Kitten kollege…

WARNING: This post may cause you to cry from cuteness and run out immediately to purchase a kitten.

When this adorable little op landed itself in my inbox I was suddenly struck by a realisation, and that realisation is… the lack of cat blogging going on here!

I feel like the worst cat mum ever, why am I not featuring her as my star babe on the regs? Why isn’t she wiggling her way into my words?

WELL this changes here my friends and I would like to dedicate this post to my little panther princess…. Lola <3

 Ok enough of the guilt, let’s get onto the cuteness that is kittens! Now we adopted Lola at the ripe old age of 4/5 (they weren’t 100% sure which) so we actually got a pretty sweet deal in that she was already fully trained. However, if you are swooning over that cheeky kitty you’ve seen and you just can’t think of anything else than bringing them home to be part of your family… well you better be prepared!

Luckily for you, Whiskas has developed a fool proof plan in the shape of their new YouTube venture. Kitten Kollege is a series of informative video’s on a variety of topics such as how to choose your kitten, understanding kitten sounds and litter training. Not only do they equip you with everything you need to know, they are also full of the most gorgeous little furry babes that will have your heart doing all sorts of backflips!

If you have a kitten or are considering getting one, make sure you check out their channel. The videos are short and sweet with only the slight distraction of miniscule meows, enough to make you weep with wanting.

And as a taster you can watch the litter training video here:

It truly amazes me how animals become trained to do things like use a litter tray. I mean I know we potty train little humans but we are on the same level you know? Like we both have opposable thumbs. The mind boggles!?

Let me know what you think of the videos and whether they help you in any way!! (I am now off to suppress the NEED to buy a kitten.)

(Unfortunately this ball of sweetness and light doesn’t belong to me but my friend Louise – @louc1305)

Peace and Love xoxo

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