13 Reasons Why || mental health 


Omg so many emotions! And yes I know I’m totally late to the game here but there’s a reason for that… I was boycotting. I had read some articles saying that the programme was filmed in bad taste, that the producers had sought advice from suicide charities and then gone against that advice, that it was potentially damaging to someone’s life if they were feeling vulnerable and none of this sat right with me. But everyone and their family dog had watched it and was discussing it and how could I truly form an opinion on something I hadn’t seen? So out of pure curiosity for “research purposes” I delved in head first.

Yep, I binged watched the series in about 3 days (not consecutively, although close). When I first started watching the programme I wasn’t keen but as it went on I was more and more gripped. So let’s get on with what your all here for, the opinion.

Firstly I wanted to point out that the programme is actually rated 18 and yes it is readily accessible on Netflix but technically it shouldn’t be watched by anyone younger than that. Despite this it does feel like it’s aimed at a younger audience, maybe it’s just because it’s set in high school and consists of mainly teenagers but I couldn’t help but feel that was the real target audience.

13 reasons why portrayed some harrowing but actually really important messages! I just did a post on acne anxiety and tried to show that the littlest comments really can effect someone which is a theme that runs through the programme. Bullying is no game, whether your intending to bully or not, whether you think it will be a big deal or not, you will never truly know how your words and actions will effect someone else. Hannah shows that it doesn’t have to be one big event that ruins your life, it can be a build up of “the little things” and I put this in quote marks because what seems little to you may be huge to someone else. This opened my eyes even further to how I interact with other people, be that friends and family, strangers or even people I don’t particularly get on with. I would never want anything I’ve said or done to put someone in such a bad space and this is why we really need to be kind to one and other.

On the flip side I totally get what the other reviews were saying in that mental health isn’t really addressed but I can also kind of see why. The scenes are from the view of the teens involved and it’s highly likely that this is not something they would address. The final episode where Hannah seek help actually puts forward a big message that mental health is not always taken seriously.

Even though you are shouting at you’re screen for someone to notice Hannah’s pain and suffering, in day to day life, if you were there and only seeing certain parts of the story, would you notice? Like Hannah says, the scary thing is these feelings can look like nothing to the outside! There is no heightened emotions spilling out, she felt numb. So how is it possible to notice this? I’ve had previous conversations with people who lost friends to suicide and none of them had any idea there was something wrong.

I also think that while the programme itself didn’t really bring up mental health it definitely started a conversation about it and that’s amazing! It has bought a lot of taboo subjects into the mainstream in an easily accessible powerful way and the fact that people have opinions on it is important to how we move forward as a society. We need debate to make change!

Again while this isn’t aimed at kids I hope that it will be watched by their parents. We need to instil kindness and good values into the next generation so that this kind of thing stops. School can be awful, kids can be mean, and at a stage in your life where everything feels like the end of the world and your hormones and emotions are all over the place this is so dangerous! We need to be more aware of how these kids are feeling, there needs to be support and trust.

The scene where Hannah is trying to get help is so frustrating but I bet this happens more than we would care to think about. It is so easy to dismiss a teenagers feelings as overly dramatic because in reality what teenager doesn’t over think and over exaggerate everything (I still do this now!) It’s a difficult position to be in when having to make that decision on whether they truly need help or just having a bad day. Chances are, the ones who truly need help wont be saying anything, so what do we do? I don’t know how to change things but I know things need to change. We need to put an emphasis on mental health not just at school but throughout life. Life can be stressful at any stage and it can be so hard on your body in a range of forms arising from a range of triggers. Stress of being bullied, from your studies, from your family life, from your job. I honestly feel like it isn’t taken that seriously but as someone who suffers badly when stressed let me tell you, it is serious!

Personally I think counselling is an amazing tool, just to have someone listen, take you seriously, not judge and make you feel like you’re less alone is so powerful. I would like to see onsite counsellors in schools and work places so this is readily available and encouraged. Counselling should not be taboo and I think that anyone can benefit from just hashing their thoughts out with a totally subjective person.  To get access to this kind of help at the moment a doctor has to deem you “suitable” and you will be put on a long waiting list. Either that or you will have to fork out for it privately. Why not just make it a part of life?

