Al Fresco Dining 


Seriously, when did the UK become such a tropical destination, except with less cocktails on the beach and more responsibilities!? The sunshine is always great on holiday isn’t it but when your dressed in work attire on the sweat box that is the commuter train it’s not quite the same.

That’s why we have to make the absolute most of the evenings and weekends while this gift of potential bronzing time is bestowed upon us!

In our old flat we had ZERO outside space to enjoy, yes we are literally 2 minutes from the local park but sometimes you just want to nip in and out of your humble abode for the little things you forgot, or if your drink supplies start running low, or you sweat through your outfit… such a ball ache to traipse back from the park. Which is why I’m bloody delighted that we now have a roof terrace!!

Oooooh I hear you say, how fancy are we! I mean in reality it’s a concrete platform a few metres off the ground with an old bench and some washing lines BUT ITS OUR CONCRETE PLATFORM DAMMIT! (Well us and 5 other flats but that is neither here nor there.)

The weekend just gone was an absolute scorcher so I invited my pal round for some brunch on the terrace! I’d been sent a voucher from Homesense a little while a go and had bought some amazing al fresco dining bits! I’ve been waiting for so long to have a sunny day (where someone other than just me was available) so I could enjoy all the pieces I’d bought and finally, that time had arrived! I was more than a little excited.

So me and my friend Jenna hit up Lidl for some food and mimosa ingredients and set about making something delicious. Setting up on that old rickety bench filled me with pure joy! The table cloth I’d found looked like summer had thrown up all over it and just screamed happiness. Jenna made the most delicious salad and I (against better judgement) organised a plate of cold meats which basically became sweaty bacon in the early afternoon rays. We filled our cute plastic wine glasses with mimosa, donned our flamingo plates with good food and listening to songs from our teens while revelling in the fact that my we now live a short distance from each other (I have my best friend back, wooo!)

I burnt my back, we had to throw the meats away and the floor was so hot you could barely stand on it but it was the best! It really makes so much difference when you put that bit of extra effort in, it felt so much more like an occasion rather than a random Saturday morning which was great.

You guys all know how much I love Homesense and I basically spent double the amount of the voucher I was given (including a new rose gold mirror for my hallway), but it was so worth it! I mean I loved it all but my favourite bits were probably the table cloth (which is water resistant!!! So handy for a clumsy clown like me) AND the flamingo bucket! So obsessed with that bad boy! We filled it with ice and water and it kept our Prosecco at the perfect temperature.

I highly recommend getting outside while you still can and doing some alfresco dining! Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, tea…. any or all of the above (just make sure you put your sun cream on first!) Jon and I either eat on the sofa or in bed so it’s such a novelty for me to set a proper table up and it really made it special.

As I’m sure you’re probably aware Homesense doesn’t have its stock on the website cause it changes so much but I’ll detail what I got and how much it was just so you have an idea on what you can get:

Bowl – £2.49

Salad tongs – £1.99

Plates – £7.99 for 6

Glasses – £1.99 each

Table Cloth – £12.99

Bucket – £9.99

The round hummus dish was a gift I believe came from Sainsbury’s. The pineapple is from IWOOT and the carafe used here for orange juice was also a gift.

I cannot wait to set this all up again soon! Please stay sunshine!!!

What are your favourite pieces here? And do you get involved in alfresco dining?? If so tag me in some pics of your set up over on insta! (@lifebylaura91)

Peace and love xoxo

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