Going vegan

Since writing my previous post on changing my mind set I have watched a further 6 documentaries, all of which have pushed me further and further into a vegan mindset to the point where the thought or sight of meat actually makes me feel a bit sick! And yes I’m fully aware that these documentaries are very one sided but as an animal lover it’s really not going to take a lot to sway me, I’ve finally pulled my head out of the sand and realised that you simply cannot call yourself an animal lover AND eat them…It makes no sense! If you then add in the potential health benefits and pro’s for the environment it really was a no brainier.

As I mentioned before, I’m not preaching to you lot or telling you to change your life I’m just saying how things have unfolded for me. I fully appreciate people’s decisions to live however they choose and I can hardly get on my high horse having eating animal products for 26 years previously.

However, now I’ve realised all of this and changed my habits I have felt SO GUILTY! All I want to do is run around hugging cows and pigs and telling them how bloody sorry I am. Yes of course this is extreme but if i was unemployed, let’s just say most of my time would be spent in fields right now! Haha

I think a lot of these feeling sprung from watching vegucated, something I really recommend watching if you do like animals and need that last thing to tip you over into vegan/vegetarianism. Not something I recommend if you’re not ready yet! It’s a tad traumatising and I literally cannot get it out of my head.

The next one I want to watch is earthlings but I’ve heard this is also pretty distressing! (Not sure I’m ready to go through that again just yet.)

In terms of how I’m doing physically, it’s been just over a week and I only slipped up once, not realising that salad cream contains eggs! But I’m not beating myself up about it, there’s going to be times where I make mistakes but the more educated I become the easier it will be. I’m actually really enjoying having more veggies in my life and it’s not really been that difficult. There’s something about eating a lot of veg that makes me feel super smug and like I’ve got my shit together haha. I still feel lazy in that I cba to get up and prep food or whatever but the difference is I’m doing it anyway so I must be getting some extra push from somewhere. I feel good in myself although I have had a couple of headaches but this could just be my body detoxifying.

I’ve not really had any sweet treats nor have I craved them. I have however had alcohol so I guess that makes up for it. Usually I fall down on a diet overhaul when I’ve had a drink but I’ve got through 2 hangovers as a vegan now, once on falafel and humus (that one was minor I was mainly just tired) and one on vegetable paella (a little stronger on the hangover scale).

Overall I’m feeling good. Positive and excited for things to come. I’m off to France on Friday to stay with a friend so this will be my first experience of vegan travelling, luckily my other friend whose coming along is also vegan so we will be in it together!

Also just a quick apology if veganism isn’t you’re thing but as this is a lifestyle blog and it would be crazy for me to ignore this change in my life. Obviously not all posts will be related to veganism but I always discuss what I’m passionate about and at the moment this is it πŸ™‚ it’s also kind of exciting to share this journey from the beginning and see where it goes!

Peace and love xoxo

N.B so I wrote this post about a week ago and kind of forgot to post it – oops! By way of update, still going well and France was ace at making things vegan for us πŸ™‚


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