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I remember the first time I discovered finch and the fallow, I saw that they were looking for bloggers to work with and their logo looked interesting so I went to check them out. However instead of applying to feature them on my blog I got over excited and ordered it all myself …. Some people may think this is crazy but A. I loved them too much to wait and see if I got selected and B. I’m all for supporting small business’ and what better way than buying your friends hilarious cards?

I scrolled through their selection and instantly thought yep, this is a bit of me right here! It was towards the beginning of the year so I decided to hook my main girls up with cards for their birthdays.

My purchases arrived super prompt and came accompanied by a little business card which said “believe in yourself” and sported a picture of a yeti riding a unicorn …. Obviously I instagramed this right away and it now takes pride of place on my desk (leaning against my Elsa action figure – cause I’m a proper grown up).

Now the tough part was having to wait to hand them out and when I mean wait I mean months! I was what one might call, an eager beaver! But now they’re all distributed I can finally share the wonders of finch and fallow with you lovely peeps!!

Whilst this isn’t a sponsored post and I purchased the cards, I did take it upon myself to contact the company, run by a lovely couple called Martin and Beth. I mentioned that I would love to feature them on my blog and asked if they’d mind telling me a little about their company. I was planning to rework the information they gave me into my own words and include it here but I literally could not say it better myself so from the mouths of the finch and fallow founders here’s a little bit about them…..

Finch and the Fallow began last year when I decided I wanted to create an online business, selling unique products for various occasions. I previously owned an Etsy shop but needed to refocus with the vision of a long term plan and brand. This is when Finch and the Fallow was born. It allowed me the freedom and flexibility that I desired with refining and creating my own products that fitted into my very own brand. Once, I’d stoked this inner fire I began to perform research. This led me towards the ‘gift giving’ market and the niche for unique and personalised items. This newly gathered knowledge along with inspiration from seeing other small businesses grow, paved my way into the ‘cottage industry’ and my brand took flight. 

Myself and my fiancée/business partner Beth have a love for wildlife and nature. This inspired us to create a brand with a natural foundation and theme, with an emphasis on ensuring we use as much recycled materials as possible for our products and packaging. For us ‘Finch and the Fallow’ represents the thrill of exploring nature and the excitement of discovering something new. Similarly we wanted this ethos for our brand. We chose a finch and a fallow deer as a representation of this. Along with the memorable yet simple name we wanted a logo that followed suit. We designed a clear yet emotive logo that would hopefully be recognisable and attractive to people of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to this our theme uses bright contemporary colours contrasted with a natural backdrop. You will find this throughout our social media platforms and website. 

Our main inspiration comes from the ‘funnies of everyday life’. Most of our ideas are developed from our own personalities and interests and that of family and friends. We are both total nerds and you will see this running through a lot of our products. Helping people to express their emotions during important life events and celebrations keeps our ‘imagination ball’ rolling to continue creating fresh designs. 

The future for Finch and the Fallow will involve branching out into other product areas such as wedding stationary, mugs, wall art and personalised products. Also, in the near future we hope to donate a percentage of our sales to various nature/wildlife charities and organisations. Finally our long term business goal will be to sell other hand picked products from small independent designers along side our original items.”

Don’t they sound amazing!!! Everything they’ve said I’m just like yes guys!!!! I’m so glad I got in contact with them and that I have this platform to be able to share things like this with a wider audience! I think it’s so important to support small business’, to help the little guys grow and achieve their dreams.

If you have any celebrations coming up, you know like a Wednesday or something, I would 100% recommend you check out finch and the fallow – you will not be disappointed!

And I’d like to give one last big thank you to Martin and Beth for getting involved and sharing their story!!!

Peace and love xoxo


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