch of strangers. Discuss you’re woes and learn that you are not alone. Bring your fears and learn that you are not overreacting. Bring your positivity and learn how much it can help someone else.

Women supporting women is a beautiful thing! And I bet there are tonnes more WhatsApp groups out there doing just that! Find your girl gang and get a group formed, you won’t regret it!

Big shout out to these absolute QUEENS – go check them out and spread some love:

Vix Meldrew – Vix


Vix is a straight talking, hilarious, girlboss who writes about sex, relationships and dating. She is fast becoming recognised by all sorts of exciting people and totally deserves it all. She’s also one of the loveliest gals you will meet.

A penny for them – Penny


Penny is a pet obsessed, fellow Essex girl who spreads positivity like confetti and gives the best advice (like seriously, I don’t know how I’ve survived without this little voice of reason!) Her blog is just fab, writing about life in Essex/London. So glad we’ve finally met up after all this time!

Beth Eve – Beth 


Beth is a yellow loving cat mum and absolute babe who has recently launched a new blog including a weekly “things that made me happy” post! She is just amaze, so supportive and witty but also has fab industry knowledge that she lets us pick her brain about.

What she did – Beth 


Beth’s make up looks give me all the heart eye emojis! I particularly love her insta page but she also has a great blog and a YouTube channel. Wishing this gal didn’t live so far so she could come see us more! A funny, caring, lovely addition to our group.

Almost Amazingly Grace – Grace 


Grace is an absolute superstar. If you know her and have seen what she’s been through you will appreciate the effort it takes for her to just be, let alone run a blog! Her positivity, courage and optimism is something to be admired! Grace is also a bookworm babe and her blog reflects this.

Tape Parade – Laila 


Laila represents everything I wish I could be; a green, ethical, vegan, who knows so much about politics and how to get shit done! I wouldn’t have been half as informed about the recent election if it wasn’t for Laila! Her blog has so much advice about going green and being vegan but aside from this Laila is also a musician who is soon to be featured on our TV screens.

The Olive Fox – Beth & Suzy 


This is an amazing online magazine run by Beth (BethEve above) and Suzy. This online space accepts articles from outside sources and is filled with people sharing their amazing stories. Get in contact with them if you have something you want to share!

We’re all busy people and a WhatsApp group may not be for you but please ensure you make some girl time in your life! Build each other up and celebrate being bad ass women… It’s great for the soul!

Peace and love xoxo



  1. June 13, 2017 / 3:08 pm

    Awwww Laura, I love this! I know I’m biased but I do love our little Whatsapp group – honesty, support, straight talking, caring and funny, it is literally the best girl gang in the land. So many more fun times ahead!

    Also, I’m thinking a road trip to visit Beth at some point!

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