The Mooncup

WARNING PERIOD CHAT ALERT – if this grosses you out then please vacate the blog (and come back when you’ve grown up!)

Half the population have periods, yet this still feels like such a taboo subject to talk about. Women are made to feel like it’s disgusting and something they should feel embarrassed or ashamed about when in actual fact it’s the most natural thing in the world… every single one of us are here because of a period so let’s celebrate them rather than ostracise half the world yeah 🙂

Well I mean celebrate might be a tad far, I certainly don’t throw a monthly party -unless your idea of a party is throwing a strop, eating a lot and laying in the foetal position for a good portion of the day and if it is… let’s hang out!

Periods suck, show me one person on the planet who enjoys them and I’ll eat my hat because it’s not a pleasant experience! And although I don’t know of any ways to make this monthly chore all sweetness and light, there are certainly ways to make it slightly more bearable. Aside from eating copious amounts of crappy food and having someone stroke your hair of course.

Enter the mooncup! Which has been around for a long time but has more recently become a bit of a fad on social media. You cant go about that scroll life these days without stumbling across a blog post or YouTube video about the mysterious menstrual cup and after a friend of mine bought one and raved about it I finally gave in and ordered my own. So here I am adding to the hype.

I’d been contemplating getting one for so long but I just couldn’t get my head around it. 1. How on earth do I get that in there and 2. The side of me that’s been conditioned to feel like my body is disgusting, didn’t feel all that comfortable with it.

After ordering my cup on Amazon I did what any other person would do in today’s society when faced with something new and unknown … watched a tonne of YouTube videos. Hannah Witton and Safiya Nygaard’s videos are the ones that stuck with me the most and they’re pretty useful so I recommend checking them out if you’re contemplating a cup of your own.

That fateful day finally came, my mooncup had arrived! I eagerly awaited my period like a kid at Christmas so intrigued about this new device and no joke I came on that day (maybe I willed it on). The only thing about that was, I didn’t have any time to practice before the main event, which is usually recommended!

So in terms of initial use the first thing you have to do though is boil your cup… I filled a jug with boiling water and dropped it in for 5 mins (people who eat at my house, don’t worry it’s a completely separate jug that’s kept in the bathroom BUT I have seen people use their saucepan on YouTube!) It was then time to tackle insertion…. top tip: run it under cold water after you’ve boiled it, burnt vagina is not good for anyone! I read the instructions carefully and actually found it really easy to get in, a lot better than a tampon for me! I took it out and put it back in a couple of times just to make sure I could and then went about my day.

Now this first time I started using it was actually the time I had some major issues, if you are a regular reader of the blog I wrote this in my coming off the pill post, so maybe check that out if you haven’t already, but basically I was bleeding ALOT and had to stop using it because it was overflowing! This time however, all was normal and I LOVED it! The cup lasts 12 hours so you can literally pop it in in the morning, go about your day and totally forget about it till the evening. (It’s so possible to forget about it too because you literally cannot feel it!)

The cup has a little stem which helps you get it out but some people with a lower cervix will have to cut this off, personally I think I’d struggle getting it out without the stem but it’s all about practice! When you take it out you simply empty, rinse and put it back in.

Although you do have to get all up and personal with it every 12 hours, I have never felt so clean and fresh! Also little heads up, if you sleep in it it can move up slightly, so when you awaken from your slumber and think it’s disappeared inside you forever… DONT PANIC, that little tyke is just hiding, not lost! Relax and kind of bare down like your having a baby (the things we have to do eh!) it’ll show up! The more you panic and tense the more you’ll be keeping it up there. You can end up getting into a bit of tug of war sometimes but stick with it, you will win eventually.

Mooncups can get a bad rep as being some hippy dippy way of life but I honestly urge everyone to give it a go if you can! I’m SO glad I did!! Also little side note, maybe check with your doctor first if you have a coil because I’ve heard it can cause issues with them. I watched a YouTube video about a girls IUD becoming dislodged from using the cup – I assume because of the suction it uses to stay in place.

I feel like I’ve been shown a whole new lease of life where my period doesn’t have to ruin a whole week of my month.

So to recap the pros I found:

1. You only have to change it once every 12 hours!
2. It feels may more clean and fresh
3. It’s healthier for your vagina
4. It’s eco friendly
5. It’s makes your period less disruptive to your life
6. It’s more discreet than any other method (you could literally walk around naked and nobody would know you’re on your period)
7. It’s comfy
8. You can still work out/go swimming
9. It’s cost effective because you literally just buy one and it’ll last years!

10. You learn to be way more comfortable with your own body and realise that you’re not gross or disgusting and you shouldn’t be embarrassed!!!

Obviously the mooncup won’t be for everyone and these are just my opinions on it but please let me know if you give it a go/have given it a go already, especially if you have any further tips or advice for people who may be interested in it! And if you’re curious and have anymore questions feel free to ask!

Happy menstruating ladies 🙂

Peace and love xoxo

PS I’ve changed to self hosted and I managed to lose this post so I’m re-uploading but it means the comments that were on here have disappeared 🙁


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