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If you keep up to date with my blog (here) or watch my YouTube channel (here) you may have noticed that I’ve gone a bit crazy for home wear lately!

My fiancé and I live in a fully furnished flat which means we cannot get rid of any existing furniture. Unfortunately for us, most of the pieces in the flat have seen better days! I longingly trawl through pinterest on the regs looking at beautiful homes and dreaming of the day that I too can live in a pinterest worthy crib!

I definitely have an emotional connection to my living space. Like if it’s a mess I feel as though I’m failing at life and why is everything so rubbish all the time? However, flip this round, make it tidy and clean and I suddenly become a power woman set to take on the world! (Does anyone else get like that?)

This weekend happened to be one of those times where I had a proper clear out – I de cluttered my flat and therefore my life and boy do I feel like a whole new person!

Most of my recent homely additions have gone in the lounge; I think this is because its a room that we spend a lot of time in and also where any guests would congregate should they pay us a visit. (Got to be the hostess with the mostess and all that!) However, despite all my efforts being placed there, I feel like I have neglected the most important room; the bedroom!

This is where the magic happens…….. sleep! 🙂  I cannot be the only girl who loves nothing more than a full nights, undisturbed, beauty sleep?! Not only is this pure bliss but it is also extremely important for your health and even aids weight loss!

In order to catch those Z’s your bedroom needs to reflect your sleep needs; this is different for everyone, however I personally feel that it is important to have a calm and relaxing space. (I find the colour blue to be most effective, although we haven’t got round to painting yet!)

Now if the bedroom is the most important room then the bed is certainly the most important feature! Not just aesthetically but also for your sleep. Your bed needs to be of the utmost comfort. Pillows are particularly vital for this – getting the right pillow height, consistency and feel will ensure that you are out like a light as soon as your head hits them! (Pillows at Yorkshire Linen Co are known to be lovely and soft, perfect for that good night sleep!)

Everyone has a different “pillow formation” which suits their needs – my Fiancé is very strict with his! He has 4 pillows, all of varying depths which he basically builds a head fort with! On the other hand, a friend of mine opts for a maternity pillow (it’s a great spooning partner for any single gals out there – no back chat, just love!) I personally go for hypoallergenic pillows because my allergies flare up left right and centre and I need some solace in my sleep. (This works really well until the cat decides to sleep on them! #catmumproblems)

Whilst on the subject of pillows I’m going to throw a debate into the mix!! My friend from work once told me that she doesn’t sleep on the pillow that is covered with the case from a duvet set as this is just for show?? Does anyone else chuck this pillow off at night?! I definitely sleep on mine – YOLO!

Although I am yet to purchase a new one, I have had a bit of a duvet cover fetish of late! I can’t stop looking at them. I just love how they can completely change the feel of a room. So on that note I have decided to include a few of my faves here for you guys to check out …

Festive Favourites:

 I’ve included this as it is very similar to the cover I have on my bed at the moment, although we have last years version (see here). My whole flat is covered in various pin up girl paraphernalia so this vintage pin up set from George at Asda fits in perfectly!

 Absolutely love these simple yet effective Christmas covers – very shabby chic!

 I am so into the Nordic vibes at the moment! (Have you seen the new carrier bags from Paperchase??!! Oh lord they’re beautiful!) So it’s no surprise that these babies have made It onto my list. Although not strictly “Festive” they do give a wintery feel.

 This set from Yorkshire Linen just screams cosy night in! I can imagine laying on these in my fluffy pjs and slippers watching a Christmas film with my cat and sipping on a hot chocolate with honey! (transport me here immediately please.)

 Again with the Nordic theme but a more simplistic style! Very blogger chic and would look perfect in those insta photos.

Everyday Bedding:

  This bed set makes me feel so summery I almost forget that it’s nearly Christmas! So crisp and fresh they make the perfect addition to any bedroom. (They also kind of match my TK MAXX dress – see here matching your bedcovers to your clothes… Living the dream!)

 This cover is just fact! My fiancé would totally agree with this.

 Another cosy looking number – I just want to jump straight in! I love a checked pattern, very county which I am all for.

 LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! Big elephant fan and blue is my fave colour so it basically ticks all the boxes. Very boho <3

This set is particularly great for my bedroom as they will match my Buddha dream catcher which is above the bed!


 I don’t think I could personally get these sheets as my cat would freak out but how cute are they!!!

Sleep tight lovelies! 🙂

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x

 Please click the links under each photo to purchase any of the bed sets you may have your eye on.

*See disclaimer.



  1. May 27, 2017 / 3:16 pm

    Love this post! Ive been really stuck on things to do to make my room look nicer. Thanks for the inspo!

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