Goldsmiths – The Jewellery

You may recall my recent(ish) visit to the new Goldismiths store in Chelmsford’s Bond Street complex and if you haven’t you can read about that here.

For those of you who have been eagerly waiting to see what I got, I am happy to announce that the wait is finally over and it’s time to reveal what pieces made the cut! I had ordered 4 items off of the website to chose from and up first are the 2 that fell at the final hurdle:

Gucci Necklace

Now I did like this but it just felt a bit chunky. I liked the pendant but the chain just wasn’t selling it to me and I found that with a lot of the Gucci products I looked at.

Olivia Burton Bee Necklace

I still really like this even if it did feel a little ghetto haha but how cute! I mean who doesn’t love a bumble bee?! The thing is though, I rarely wear gold so it didn’t seem like the right choice.


(I didn’t get a very good picture of this one so used the website one.)

Now onto what made it home with me. Both of these items are Michael Kors cause I went totally basic on the whole experience. Inner Laura has always wanted a Michael Kors bag so this jewellery is filling that hole!

The Necklace

I loved the pendant on this necklace, I was looking for something disc like but this just felt a bit different and more interesting. One thing I didn’t realise was this metal seems to be a little less shiny and more of a dull effect but I don’t think this is an issue. I wear this necklace ALOT! It’s the perfect length for most of my work clothes and if you look closely at my instagram it features quite a bit haha

The Bracelet

This item really caught my eye… it’s a BIT Cartier with the screws, at least that’s what it reminded me of, except it’s not even close to that price! But what drew me to it was the disc pendant (again! I don’t know what my disc obsession is but that’s what I’m liking it seems.) Now I wore this for my birthday lunch and the pendant disappeared but Goldsmiths kindly replaced it. I am yet to wear the new one cause I’m a bit nervous but I think I will be wearing it to something chill haha It’s perfect for brunch with the girls or something a little more fancy like a wedding.

After purchasing these 2 items I had some money left on my voucher so I got my mum these cute earrings for mothers day which she loved !

SO would you have gone for the same items as me or is your style totally different?

Obviously I was kindly gifted a voucher in return for my blog posts but the experience I had is totally legit and I got to pick the items out myself. I mean you won’t catch me in Goldsmiths every weekend cause this girl is currently living in her overdraft but for a special occasion I would definitely look to go back there. I highly suggest booking an appointment, getting a glass of wine and discussing what you’re looking for with an expert if not just for the experience.

Peace and Love xoxo

*Please see disclaimer

> I also couldn’t find a link to the necklace on the Goldsmiths website or Michael Kors so it must have gone out of stock or been discontinued but I found it on a different site so I have added that link in.

Blog awards outfit…

Welcome to what is probably the worst outfit post in the blogosphere…. why? Because I took really rubbish pics of my outfit BUT I loved it so here we go.

This is actually a recycled outfit that I wore to my mother in law’s wedding so maybe I’ll include a picture from that day so you can see it better:

Ok so in the depths of November I was invited to attend the Vuelio Blog Awards. I believe this was there second year and I was honoured to be invited. Me and a couple of blogger pals had the best night catching up over copious amounts of wine and a beautiful dinner.

But the outfit…. I absolutely love this dress, mainly because it looks like THE dress. You know, is it black and blue is it white and gold. (FYI it’s 100% black and blue, confirmed by the maker of the dress but that didn’t stop me seeing it as white and gold for weeks until it mysteriously changed colour in front of my eyes. Some kinda brain witch craft going on here!)

This dress however is definitely pink and black and I got it about 2 years ago on a TK MAXX rummage. You can honestly find the best things in there if you are willing to have a good search. Top tips: never go on an empty stomach, stay hydrated and don’t get distracted.

I coupled the dress with a primark fake tan and legs so cold they might drop off – perfect for this winter season, NOT! But it just doesn’t look as good with tights and who needs legs anyway.

I had planned to wear a cute pair of heels but my dodgy ankle had other ideas so primark flats it was #thatglamlife.

My long black jacket of dreams is a primark fave, again a few years old but a great jacket to wear with a shorter dress. The invite had said “formal wear” so this was the perfect alternative to a long/short dress dilemma.

Now for my faves …. the accessories.

Can we just take a second to fall in love with my mermaid bag! HOW PRETTY IS IT!!!! No it’s not supposed to be a clutch and yes the chain has broken and no you can’t really fit anything in it but WHO CARES?! I’m obsessed! £10 primark and they may still be knocking around so GO GO GO.

