Everybody needs a buddy (box)…

Hello you lovely little beans πŸ™‚

Wednesday marked my fourth week into recovery from my ankle surgery and one week from my major meltdown (see here), so when I received this little surprise through the post I was overwhelmed!




When I first opened it I was filled with a mix of emotions! Confusion, happiness, love, gratefulness. But mainly confusion… I had no idea who it was from and I could not for the life of me find any clues! The strange thing was that I had been looking at buddy boxes recently online… I started to panic that I was getting stalked and that my stalker had sent this to me in a ploy to win me over.

ALAS no stalker …. it was from my amazing wifey (yep you heard right – we are joined in holy matrimony by our matching tats cause we’re super cool like that)


These adorable little boxes are created by The Blurt Foundation, an organisation dedicated to those affected by depression. Being someone who has been surrounded by depression for a number of years (luckily not personally suffering) this is something that is very close to my heart!

So here’s what I got …


These cute postcards, beautifully modeled by Lola all had different information on the reverse…

The “For you” card possessed the message from my wifey.

The “Camera” card told me to post my box on insta to be in with a chance to win another box for a friend!

The “Welcome” card explained what the blurt foundation was and how to get in contact.

And my personal favourite, the “Pay it forward” postcard; challenging you to write a message in the box provided and to leave it in a public place for someone else to find – the lucky finder will then get 10% off a buddy box for someone else! (I’m considering doing this when I go into Chelmsford tomorrow – Saturday 14th November – So keep an eye out!)


A gorgeous smelling mini candle! Free candles are literally a blogger dream… especially the scented kind. This little gem is Freesia & Apricot by Paddywax.

IMG_6524 IMG_6525

Another great smell! (Which was already prominent before I had even opened the box – all I could think was damn these business cards I ordered smell fantastic…..oh!)

This is a winter warming vapourising oil which is supposed to go in an oil burner (something I will have to purchase YAY an excuse to shop for more homewear … not that I need one) However, it also explains that a few drops can be added to a tissue and left on a warm radiator. The scent is supposed to “indulge and revive the mind” and is “ideal to warm your environment”.

Can’t wait to try this!


The Name Game Quiz which comes in this awesome patterned box! Literally in love with this… so vibrant and geometric. The name of the game (pun intended) is to describe the celeb on your card without using any of cue words underneath. Your fellow players then have to guess who is on your card.

Β Β Β 

A box of clipper tea in the flavour – organic indian chai. I’m not going to lie I don’t think I’ll enjoy this as I’m not a spicy gal. However, this means that I can gift it to somebody else and get all the good karma πŸ™‚


And lastly… these bloody brilliant fridge magnets? Cause who doesn’t love a novelty moustache!?!?

You can also have great fun taking selfies and pretending you have a tash, which me and my wifey have been known to do!


10665924_10154708705115301_5756589270575984123_n IMG_6528

So not only do you get to gift a friend with a super heart warming treat, you also get to help out a great cause! (All the good karma for you too my friend!! Lap it up!)

The Blurt Foundation aim to remove the stigma of depression by increasing awareness. They plan to do this through such projects as their school program; where they go into schools and discuss depression with the kids. This is such an important task – If we can educate the next generation into being understanding about this mental illness, then the word should spread and we can all live in a lovely society where you aren’t judged for things you cannot change.

(Well here’s to hoping eh!?)

Blurt offer free resources to those affected, as well as personal support. They are there to lend a listening ear, but can also pair you up with other people who have been through the same thing in an attempt to help you recover and learn to help yourself. I think a massive part of depression is feeling alone and like you will never be able to get through it, however if you are able to talk these thoughts through with somebody who has been there, somebody who can relate but also tell you that you can get through it because they have, then there is a chance you may start to believe it yourself. This is something you cannot put a price on! This could literally save someone’s life!

Through their website you are able to get access to all of this information as well as their blog and podcast. You can also make donations to the charity and subscribe to your very own buddy box!

Do you know somebody who is going through a rough time lately?? Why not pay it forward and get them a little treat!


Peace and love xoxo

Laura x

(Youtube video to follow shortly – currently donwloading- so keep an eye on my channel here!)



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