I think the only way to move forward is to bring “taboo” subjects even further into mainstream. We all know these things go on so there is no excuse to brush them under the carpet anymore. In 2017 people should not be feeling ashamed or embarrassed for who they are, how they feel or what has happened to them. We need less victim blaming and dancing around the subject and more action. There needs to be better steps in place.

There will be so many opinions around the programme and the subjects it touches on and this post is just one of those. Watching this programme made me feel so many emotions but above all it made me want to be a better person and to help make a change.

I’d love to hear your opinions on 13 Reasons Why!

Peace and Love xoxo

My Perfect Bath

Having gone 3 years without a bath (we only had a shower in the old flat) I was so excited to get in some relaxing tub times. I thought I would have baths on those days where you just need to soak the stress away but would mainly still be a shower gal.

This could not be further from what’s happened. We’ve lived here for 3 months now and I have only had one shower in that time! My love affair with a nice long bath has grown and grown and I look forward to it so much. For this reason I decided that I needed to share my perfect bath sitch with you all.

So first I run the bath (obviously). Being a stereotypical girl I like that water hot! I mean not so hot that it gives you heart palpitations and leaves you all lobster chic but as close to that as possible. I then add in some Epsom Salts from Westlab which is supposed to help with bloat and achey muscles (I mean I’m not sure if it works or not but I put them in anyway.)


Next up, the bath bomb! I don’t use one in every bath because I don’t have the money for this luxury, or enough space in the bathroom to store that many. My all time favorite has to be the butterball/bear. So simple but so effective – it’s not fancy, it doesn’t make your bath change colour but OMG SO SMOOTH! You literally don’t have to moisturise after so for a lazy bum like me this is just bliss! I literally get out the bath and I’m like JON STROKE ME! HOW SMOOTH AM I! It baffles me every time. The one I’ve used here is the “avobath” which also has that moisturising effect but I don’t think it’s as intense as the butterball.

I absolutely love make up but with skin like mine it can get a bit itchy and irritable by the end of the day so getting that off is heaven! I tend to use an oil cleanser to really break through the make up and get it all off. I then like to treat myself to a little face mask. Here I’ve used the Lush “Mask of Magnaminty”. LOVE the smell and it leaves my skin feeling fresh!

On the same wavelength my favorite body wash is original source mint and tea tree – It’s not for everyone, some cant handle the tingle, but I’m a big fan. Again it just leaves me feeling so fresh compared to others.

Most of the time I will watch something while relaxing in the tub. I’ve got a little bath pillow and I just lay there and forget about reality. I will watch YouTube videos or short programs so I don’t end up like a prune and will watch these on either my phone, kindle or laptop depending on whats charged at the time.

Now are you ready for my super glam viewing platform – yep I rest whatever I’m watching on the cats litter box! Don’t judge! This particular time was set up for my phone but it can vary depending on what I’m using. #thatglamlife!

If I’m having an evening bath I like to light the lavender candle and turn the lights off to really wind down. I’m also partial to a peppermint tea night cap and what better time to have this than while relaxing in the bath!? (If this bath is on a Friday evening the peppermint tea is often swapped out for a glass on vino!)

So there we have it, my perfect bath! I think I’m going to have to go run one now cause this post has definitely got me in the mood for a relaxing little dip. Do you guys do any of this or are you not the bath type? I hated baths for so long but I could not live without them now!

Peace and Love xoxo

Self care – all about balance 

I feel like I’m in a whirlwind of emotions over my body at the moment. One minute I’m like screw it and eating all the chocolate and sweets, next I’m shame eating kale. It’s the most frustrating thing.

I know society is brainwashing me into feeling this way but I also know that when I’m healthy and fit and toned I feel SO much better in myself. I mean I can still look in the mirror now and be like damn girl but I just ran up the stairs to catch my train and thought I might die! My ankle issues are creeping back, I’ve got problems with my wrists and my skin has flared up.

I really want need to take some time this year to just focus on me. I focussed on the wedding, I focussed on buying a flat…. now Laura needs some brain space.

I’ve been getting my nails done (by Liv who is an actual star!), I’ve had a facial, I’m getting my hair done more regularly. I know to some people this is the norm but I get super lazy when it comes to taking care of myself and that needs to change.

