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Welcome to what is probably the worst outfit post in the blogosphere…. why? Because I took really rubbish pics of my outfit BUT I loved it so here we go.

This is actually a recycled outfit that I wore to my mother in law’s wedding so maybe I’ll include a picture from that day so you can see it better:

Ok so in the depths of November I was invited to attend the Vuelio Blog Awards. I believe this was there second year and I was honoured to be invited. Me and a couple of blogger pals had the best night catching up over copious amounts of wine and a beautiful dinner.

But the outfit…. I absolutely love this dress, mainly because it looks like THE dress. You know, is it black and blue is it white and gold. (FYI it’s 100% black and blue, confirmed by the maker of the dress but that didn’t stop me seeing it as white and gold for weeks until it mysteriously changed colour in front of my eyes. Some kinda brain witch craft going on here!)

This dress however is definitely pink and black and I got it about 2 years ago on a TK MAXX rummage. You can honestly find the best things in there if you are willing to have a good search. Top tips: never go on an empty stomach, stay hydrated and don’t get distracted.

I coupled the dress with a primark fake tan and legs so cold they might drop off – perfect for this winter season, NOT! But it just doesn’t look as good with tights and who needs legs anyway.

I had planned to wear a cute pair of heels but my dodgy ankle had other ideas so primark flats it was #thatglamlife.

My long black jacket of dreams is a primark fave, again a few years old but a great jacket to wear with a shorter dress. The invite had said “formal wear” so this was the perfect alternative to a long/short dress dilemma.

Now for my faves …. the accessories.

Can we just take a second to fall in love with my mermaid bag! HOW PRETTY IS IT!!!! No it’s not supposed to be a clutch and yes the chain has broken and no you can’t really fit anything in it but WHO CARES?! I’m obsessed! £10 primark and they may still be knocking around so GO GO GO.

Mermaid choker was a great find at the Manchester Christmas markets, I got it from one of the Afflecks stools (If you’re mancunian you will understand if not never mind, try ebay!)

And last but by no means least the newest addition to my jewellery collection. This BEAUT Hamsa hand bracelet from Chlo Bo. I literally haven’t taken it off from the moment I got it! It’s part of the stackable range which means you can buy multiple ones to wear together. I don’t usually like dangly bracelets cause they annoy me when I type but this one is so dainty I barely notice it.

A little on the pricey side but it’s handmade and you’re therefore supporting a small business which is SO important and something I feel really passionate about. Deffo one to stick on your Christmas list and there’s a whole host of designs to chose from. Purchase my one here: Hamsa Hand Bracelet

What’s your fave part of the outfit? Do you have any of these items or similar??

Peace and Love xoxo

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