The London Health Show 2016

Recently I was contacted by a lady from Oliver Kinross asking if I would like a press pass for the upcoming London Health Show. My first thought was “a press pass how exciting, I can put that in my memory box” my second thought was ” why are you on a week day dammit!” So after some reshuffling I booked the Wednesday off work and eagerly awaited the show.

The London Health show spanned across two days however I only attended the Wednesday. After getting off my third train of the day I made my way down to the Olympia venue. I was a little surprised that the event was in the conference centre having been to a wedding show in the larger building next door but aside from being slightly confused and disoriented I didn’t give it much thought.

Having been for an impromptu wine or two the night before I began my stint at the health show with a sausage and cheese Panini (cause I am clearly the definition of health LOLZ). I perched myself in the little food court area, flicked through the free guide, took a sneaky peek into the goody bag and scanned the exhibition floor.


I quickly realised that I was in prime position for the first demonstration; this was to be from “jumping” and was basically people going crazy on a trampoline – it looked SO FUN! I was itching to give it a go and this was encouraged however, with my crappy ankle I wasn’t able to. Rest assured however, that when I am fully healed and trampoline fit, I intend on checking one of these classes out!! There are currently 9 in the UK, 3 of which are in London, perfect for an after work session.

The opening speech for the show was given by Dr Christian Jesson himself. You may have seen his super lubed up fingers at the beginning of embarrassing bodies… or you know his face, in the rest of the show. Dr Christian had a definite presence about him! Aside from being incredibly tall you couldn’t help but be encapsulated by everything he said. It helps that he was pretty funny too.


After Dr Christians speech I stayed in the conference area to listen to a talk given by Justin Varney. I actually found this really interesting! He spoke about how we can prevent a lot of our illness’ by making better lifestyle choices. This is pretty obvious really, yet we still choose not to. He explained that FOOD is the highest cause of preventable illness, even above tobacco!!! To say I was shocked is an understatement… how can it be that more people are eating themselves into an early grave than those who smoke – scary stuff, and definitely something we need to keep an eye on.

Justin also announced a new campaign called “one you” which launces in March 2016 which promotes 7 simple steps to a healthier life. Although this is aimed at 40-60 year olds it is definitely something we can all take on board! If we just stick by these simple steps, preventable illness’ would decrease and our health care teams would be in a better position. The steps are as follows:

1.Move More

2.Check Yourself

3.Sleep Better

4.Eat Well

5.Drink Less Alcohol

6.Be Smoke Free

7.Manage Stress

Easy right?

Another pretty shocking statistic from Justin was that 54% of us check our phones within 5 minutes of waking up. I will 100% admit that I am one of those! Facebook is basically my news channel. My excuse is that I try to check everything before leaving my wifi. However, this obviously does not stop me from checking it constantly for the rest of the day. Oh phone addiction you little babe!

On a mission around the stools I stumbled across Hula Fit. In the summer a group of friends and I would meet up and hula hoop in the sun… Aside from being super fun it’s actually a great work out so I was interested to talk to them. I approached the lady on the stool and enquired about their classes. She informed me that there are currently 3 in London but they are looking to train up more instructors (get in contact if you fancy it!) What really got the ‘ole brain cogs going thought, was the face that they do corporate days/lunch time classes on request – this is something I explored further after leaving the show and have now booked a four week lunch time course for my company. (As in the company I work for not my own actual company, that’d be nice eh!)

One lovely lady I found at the show was Maria Betts, I will call her the granola lady, as this is what she makes and sells! Travelling all the way from Ireland for the show she could not have been more humble and passionate about her product. You could tell that she had a good heart and really wanted to make a difference in the food market. All of her granola’s are gluten free, wheat free and vegan but the one that caught my eye was the sugar free one! This was a plain granola base … something that I have been searching for since I started my love affair with the crunchy brekkie! They always have at least one thing in them that I don’t like, but not this baby… it’s like a blank canvas, you can add all your breakfast faves to it and it will be absolutely perfect, just the way you like it! Keep an eye out for this one, she is hoping to make it into UK stores and I for one, hope she succeeds!


Staying on the food theme, you will already know from my Friday favourites that I found my new not so naughty snack! The babe of all babeing health food… the pizza flavoured kale. I absolutely bloody love it – Jon thinks it tastes like burnt pizza lol! (I won’t go on about this again as I feel I’ve harped on enough but seriously yum!) You will be sad to know that this is no longer a thing (does cry into my last bag.) But Inspiral do a range of other flavours you can try.