I’m taking some proper time in the evenings to care for my skin and as well as this nightly routine, Ive introduced two face masks to use once a week (I love doing a face mask in the bath, it turns the most mundane task into a little pamper sesh). I’m also considering trialing a more mineral foundation but they never give me enough coverage so I think I’ll have to pair this with a liquid concealer. I’m going to attempt to make some more healthy choices for what I’m putting into my body as well as onto my body AND I’m getting back into that gym routine! Going to the gym just makes me feel so much better and actually gives me way more energy! I’ve also got a few alternative therapies booked in to help various things and I will document how they go once I’m done.

I’m not 100% sure what this post is about aside from a little update and a brain dump for me to release these thoughts. But I suppose it’s also to show that everyone gets complacent with the self care and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. You just get back on that wagon when you’re good and ready! Sometimes we need a big blow out to just eat what we want, do what we want and to not worry about the consequences… it’s all about balance!

Speaking of which, if you don’t know already I have launched a new instagram page, inspired by the amazing writer that is Sophie Kinsella. Sophie released a book earlier this year called my not so perfect life and on the back of this started an instagram page with the same name to document all those not so perfect moments in life which rarely get shared on the glittering highlight reel that is social media. I’ve decided to jump on the back of this and start my own page called @notsoperfectlifebyLaura (see what I did there! Got to keep on brand haha). I’m documenting my out takes, my not so perfect, fml, fail moments and if this makes just one person feel less alone, less silly, more worthy then I will be one happy lady!

So how are you guys doing now it’s ALMOST APRIL!!!! What on earth!?

Peace and love xoxo

Turning 26!

Guys I’m 26! It’s happened, I’m officially the wrong side of 25 but do you know what, I literally couldn’t feel better right now!

I feel so happy, so settled, so on track with my life and I had the best birthday I’ve had for ages. Unfortunately the last couple of years Jon and I have had terrible news around our birthdays and last year I had the worst spa experience of my life (read about that here if you want).

So this year I didn’t plan anything big I was just going to have a nice, quiet, splendid little birthday.

Well that didn’t happen! I mean it was nice and splendid but by no means quiet!
My birthday was on Wednesday but I managed to spread it across an entire week of food and booze and it was just perfect.

Monday saw me having some work drinks to celebrate our renewal period, not technically birthday related but indulgent none the less. Tuesday, I had pizza express lunch with some work pals which was supposed to be accompanied by that free bottle of prosecco they give you for your day of birth but we were way too hungover for that so carb overload it was!

Then it all got mega exciting because this girl booked the rest of the week off! I mean if you can’t randomly book time off for your birthday when can you?!

26 years prior to Wednesday I escaped the womb and to celebrate I went shopping with my mum where I obviously bought things from new look because I have an actual obsession with that shop and honestly need to go to some kind of support group! If you feel the same please hit this girl up…. we need each other! Once we were all shopped out we headed to Bourgee for afternoon tea. I LOVED it here, the decor is a bit of me! Navy and copper goals! As well as an Art Deco waterfall wall as you enter, I mean bravo to bourgee for bringing this classy place to Chelmsford. The food was also delicious which is a plus. We had “afternoon tea on the lawn” which luckily was not outside (cause it was raining) but served on a tray covered in fake grass… genius. My favourite parts were the sausage roll and lobster cheese thing (technical term.) we coupled this with the cloudy lemonade of dreams and finished off with a ginger and lemon tea. I actually got an offer for this on groupon which meant all of that (aside from the tea) was £15 for the 2 of us! What a bargain!


After lunch we headed back to mine so mum could fake tan my back… cause that’s what mums are for right?! I then donned my new pink body from new look and almost squealed at how bloody cute it is! Deffo my new fave thing. And if I wasn’t full enough, it was time for dinner with Jon :).

We headed to Zizzi’s and actually had a glorious dinner! I had the special to start – pesto and cheese garlic bread (yep you heard right!) and for mains I had the duck with mash lentils and veg and oh my life it was SO tasty!!!! I actually ordered the lasagne which they didn’t have but I’m totally glad they didn’t now. Accompanying our dinner with a bottle of white we had a fab date night, chatting, laughing and of course … people watching (my favourite past time.) As the night was still young we stopped off at Baroosh for some cocktails before stumbling back to our new home happy as Larry.


We actually stayed up past midnight (I know how rock&roll!) which means we saw in Jon’s birthday drinking prosecco/whiskey in bed and watching Aladdin!

