Majestic maxi’s

Yep, I 100% googled “adjective’s beginning with an m” to find a title for this post and I’m not sure if it even makes sense but who cares ’cause alliteration is always fun!

So if you live in England you’ll probably have noticed that our weather has issues. Mother Nature is a little bipolar this year and maybe she should consider some counselling or something?!

Not only is this just plain annoying it’s also a massive inconvenience when deciding what to wear, you need to be prepared for every possible weather condition and let me tell you, that aint easy!

Cue the humble maxi dress… now while this is not totally practical in all weathers, its kind of summery but also covers enough of you so that if it rains you don’t get hypothermia. It can be coupled with a jacket or worn alone and is basically a dress for all seasons. For this reason I have picked my top 3 maxi dresses from my collection (of about 5) to give you a little inspiration this bipolar summer…

1.Colourful maxi from New Look.

Now you probably won’t get this in stores anymore so soz about that cause I deffo got this about 5 years ago. I literally love this dress though! I do kind of feel like you need an occasion to wear it but in reality there is nothing stopping you from rockin’ this for the pure colourful, magical hell of it!

I’m not going to lie to you, this is a little heavy, and by that I mean thick! But in the current climate that is so perfect, you get to look like a summer fairy but you’re not bothered by a little breeze.

2.The black fringed babe from JD Williams

This is a new little number to my collection and I am loving this fringe detail! Think Pocahontas turned summer goth and this is what you get! I can see myself sitting outside a bar in the sun, white wine spritzer and ice in hand, swinging my fringe like I just don’t care.

I would say this is not a dress to go adventuring in as the bottom doesn’t have much give but you can totally dress this down for a lunch time meet or add some sassy heels and a killer necklace for date night!

Not only this but the fringe is super good at hiding a sneaky food baby!

Shop this dress here: Fringed Jersey Maxi Dress

3.The green temptress that makes you feel like Angelina Jolie that time her leg poked out her dress, from New Look.

And I’ve saved the best till last. Another new dress added to my collection and I cannot stop wearing it! I wore it to brunch after my hen weekend and to afternoon tea for my mums birthday. Again it can be dressed up or down and the slits up the side not only make it breezy as hell (essential for a sweaty betty like myself) but also make your feel all levels of sass!

Let’s not forget that Khaki is SO IN right now so I’m basically one of the cool kids when I wear this… right?!?!?!

Shop this dress here: Khaki Tie Waist Strappy Maxi Dress

How are you guys feeling about maxi’s this year? Are they a staple in your collection or are you more of a mini/midi girl?

Make sure to tag me in your insta pics should you snap any of these babies up!

Peace and Love xoxo

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Photo credit: @peppercorn_pot (instagram)


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