10 Things I’ve learned in my twenties…

I was always nervous about getting to my twenties… when you’re at school it just seems SO OLD! Now that I am in my twenties however, I have realised that kids are mean and I am NOT old dammit!

Despite this, things do change…

1. Life plans go out the window! – The further you get into your twenties the less you rely on that plan you created when you were like 12? Seriously… you have made all of your decisions to date, based on this well thought out plan to be engaged at 21 and have kids at 25 and now, you realise that you are a total failure! 

2.Despite this life plan failure – everyone IS in fact getting married (just later than expected – those 4 years really make all the difference you know! I need to look bangin in my dress and the years are being less and less kind to me!) I physically cannot call Jon my fiance out loud, I feel like I’m playing a game of weddings in the play ground. I am not old enough to have a fiance. (How am I ever going to get my head around husband?)


3. I love my cat! – Like an unhealthy amount… I look at her and I could literally burst with love! I never used to even like cats but now I could quite easily slip into the crazy cat lady category. Thank God I’ve got a fiance or I would be screwed!


4. My view on having kids has done a COMPLETE 180! No thank you! Nuh Uh… not today! When I was like 12 (this is where all important decisions were obviously made) all I wanted was to be a mum… WTF? Pass me the prosecco and get me on a plane to some place beautiful… preferably a jungle far away so  I can play with the animals and no kids are screaming and ruining my life, soz not soz! (PS future kids if your reading this I’m sure I’m super happy you’re here now #awks)


5. Carbs aren’t as kind as they used to be! – No longer can we eat pasta and cheese every night and keep that hint of a six pack from our teens! I have to work hard for that crap now! Since when did a gym membership become such a prized possession? But hello, virgin active FTW!


6. All the green tea! – If someone had passed me over a green tea in my teens I would probably have thrown it in their face and asked where the hell the vodka’s at?? Now… I can’t get enough of the stuff! NEVER imagined I’d be one of THOSE girls…. EVER.


7. Nights in are the one! – Netflix and chill all day erry day!! Blankets and snacks, wine and chats… anything indoors, that isn’t going to make my bank balance cry for mercy, where I don’t have to make an effort and I can still have a great night. (Usually curled up with my cat, not gunna lie!)


8. Going out takes a year to recover! – I’ve never been good at hangovers but there was a while where I thought that rum had solved all my problems… Eventually we fell out. Red wine then stepped in like an angel sent from God – that bitch stabbed me in the back too! Long story short, alcohol hates me!


9. Skincare – I used to be a face wipe kinda gal but the thought of touching my face with a wipe now fills me with sheer dread, I can literally smell the breakout ahead! These days I get super excited over magical flannels and a bloody good cleanser, telling my friends all about it like its a new pair of designer shoes.


10. Your little sister being more “in the know” than you – This is probably the scariest one of all! Like she knows what all the cool kids are up to these days… when did I get so out of touch? I find myself giving her advice like “when I was your age….” “I wish I’d known this at your age…” “trust me you’ll regret that when you get to my age….” – CRINGING ELL!!!! When did I get old 🙁


I’m off to cry into a green tea, whilst cleansing my face and watching Netflix with my cat.

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x


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  1. November 3, 2015 / 2:33 pm

    Haha, brilliant post! So true as well 🙂 especially wanting to stay in for a Netflix and Chill night and…………….CATS!!!! Love it 🙂 and your engagement ring is beautiful!! I know what you mean about not feeling grown up enough to say certain things lol. I always feel like a fraud too! xxx

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