For Jon’s birthday, more food and drink was on the cards including a lush dinner at Bills Restaurant (where I consumed pate on toast, a cheese and bacon burger with chips,a side of mac and cheese….and half a steak – I’m not even ashamed, I’m so impressed!) followed by drinks in the pub to watch Spurs lose which usually I’d be pretty nonchalant about but I put a bet on and they were right in saying it matters more when there’s money on it! So close but yet so far!


Friday came around (and still no hangover, so unlike me!) I’d drunkenly text some of my pals the night before to see if they fancied watching a live band at the fleece to which they replied yes, so this is what we did. That is after jons mum came and graced us with a dominos pizza (can you smell the heart attack I should be having by now?) filled up on cheese and carbs I headed out to the pub with the girls for “a few quite drinks” which included 2 bottles of prosecco, multiple rum and gingers and a sprinkling of shots. BUT I had a bloody brilliant night, the band was called the hits and I totally recommend you see them next time they grace Chelmsford. I danced, I sang, I lost my voice and I loved it!

Saturday I awoke not feeling fresh as a daisy BUT feeling a lot better than expected. I jumped in a long bath and headed to pick up my bestie who was sporting a fabulous hangover herself. And what better way to cure this than with a bottomless prosecco lunch? (I know I should be dead right now.) we went to The New London in Chelmsford which is not far from me and oh my the food was amazing! Some brilliant choices were made last week food wise and this is 100% one of them. Such a cute little restaurant with clean fresh decor. Lots of windows so it was nice and bright. We both had salmon Arancini balls and I had the sausage and mash which was SO needed! Along with the free flowing bubbles we perked right up, although became slightly delirious, a little loud and inappropriately giggly. We were also joined midway through by a few of the other girls and we continued to drink, chat and laugh for a few hours. Jenna and I then headed back to mine with snacks and champagne to watch magic mike XXL in bed and I have no regrets!

Sunday was spent in my pyjamas, and consisted of an afternoon nap and a dinner exploding with vegetables in an attempt to counteract the rest of the week!

I honestly had the most amazing birthday, surrounded by great people, doing my favourite things! 25, whilst the birthday wasn’t great was actually such a massive year for me and one I will remember forever. But now, we have nothing to save for, we have no commitments, we just have time, time for each other, time for our loved ones, time to have fun! I’m so excited for what this year has in store…. do me proud 26! I know you can 🙂

Peace and love xoxo

Goldsmiths Jewellers…

Saturday the 11th could not have felt more grown up for me, I started my day going to a bank appointment with my husband to talk about insurances for the flat we just bought…. LIKE WHAT!? Husband, mortgage, insurance – I still can’t get my head around this adult Laura that seems to have surfaced from nowhere.

But once all the seriousness was over it was time for something a little different, more enjoyable, a little me time. I was recently contacted by the PR company who work for Goldsmiths jewellers to go check out their new store and pick out some pieces. Firstly, this is all very exciting ’cause I now get to spend a Saturday picking shiny new jewels for myself and secondly, Goldsmiths is part of the Bond St complex which is fast becoming one of my favourite places in Chelmsford so getting to hang around there is A-ok with me.


Goldsmiths used to be situated on the high street in a narrow, dark store which to be perfectly honest, wasn’t all that inviting. Now however, being on the Bond St complex has done wonders for their image and a new open, minimal, light store is exactly the right look for them!

There’s plenty of staff on hand ready to help you out and take you on a personalised shopping trip to find what’s right for you. I had a meeting set up with a lady called Kimberly who was SO lovely! She first asked me if I would like a drink, for which they have an array and of course I chose a wine ’cause hello it’s Saturday! I then took a seat at one of the many desks they have dotted around and waited for Kimberly to come back.


We started off chatting about some of the jewellery I own and what I like. I assume they would usually talk about budget here too but as they had kindly gifted me a voucher they already knew mine. We then had a little walk around the store to see if anything caught me eye. Once Kimberly had got an idea of my taste I went and sat back at the desk while she pulled some pieces for me. If you’ve ever had a personal shopper, it’s basically like that but for jewellery!

I honestly felt like one of those ladies who brunches with the girls then spends her afternoon picking out gifts for herself, sipping on fizzy wine without a care in the world! This my friends is a fantastic feeling and I highly recommend you give it a go – fake it till you make it and all that.

