Friday favourites || January 22nd 

1. Primark Jumper

I am totally in love with this jumper, it’s so similar to my giant blanket scarf (featured here) and crazy comfy. The best thing of all…. it was just £5 in the Primark sale. Who doesn’t love a bargain?!


2.Finch and the Fallow

This adorable little etsy store does the best cards! I’m so glad I stumbled across them. (through someone else’s blog that I can’t remember eek!! So bad at that.) Say goodbye to generic boring happy birthdays and hello to unicorns and fun!

I cannot yet feature the cards I bought as I’ve been super organised and pre-purchased for birthdays…. this means you gotta wait till June to see the last one LOLZ the suspense must be killing you.

Obviously in the mean time you can pop on over to their store (here) and look for yourself.


3.Essex Life Magazine.

Hey guys…. I’m featured in a magazine!

Thanks to the lovely Penny (blog here) who writes the Essex online column for the magazine, I have a lovely little write up. My mum wanted to buy them all till she realised they were £3.99 a pop hahaha soz mother dear! Her actual words were “why couldn’t you be featured in the Sun it’s only 40p” to which I replied that I was sorry and I’d never realised she wanted me to be a page 3 model. (I’ll stick to the writing thing I think!)

I’m on page 19 of the February edition if you want to go take a cheeky peek.


4.Kale-0s tomato and basil pizza.

Yeah so I found kale that tastes like pizza. Kale. That tastes like pizza. PIZZA FLAVOURED KALE!!! I was so excited I immediately snapped up two boxes.

Let me re-wind… I spent my Wednesday at the London Health Show and it was great! Truly inspired me to take a more healthy route and reminded me how a lot of illness and issues can be prevented with a few lifestyle changes. (Let’s also pretend that I’m not currently eating some love hearts I just found in my bag from Christmas, I’m purely removing temptation!)

I HIGHLY recommend these crispy kale babes! I know you probably don’t believe me but TRUST ME! I mean obviously they’re not the same as a gooey, doughy dominos but come on it’s kale! You can get one of those slogan jumpers like “licensed to kale” and your not even being ironic cause you totally eat it now.

They’re currently rebranding so buy yours quick for super cheap prices… and if you want to buy me a box as a thanks that’s cool too haha (I’m considering purchasing ALL the stock) (buy here)


5.Nights in.

Totally turning 25 this year and I think I’ve suddenly hit the adult world with a BANG! I am less and less interested in going out, getting wasted and spending all my money.

Judging by Saturday night, I am more interested in staying in…. getting wasted and barely spending any money. (I’m not quite boring and sober yet gals don’t you worry.)

I love pre drinks! Like they are literally my favourite part of any night out (even if I’m getting ready on my own – I know right how sad am I). I just really enjoy getting dressed up, having a drink and taking selfies.

So why don’t we make pre-drinks, drinks? Cut out the pre… this is it, the main event! You can keep your slippers on (no sore feet), you can still get dressed up (so you feel sassy), you take ALL the selfies (so your outfit and make up aren’t a complete waste), you get crunk (except its WAY cheaper), you don’t have to go in the cold, hang out with people you don’t like or find a way to get home… you’re already there.

I AM SO ON BOARD – who’s with me?

Cute dresses, fluffy slippers and prosecco! Night’s in are the way forward.


Peace and Love xoxo



  1. January 22, 2016 / 11:48 am

    Check you out in Essex Life, very exciting. I used to write a monthly article for the City Times but gave it up when wedding planning was in full swing and I just didn’t have the time, would love to do something like that again though but not entirely sure what I would write about now.
    Totally with you on the nights in, I just can’t be dealing with all the effort involved in going out now, would much rather stay in with a good film and comfy clothes.
    Have a fab weekend x x x

    • January 22, 2016 / 11:53 am

      Thank you! It’s just a little mention but I would love to write an article for them 🙂 aw that’s great you should deffo give it another look. Nights in are the best especially in the cold haha thank Hun you too!! Xxx

  2. January 24, 2016 / 4:51 pm

    Ok, so I love that jumper, am super jelly of you in a magazine (!!!) and I’m totally on board with drinks nights in (added bonus, you get to avoid all the sleeze men out there!)
    This was such a lovely round up!

    Chloe x | Snug Corner

    • January 24, 2016 / 4:52 pm

      Thanks Chloe! I know right bloody love staying in haha x

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