Right next to the inspiral stool was the give blood stand. Giving blood has always been something I wanted to do as I am basically a charity whore – I love to do things for charity, to help others, whatever it is to give me that warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing that I’ve done something good and will receive all the good karma in return. BUT (and this is a big but, much like the one attached to the top of my legs) I tend to get all fainty when I have a blood test! I’ve never ACTUALLY fainted but I did lay on the doctors surgery floor while the nurse shouted TALK TO ME LAURA, OPEN YOUR EYES! (oops) The guy on the give blood stand said that it can be pretty dangerous if you’re prone to fainting but I was welcome to have my finger pricked to find out my blood type. (I’m an O something.) This is still something I really want to do but I think, to be on the safe side, I need to curb my fear first.

Virgin Active was the next stool I saw. Even though I’m already a member I proceeded to the stall to tell the guy how amazing I think the gym is and how happy I am with the service – no selling required for you my friend, in fact I can probably help you if you want? I got a free water bottle for my comments and the guy I spoke to went on to win 5 days at a Sri Lanka resort in the raffle… I can’t help but think I rubbed off some good luck on him with my positivity and that we should take 2.5 days each cause that’s only fair!


I suddenly realised after almost half the day had gone that I should probably start filming stuff for the vlog I’d planned to do. I still lack confidence about filming in public so I zipped around the exhibition with my camera pointing in all directions like a mad woman, not standing anywhere long enough to make eye contact. Whilst speeding past one of the workshop areas I heard a snippet of the talk and thought.. ooo that sounds good, however I was already committed to this filming malarkey so I went even quicker and made it back in time to catch the end.

Nureen Glaves, the lady giving the talk ,was very personable and I instantly liked her! She was super positive and happy whilst remaining down to earth. I can’t remember everything she was saying and I am currently waiting for a copy of her presentation but one thing that resonated with me was her idea of a greatness jar. The concept is that, throughout the year, you write down everything you’re proud of, happy about, anything you’ve accomplished… then at the end of the year you tip it all out and give yourself a big ‘ole pat on the back for being such an amazing human being!

Being an avid fan yoga fan I sought out the people at body and brain, a London based studio that specialise in yoga and meditation. The lady I spoke to suggested starting off with a one to one session, as this will enable you to figure out what is best for you as an individual and ultimately work out which class you should attend. I think this is a great concept and not something I have come across before. We also discussed meditation where I enthused about how much I would LOVE to meditate but my inability to switch off prevents be from doing so. She explained that their meditation is all about bringing the focus back to you and your body rather than switching off completely – the main objective is to be fully present! (This is still something I REALLY want to get into but I think I will have to find somewhere a little closer to home.)

The talk I had been waiting for all day finally arrived and … I missed the beginning (what a dope!) which subsequently happened to be the part that related to me! Regardless, the talk was still super interesting, talking about certain skin conditions such as acne and guiding on what foods we should be eating and avoiding in order to help this. I have already researched this topic myself so it was interesting and reassuring to see that Dr Clare Eluka had come up with the same results. She then went on to talk about her beauty and skincare range Premae which is all natural organic and vegan. When the seminar ended I approached Dr Eluka and she instantly reacted with “I need to help you” that’s right ladies and gentlemen my skin is so bad people want to be my Jesus LOL. I have since been in contact with this lovely lady and exciting things are to be arranged in April so keep your beady little eyes peeled 🙂

I intended on going home after this but with the raffle still looming and some great prizes to be won I decided to head back to the conference area and wait. Whilst dreaming of driving home on the prize winning Vespa or sunning my self on the Sri Lanka trip I managed to catch a panel discussion about the beauty industry. The main thing I took from this is how much the Internet is effecting this particular industry both positively and negatively. Of course with bloggers and YouTube stars who post weekly or monthly favourites and review their holy grail make up collections, brands are getting promoted left right and centre which is no doubt boosting their sales! However, on the flip side with more online tutorials available make up artists are getting less and less work. I mean 14 year olds are now contouring like a Kardashian in their bedrooms! What do they need a make up artist for? One of the panellists also mentioned that face mapping apps are soon to become a thing which will ultimately lead to less store visits by the customer.


So that was that, after not winning anything in the raffle (boo!) I headed home. I was faced with major delays and a homeless man who had fallen off his bike BUT none of this took away from the lovely day I’d had at the show! It’s nice to come away from an event with some contacts, a wider knowledge of a certain area and some enthusiasm for life…. In particular a healthier happier one 🙂

Peace and love xoxo

(YouTube video to follow – mainly to make up for the shocking pictures SOZ GUYS x)

** Please see disclaimer.



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