So after going through what Kimberly had bought over, nothing was really jumping out at me. Goldsmiths, as a company, host SO MANY different brands and to be able to have all of them on site they would literally need to be in a warehouse. So as this particular store didn’t have many of the “fashion” pieces that I was more geared towards our appointment took an alternative route. This however was not a problem because each desk is set up with an iPad and you’re able to scroll through their website and order items you would like to try.


So after much deliberation I have ordered a small selection of items and await a call telling me they have arrived. I loved that this was available because I didn’t feel pressured to spend my voucher then and there and I could take some time to decide what I really wanted.

 Kimberly made the whole process so great, she was a really nice down to earth girl. There is nothing worse than pushy sales people, trust me I have been forced to be that person at a previous job and I hated it so much but I didn’t feel like that at Goldsmiths at all. We had such a lovely chat too, it basically felt like I was catching up with a friend while shopping! I think she definitely made the appointment for me, I love meeting new people and getting to know them and I just felt really relaxed in her company.

So if you’re looking to splash out on some new jewellery definitely check out Goldsmiths in Chelmsford. You can either grab a member of staff when you go in or book an appointment in advance. I recommend booking an appointment just because it feels more special. It’s also a great thing to do if you’re looking to buy a gift for someone as they will be able to get a feel for what they like and make suggestions to help you.

Kimberly was really knowledgeable about the different styles and collections and provided some interesting insights; like apparently my engagement ring is a trilogy ring and the three stones represent the past, present and future, I had no idea about this and I absolutely love that concept! She also made me aware of the different services they have available for example, free jewellery cleaning and also if you purchase a ring from them and it needs to be re-covered, they will do this the first time for free no matter when that is needed. This attention to detail speaks volumes.


I will check back in with you guys when I have chosen my items so you can be nosey 🙂 Let me know if you end up having an appointment at Goldsmiths cause I would love to see what you get!

You can find their social media here:




Peace and love xoxo

*Please see disclaimer

Finding Home…

As you will probably know from my Homesense post, Jon and I bought a flat. We are officially full fledged grown ups and after living in said flat for 2 weeks now, I could not be happier!

The first time I viewed the flat it just felt like home, I could see us living there. I could see the potential it had and I already started planning in my head what could go where.

I’ve always loved interiors, even as a kid. I used to have this program on my PC where I would design different rooms in my imaginary home. Me and my step sister would also play this game where we had a budget and would have to kit out our homes using the argos catalogue – i know right, you’re jealous of how cool I was hahaha!

I moved out when I was about 19 and starting living in a house share which was fully furnished. Jon and I then moved into a flat together which again was a fully furnished place. This made sense to us at the time because we didn’t have the money to do it up ourselves but after a while I started to hate the old tattered furniture more and more.

I have never had the chance to live out that dream of making somewhere my own. I mean you can try to make a furnished place home, and you do to an extent with pictures etc, but it’s nothing compared to having somewhere that’s entirely your taste!

Now having moved into our own flat Jon and I have been able to discuss furniture, envision colour schemes and buy whatever the hell we want and let me tell you it is SO refreshing! I mean we do have totally different tastes which is awkward but I think because I’m more passionate about it I have taken the lead. Obviously you compromise on stuff and it’s handy because Jon is more bothered about how practical things are where as I want things to look good so together it should be perfect 🙂

If you’re moving I  100% recommend unpacking as soon as possible! Get that place feeling like your home ASAP.  I couldn’t stand being surrounded by boxes and got the majority done in the first couple of days, taking the empty boxes to the tip to give us a nice clear space. We still have a few more bits to sort out but will need to wait till the furniture we’ve ordered arrives cause at the moment, it doesn’t have a home.

But we do! We have found our home in this lovely little flat where we will make lots of brand new and exciting memories! I thought I would be really sad to leave our old flat, it was the first place we had lived together, Jon proposed to me in the living room, I planned our wedding there, so many happy times. But it isn’t till you move somewhere that fills your heart with joy that you realise none of that matters! you still have those memories and you will hold them dear but this is a fresh start and an exciting new chapter.

As I write this I have my laptop propped up on our bay window in the bedroom, watching a squirrel run across the fence of our car park and that to me is perfect. It’s not the most amazing flat in the world, but it’s ours and we love it!

Peace and Love xoxo

The hangover 

Let me start by saying I get THE WORST hangovers EVER! Like I cannot physically get out of bed and think I might die kind of hangovers. For any normal person, this may deter them from drinking in such large quantities but I am not one such person.

