Recently I was asked by Fran, from House of Blog, to write about my gym and I basically confessed my undying love for Virgin Active so I won’t repeat myself. (Although if you want to read my love letter then here’s the link for you –  Virgin Active Review)

What I’m bursting to discuss today though, is the Boditrax machine and how it shapes your views on weight. (You may have seen me mention this previously in my Gym Motivation post.)

This magical little babe has got me feeling so much better about myself, my body and my progress and I honestly think that this is an important topic to approach.

First the logistics… to use the Boditrax machine you log into your account, stand on the scales and pick up the hand sensors, as directed on the screen. The machine then scans your body and produces a report. Probably one of the best features is that you can log into your account on any device from their website and take a look at your stats (Not guna lie I do this on the regs!)


You’re probably thinking OH BORE ME LATER but if you are still reading then cheers for being a trooper! Cause the real reason I’m writing about this isn’t to promote the machine or the gym, it’s to ensure that you don’t base your progress purely on weight!

My favourite tool on the report is the “track” part. It’s basically a line graph showing your progress. Every time you have a reading it is logged on your account and your stats are updated.

On those days where I get on and my weight has gone up, I instantly get annoyed at myself (I mean who doesn’t beat themselves up over their weight?!) BUT when I check the other sections such as fat mass, muscle mass and water mass, it paints a completely different picture and I suddenly come to realise that maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself – especially when you don’t know all the facts.




I’m sure you’ve all heard a million times that muscle weighs more than fat but this machine really puts that into perspective. Take today for example, I got on the machine and my weight had gone up, but when I looked into it further I had actually lost fat mass and increased my muscle (and water) mass. If I had just stepped on your average scale I would have been disheartened, thinking that all my efforts were in vain. When in reality I am bang on track!


Fat Mass


Muscle Mass


Water Mass


Fitness, in my opinion, should never be about weight. Although it is difficult to ignore the numbers on the scales it’s really not the be all and end all. If you feel great, you’re clothes fit better and you can notice a change in yourself… that’s what’s really important.

Now I’m a sucker for a spreadsheet and some stats, especially when they’re all about me (soz not soz.) But seriously tracking your progress in a way that is healthier and more positive can get seriously addictive, so approach with caution! 😉

Obviously not everyone has a gym membership but I highly encourage you to ditch the scales and invest in something a little more scientific. A fellow blogger, Lauren of Blonde Vision, once wrote an article on the weight watchers scales which do just that, here’s the link if you’re interested – Lauren’s scale review.

So there we go, my final thoughts are just to be kind to yourself people cause you might be doing better than you realise!!

 How do you measure your fitness progress?! Do you rely purely on weight or do you consider other factors?

Peace and Love xoxo


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