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I’m a sucker for a good quote. You will find me on down days scrolling the depths of Insta or Pinterest for that glimmer of motivation. There’s something about a sassy slogan or thought provoking quote that really does it for me and I cannot be the only one, right?

Words are powerful, that’s surely why people become bloggers, or novelists or poets.

You can take what you need from a quote, keep it to yourself as an intimate validation of how you want to feel or share it with others and get that warm fuzzy feeling when people are like OMG YES; and you realise you’re not alone.

So on that note I have taken the latter option and gone on the hunt for places that hit the inspo sweet spot, to share them here for those among you also on that quote hype with me (and let’s face it, with the rise in slogan t-shirts and god knows what else, that’s pretty much everyone!)

JPYogaCO Pinterest – “Quotes – Live a Fuck Yes Life!”

JP is a newly qualified yoga instructor who is cosmic AF and just generally a beautiful human being (she’s one of my besties so trust me I know!) Recently Jess launched a Pinterest account to accompany the business and I am absolutely LIVING for the quote page! Sweary, positive, magical vibes are at play here and it’s exactly what I like to see.

And if the Yoga aspect interest’s you as much as her bangin’ taste in quotes, then you’re in luck, because the JPYogaCo Launch Event is coming to Chelmsford, Essex on June 10th. You can register your interest here and keep an eye on the Insta page for more info to come!

The Coven Girl Gang Instagram

I’ve only recently delved into the community that is The Coven and OMFG am I glad I did. This is often the place I go to scroll through the archives and take what I need. So inspirational, empowering and down to earth. Not only this but Sapphire, who runs the business, is a Chelmsford girl too!

So looking forward to seeing this babe speak on a local panel at the A Meet Up. (Tickets available here if you’re interested)

Vix Meldrew – “Feminism Quotes “

Who doesn’t like a good collection of “girl power” slogans to get them through the day?! Well Vix deffo has you covered here; so much sass so much yassss!

Vix also writes an amazing Blog (which you can read here) and is soon to be launching “SHE DID POD“, a podcast celebrating women from all walks of life… cannot wait for this!! (I’m also a sucker for a podcast).

Old English Company Instagram

I’ve only recently discovered the Old English Company and I’m thoroughly enjoying their insta page at the moment, I mean it’s mainly quotes soooo what’s not to love?! They create hand lettered goods from stationary *all the heart eye emoji’s* to home wear.

Side note: If you’re partial to displaying those inspo quotes on your person, The Old English Company are running a competition that may interest you. It closes on 30th May so BE QUICK,  but you could be in with the chance to win this group of pins … (details here)

Or if these don’t take your fancy there are more pins available on the website (find them here). Here’s a couple of my fave’s:

Heal Grow Glow Instagram

If you are aware of the Influencer Grace Victory then you will probably have heard of her new venture; the Instagram Heal, Grow, Glow. This page was created to assist people in “healing their trauma, growing through the aches and enter their glow”. Firstly I LOVE the name and concept and secondly, I think she’s doing a great job here.

Etsy – Slogan T-shirts

Sometimes I like to just search for sassy slogan tee’s on Etsy! Sure there’s loads on the high street but why not find one that’s hand stitched / printed and from a small business owner, trying to make their way in the world?! (Good karma shopping is guilt free).

Here’s a few that caught my eye:

Liv Mayes Instagram Stories

Liv is a pal of mine who’s openly discussed her stuggles with anxiety both on her blog (here) and her instagram. Most day’s you will find an inspirational quote in Liv’s insta stories and it just starts your day off well! It’s so nice to see these on my morning scroll, taking it from mindless to mindful in a heartbeat.


Francesca Oddie Instagram

And lastly Francesca! The amazing astrologist I met at a She’s Lost Control event in Hackney. Absolutely love her insights into the universe and how it might effect us, the captions are definitely just as worth reading as the quotes she posts. Another cosmic babe that I’m happy to have found.


 If you have any fave places that you go for your motivational quotes / slogans then send them my way! And If you like any of the ones above go show them some love <3

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  1. May 4, 2018 / 9:50 pm

    Alll the ooohs and ahhhs! Love this post. Some stunning finds! ?

    • admin
      June 14, 2018 / 12:21 pm

      Thanks Cassie 🙂 – Got to love a good quote!

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