In my defence I’m usually just super thirsty, then further dehydrated by the alcohol, thus order more – if someone could point me in the direction of some water at this stage that’d be fab cause I clearly forget that it exists and happens to be y’know, the most hydrating thing ever.

I’m going to liken hangovers to child birth – stick with me here cause no I obviously haven’t had a child if I’m likening it to hangovers BUT I’m talking about the after math, the OMG THAT WAS AWFUL IM NEVER DOING IT AGAIN and then oops your pregnant/hanging beyond belief! (Hopefully not both!)

I was in this sorry state last weekend (hungover not pregnant) and it threw me so out of whack that I’ve only just got back on top of my game. I’d been so productive at the beginning of the year and got myself into a nice little routine of gym, keeping the flat tidy, upping my self care and BAM! I got drunk and ruined it all!

I was in bed ALL weekend, only leaving to lay on my friends sofa and eat mozzarella sticks whilst watching Disney films. I ordered the most gigantic dominos all to myself, ate sweets, fizzy drinks, didn’t go to the gym. I was in a bad way and it left me in such a funk.

I HATE being hungover and I hate losing my weekends to this foul beast, it’s the most frustrating thing and it’s never worth it. I’m not even the type of person who needs to get smashed to have a good time which annoys me even more when I do.

This post is basically a release of negativity for me because I beat myself up SO MUCH when I do this. I want to be able to read this back and be like yeah babe it’s not worth it just have a couple of glasses of wine this time or y’know none at all!

I get so on track with my fitness and eat reasonable well and then throw it all away for one drunken night that makes me miserable! I take my hat off to those with self control – teach me your ways! Maybe I’ll just drive everywhere then I won’t have a choice and I’ll wake up with a fist pump, feeling fresh as a daisy with no regrets.

I’m not saying I’m going to stop drinking completely cause I like a cheeky tipple as much as the next person but as with anything, it’s about moderation and self control.

I want my liver to hold out for all my years, I want beautiful glowy skin, I want rock hard abs (LOLZ) and I won’t get any of those things binge drinking then eating through my hangover – your not 16 18 anymore Laura …. get a grip!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who goes through this!

Peace and love xoxo

Organisation is key…

Happy New Year!!!

Ok so I know we are a few days into January but I have mainly been taking this time to get back to reality, deal with it really badly and try to stay on track.

I haven’t made any new years resolutions as such but you may have seen my posts on the full and new moons?! Basically I am setting monthly intentions. They may be the same each month or they could change but the beauty of it is, you aren’t setting a number of goals at the beginning of the year and then feeling like crap when you don’t achieve them. Setting intentions monthly allows you to review your goals, say goodbye to anything that isn’t serving you well and renew what is important to you. Personally I think this is a much healthier way of doing things!

All of your intentions should be positive too. For example I want to stop being such a lazy slob, but instead of having this as my goal I have flipped it to be more positive and set a number of intentions with this as my motive; such as be more organised and self care.

Does anyone else lay around thinking of all the things they need to do but do just that… think about them and never actually do them? Me too and that was my motivation behind this one. I am usually quite good to begin with and then it all goes down hill but I really want this to work!

I am the type of person who will have all the stuff to make lunch for the next day, who will think about making said lunch but will instead chose to watch netflix in bed whilst aimlessly scrolling through social media….. NO LAURA!!! This is not the kind of person I want to be SO organisation is top of my agenda!

I’ve had a super domesticated weekend and sitting here on a Sunday evening typing this, I really feel like I’ve got my shit together! I mean not in all ways…. I did drive to Tesco this afternoon without my purse and had to swiftly revert back home to get it *FACE PALM*.

But here are some things I did this weekend to make that Monday morning back to reality January snooze fest a little easier:


I am literally ashamed at how gross my flat got! Especially as I spent the majority of the Christmas period doing naff all, so after a double gym sesh on Saturday I came home with all the energy and all the motivation! We actually have cleaners most of the time but I’m feeling the January pinch sooooo poor first world problems Laura must do her own cleaning…. just call me Cinderella. Which is basically how I felt, literally on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor but MY GOD do I feel bloody splendid now! I am 100% one of those people who is effected by their surroundings, if my home is a mess…. so am I. It throws everything off track. But now all is sparkly and good in the world!


