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How many of you knew that you could get a free personal stylist appointment at intu lakeside? I didn’t! And when I did find out I thought that it was a relatively new concept… oh no friends, this has been around for 9+ years. I am shocked!

Anyhooo the PR babes for Intu Lakeside hit me up recently and asked if I would like to have a go at one of these session. Of course I said yes!

I’ve actually had a personal stylist session yeeeeaaaars ago… I’m talking like under 18 cause I couldn’t drink the free champagne (gutted). It was one of those red letter days for Topshop in Kensington and was a birthday present from my dad. Having enjoyed this experience immensely I knew that the intu lakeside version would be right up my street.

It’s a common misconception that girls like to shop in a group! I absolutely love shopping alone, If I go with other people it literally fills me with stress so I think a personal stylist session is perfect. You’re basically shopping alone but you have someone with you who is an expert in making you look fab – what’s not to love!

Now being the bloody brilliant blogger that I am I basically took like no pics *face palm* but I was so engrossed in the experience and was actually having a great time – soz I’m totes selfish!

I did however get a couple of snaps of the customer lounge. Now this is a pretty new concept and one I ADORE! It’s a little space in the middle of intu lakeside where you can just be! You can chill, take the weight off, put those bags down. You can even charge your phone. Not only is this a great pit stop area, it’s also the perfect place to leave your other half (cause let’s face it, he doesn’t really want to be there.) He can chill out and watch your bags while you take his card and get your shop on! (They even play sports when the big games are on.)



After chilling in this little area for a while (cause I was early as ever!) Carlene, my personal stylist for the day, came to get me. I was ushered into a separate room and made myself comfy on the plush sofa. I instantly liked Carlene, she was down to earth and clearly passionate about what she does. She started by telling me a little bit about what they offer, there are a number of different services, all of which are free and can be tailored to suit what you need.

Carlene was totally happy for me to run the session how I would like but I am no decision maker and basically like other people to be in charge, thank god she was happy with this too!

We started off by discussing what I was looking for, now I know I should have picked something truly exciting for my blog BUT the truth of the matter was, I need the perfect pair of black work trousers! Carlene agreed that this is such a difficult find and is deffo a session in itself.

The great thing about having a stylist session in intu lakeside is that you have the choice of soooo many shops and your stylist knows the best ones for you so you don’t wander aimlessly in a fit of panic. I was surprised to say that my favourite shop was M&S… I know right! Usually associated with “the older ladies” it is not something I would approach myself but they have some bang on trend sections at the moment that I would highly recommend! I ended up finding the perfect pair of trousers (but unfortunately were not in my size) AND the most beautiful green babes that I totally need in my life asap (also not in my size WHY GOD WHY!)


Here is the lovely Carlene herself in the trousers!

The session was so easy and I felt totally comfortable the entire time! Whilst browsing we started to discuss the importance of a good foundation – in other words, underwear! Once you get this right your clothes will look so much better. Carlene explained how a lot of women are wearing the wrong size bra and have no idea – she offered me a fitting and of course I accepted.

Carlene was absolutely correct, after being measured by M&S (twice) I have been wearing a 34C pretty much forever but your girl is not a 34C at all she is in fact a 32 D/DD! I was more than a little surprised at this revelation (and also slightly impressed.) She explained that it is best to get fitted in a department store that stocks more than one brand, such as House of Fraiser, as you are more likely to get the best results. No measuring tapes were present at this fitting, just trial and error and a good eye!

I couldn’t have been happier with how the day had gone and although I did not purchase anything I am about to email and book my mum in! She has all the stress over what to wear for my wedding and I think this is the perfect solution which I know she will enjoy.

If you would like to book in you can get in contact with Carlene on the following details: 

 Alternatively, call 01708 869 933 and use option 2 and then 3. 

You might also be interested to know that Intu Lakeside are hosting what is set to be a fab fashion event starting this Friday (11th March) see further details here : The Intu Style Garden.

Has anyone had a personal stylist session before or is it something you have been thinking about? Let me know! I would love to hear what your experiences have been.

Peace and Love xoxo




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