On occasion brands or companies will approach Life by Laura to collaborate in some way. These will only be accepted if I feel they are the correct fit for this blog. I will always be open and honest about this and the content of those posts will be no different from my normal content, nor will my opinions be swayed in any way. The integrity of this space and the trust from you lovely lot is important to me.

At the bottom of these posts I will add stars to determine whether they are sponsored or not, please see below descriptions for more info:

* Sponsored post (received monetary compensation for a post)

** Items given for review (or voucher/discount given to buy items)

Posts may also contain affiliate links, since moving to self hosted I have added a link converter plug in which will change any link of a brand I’m affiliated with into an affiliate link. This will not effect your purchases in any way and again links will only be added for things I genuinely like or have bought myself!

If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact me.

Prices and terms for collaboration options are available on request.