Getting back into some form of fitness regime is doing wonders for my motivation. I started the year feeling a bit crap about my body, as I’m at the higher end of my comfort zone weight wise. But I forced myself to actually look in the mirror and not see the vision of myself I think I should be and I’m like babes you have a great bod, you have your bod! It does amazing things for you and you for it. This self acceptance makes going to the gym or doing any kind of physical activity so much better and healthier cause you aren’t punishing yourself. You’re taking me time, some self care time, some time away from social media and work and chores. That alone is enough to give yourself a mental high five and I mean the endorphins help!


As mentioned, after arriving at Tesco for the second time today, equipped with my bank card, I did a big ole weekly food shop. Now I wouldn’t say I’m on a diet or a health kick at all cause y’know, cheese, but I am making conscious choices about certain things. My current diet generally consists of a protein shake for breakfast, home made energy balls as a snack, chicken and sweet potato for lunch and whatever for dinner (usually pasta tuna pesto and cheese – old habbits die hard.) I find that prepping my lunches before hand makes SUCH a difference. Knowing how lazy I am I realise that if I leave it, I won’t end up making anything and will have to buy stuff and let me tell you, those costs rack up! So today I’ve made enough chicken and sweet potato (roasted) to take me to Wednesday where I will have to do more and enough energy balls for the entire week.


So you may be grossed out to know that until last Sunday I had never washed a make up brush. I’ve bought new ones sure but I’ve never cleaned them. Now, in a bid to help my skin I have taken to cleaning the brushes I have used that week on the Sunday. I do this with warm water and baby shampoo and OMG so soft and lovely to use after!


I cannot be the only one who goes to bed with the intention of springing up in the morning and girl bossing life but actually leaves it till the last minute and runs around like a headless chicken!? I am not a morning person, not by any stretch! I wake up and lay there like nope…. I literally argue with myself about it every morning, I know I should just get up but my body will not. Now if you know this about yourself it makes SO much difference if you prep everything the night before. This allows you to get up and autopilot through your morning thanking your past self for the stress relief. I did this all of last week except for Thursday night (for Friday morning) and I could really tell the difference. One of the main things I do is pick an outfit for the next day because if I have to stand there half asleep in the morning and pick something, we could be there all day.

So these are just a few things that are helping me at the moment and they’re obviously based on my lifestyle but I think the general concept of being organised is something we can all benefit from!

Let me know if you have any tips on being organised and staying motivated.

Peace and Love xoxo

2016 – the review 

Ok so this post is more for me, to reflect on a fab year and move onto the next! 


Manchester | London health show | trinity house drinks reception for sailors society | bloggers below zero at the ice bar | court tour in London 


Amsterdam | friends engagement party | my 25th birthday (and terrible spa experience) | jons grandad passed | Lee Stafford event | fancy dress party for friends bday 


Spring fling – work party | organised blogger meet up | work trip to Germany 


quiz night to save gorillas | blogger dinner at Jamie’s Chelmsford | full body medical | aerial taster day | meeting baby lamb at lathcoats | wedding make up trial 


Bought my wedding dress | saturated colour event | Darren’s heart attack | 3 year flat anniversary | P&I exam (passed) | reggae day 


Work hen do | afternoon tea for step nans bday | unlimited pizza and prosecco at sway |dorset to visit holly with Jenna | law firm summer party | mini hen do with mother in law – afternoon tea and spa | globe theatre – midsummer nights dream – for Jenna’s bday | met gok wan 


Hen weekend! | afternoon tea for mums bday | stampede review at lakeside | sushi samba | joined a walking group for the night | got wedding rings | big blogger expo | gilgamesh with Jenna | promotion 


Yo sushi review | cottage with bridesmaids | MY WEDDING DAY! | Rome | Kath and sams wedding | v festival | wivenhoe to see Esther 


Dorset\weymouth | intu lakeside AW fashion event | cinema to see bad moms | casino | Cardiff for city of the unexpected with Millie | Hamburg for work | Work ball | zizzi night with Hannah gale and Elle next door | clothes swap party 


Put offer in on flat | afternoon tea with Jenna | met martina cole | ceremony of the keys at Tower of London | apple day at lathcoats | pumpkin decorating at gems country life | dinner at dads | international maritime law seminar | Carys’ Halloween party 


Taught self to wrap crystals | Manchester | bedlam exhibition at wellcome collection | VIP night at ASK Italian | sink the pink panto – down the rabbit hole | girls night roast with Jess and Lottie | Emma gannon Girlboss talk | RNLI charity dinner | vuelio blog awards | early Christmas dinner | German member reception in Hamburg 


Early Boxing Day | day in court | Christmas party | Christmas work lunch | bloggers winter wonderland | priors fight at evoke | dreamgirls | Christmas Eve drinks | moana with Rebecca

Click the links for posts, instagrams and YouTube videos relating to everything I’ve done this year! 

