A week in outfits…

Those of you who have read my “About me” page will know that I am a city girl by day. Although I wouldn’t class myself as the typical “city girl” … I’m way more awkward and less rich.

If commuting the 20 minute journey from Essex to London isn’t depressing enough I now have to dress for the weather – which by the way needs to make up it’s mind! One minute I’m told it’s going to snow, next minute it’s so mild that my roll neck is giving me neck sweat (yep that’s a thing.)

So for that nosey bunch among you (I am totally that girl too) here is my week in outfits…

Or you could say: Here is my week in toilet selfies at work, totally rushed before anyone catches me posing cause I don’t have a decent mirror or a full time photographer to follow me around.



Dress – TK MAXX £10 | Shirt – Primark | Boots – Primark £10 | Necklace – Heaven on Earth



Roll neck – Primark £5 | Shorts – Primark | Jacket – New Look | Boots – Primark £10 | Necklace – Heaven on Earth


Shirt – George at Asda | Skirt – New Look | Boots – Primark £10 | Necklace – Jewellery Box £23 | Bracelet – Pandora


Jumper – Tesco | Shirt – Primark | Skirt – New Look | Boots – Primark £10 | Necklace – Jewellery Box £23 | Bracelet – Pandora



Roll neck – Primark £5 | Dress – New Look | Leggings – Primark | Boots – Primark £10 | Necklace – Jewellery Box £23 | Bracelet – Pandora

Unfortunately you have to be super special (or stupid) to get one of these fetching AW15 air cast boots! Very exclusive and not found on the high street soz guys!

What you will also find out about me is that I’m pretty thrifty … or cheap you know whatever. I love a hand me down (it’s like getting a new wardrobe for free). I also wear everything to death!! Hoarder issues over here, throwing stuff away fills me with dread – what if it comes back into fashion years later and I could have had it “vintage” (this has happened to me so many times.)

As handy as this is for me cause I save all the dollar, it’s not very useful when trying to tell you lovely lot where my outfits are from!! I’ve tried (and pretty much failed) to find links to similar items.

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x


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