Hope you all had a great 2016! See you in 2017 my lovelies 🙂 

Peace and love xoxo  

Podcasts I’m currently listening to…

I’d like to start by saying I’ve never been a podcast girl, aside from the fact that I hate putting headphones in my ears, they just haven’t been on my radar. It was actually my friend Jenna who sparked the interest in me, as someone who frequently listens to podcast series.

Ok, so it’s not like I’ve NEVER listened to a podcast. I was intoduced to the concept first by my husband who is an avid follower of The Ricky Gervais XFM ones; this was before they became hip and cool and back in a time when only a select few had ever heard of Karl Pilkinton. Jon actually falls asleep with the sounds of the old XFM crew every single night, and has done since before we met. Sometimes we listen to them together but then he swiftly takes the headphone away from me because I laugh too loud.

I’ll give you a second to guess what the other one is………….. yep, serial. Of course it is I mean is there anyone who HASN’T listened to that podcast? I was hooked from beginning to end!

So aside from the 2 mentioned above… these are the voices I’ve been dabbling in of late.

The Allutionist

A literary whirlwind hosted by Helen Zaltzman where discussions of language and etymology fill your ears. Not guna lie, this one makes me feel super intellectual. I was recently listening to the podcast whilst drinking a glass of red and cooking home made spag bowl for me and the husband – is this what they call adulating or what?! Past Laura never saw that one coming. If you are into words this is definitely for you. It’s interesting, it’s funny and you may even learn a thing or two – what’s not to love?


I actually stumbled across this one because it was mentioned in the Allutionist, both being part of the radiotopia family. As suggested in it’s title, the podcasts is about different criminal situations. Short snippets of peoples stories, whether they have committed a crime, been victimised or sit somewhere in between. Still to date episode 1 is my favourite – I was walking home from the train station with my mouth wide open in pure disbelief! Disclaimer alert – I do not suggest listening to this podcast before bed. A few times now I have fallen asleep with an episode on and let’s just say, my dreams aren’t usually that murderous.


If you saw my “books I’m loving right now” post, you will already be aware of the #girlboss babe that is Sophia Amoruso. Following the success of the book Sophia has launched a podcast in which she is joined by inspirational women who are absolutely killing it in their field of choice. Who doesn’t love a bit of female empowerment? I’m only 2 episode’s in but I’m already feeling motivated.

Ctrl alt delete 

Another podcast following a book from my list and this time by Emma Gannon. Again I’ve only listened to 2 episodes so far but it’s been a super interesting find. As a young woman who has grown up along side the internet much like Emma, it is great to hear her guests views on it, how they’ve used it to fuel their success and what the drawbacks may be.

Edit: I’m like 30 episodes in now and I just cannot get enough of this podcast! Emma is finding THE best guests and I now follow a whole load more people on twitter. Deffo get on this one asap.

My dad wrote a porno

Well I had to save the best till last! This is my go to evening podcast at the moment, usually tucked up in bed with a bowl of pasta (don’t judge). I cannot believe I haven’t listened to this before. So many people suggested it to me and I just never got round to it but my god have I been missing out. IT IS HILLARIOUS, like laugh out loud funny, my neighbours must be getting sick of me cackling into the evening. If you aren’t familiar this is a podcast started by a guy who’s dad…. wrote a porno. He and 2 pals read a chapter a week and basically rip the shit out of it and it’s honestly one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time. So simple yet so effective. There is now 2 series of erotic fun to get through and the team are releasing a book in the near future. Make sure to check them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Are any of you avid podcast listeners? Do you have any regular ones that you just cannot get enough of or are you into any of the above? Let me know in the comments!

Peace and Love xoxo

+ also LOL at this picture I’ve used, it was literally a random snapchat from this morning and the only thing I could find to put in this post so I could get it up now.