Mermaid choker was a great find at the Manchester Christmas markets, I got it from one of the Afflecks stools (If you’re mancunian you will understand if not never mind, try ebay!)

And last but by no means least the newest addition to my jewellery collection. This BEAUT Hamsa hand bracelet from Chlo Bo. I literally haven’t taken it off from the moment I got it! It’s part of the stackable range which means you can buy multiple ones to wear together. I don’t usually like dangly bracelets cause they annoy me when I type but this one is so dainty I barely notice it.

A little on the pricey side but it’s handmade and you’re therefore supporting a small business which is SO important and something I feel really passionate about. Deffo one to stick on your Christmas list and there’s a whole host of designs to chose from. Purchase my one here: Hamsa Hand Bracelet

What’s your fave part of the outfit? Do you have any of these items or similar??

Peace and Love xoxo

** please see disclaimer

Clothes Swap Party…

Ok firstly this is not some weird sexual thing, if you’re looking for a swingers party I’m afraid you’ve found the wrong blog!

Girls, the seasons are changing and with that comes a new opportunity to cleanse your surroundings and start again. By this I mean chuck all the old crap out your wardrobe to make room for more!

Luckily for me I had just had the urge to clean out my wardrobe when I got a text from my brothers girlfriend inviting me to her clothes swap party. Now if you’re not familiar with the concept you basically get a group of people together, bring clothes that you no longer want, shove them in a big pile and fight each other for the best fashion pieces!


Honestly, why are we not all doing this on a regular basis? It’s the perfect situation, you get rid of the stuff you don’t want and curb your shopping addict cravings by bringing home all the new clothes.

Let me set the scene for you…. get all your best gal pals together (helpful if you’re roughly the same size). Each bring a bag or 5 of clothes you no longer want; this can include shoes, bags, jewellery, ANYTHING! Create piles ie dresses, skirts, tops (for when you’re feeling civilized at the beginning.) Stick a girl power playlist on, grab a full length mirror, distribute the wine and stacks and delve in!!!!

It’s honestly the most fun and who doesn’t love new clothes??? I came away with so many bits I can wear for work as well as a superdry raincoat (I’ve been looking for a raincoat for SO long and this got me all levels of excited!) Some items even had the labels still intact.

We all have those pieces in our wardrobes that we bought with good intentions…. “I’ll slim into it” “I’ll find an occasion to wear it”, how about we stop kidding ourselves and swap it for your mates bangin’ dress that you actually will wear!

At the end of the night whatever’s left can either be given to charity or you can take it back.

What better way is there than to spend an evening half naked with your besties, drinking, eating and essentially shopping indoors!

I’ve obviously had my clear out for the foreseeable future but I will definitely be doing this again! And I urge you to give it a go too.

Let me know if you do and tag me in any clothes swap party pics!!!

Peace and love xoxo

*Please excuse the distinct lack of pictures! I have actually filmed a haul to go with this post but who knows when I’ll get my YouTube butt back into gear.

Intu lakeside AW16 fashion…

Guys it’s basically Autumn now, despite the heat wave the end of September has bought us it is now in fact raining (although I cannot deny I’m still bloody sweating) so let’s talk Autumn/Winter fashion!

Some of you may remember the post I did a while back on my personal stylist experience at Intu Lakeside – well the lovely Carlene (head stylist) and the guys at Voice Communications decided to set up a little blogger event to fully show case what the stylist lounge can offer as well as giving us some insight into the latest trends.

Going to a fashion event is always a bit nerve racking …. As if finding an outfit isn’t hard enough at the best of times! I had recently bought these beautiful thigh high boots from New Look and was yet to wear them so I basically planned my entire outfit around those!

Did I feel too dressed up – yes! Did I care? – hell no! (FYI the boots are not easy to drive in but surprisingly comfortable)

The personal stylist lounge itself had changed to a different location and a much better one at that! It was bigger, brighter and felt a lot more professional. You can now find it situated on Brompton Walk at Intu Lakeside.

The girls had laid out some snacks and drinks and us bloggers got stuck right in while waiting for everyone to arrive. (My post wedding diet is on point!)

So the main event – we were taken into the stylist room and given a couple of talks. Voice Comms and Intu Lakeside spoke about their new VIB (very important blogger scheme) which we are all super excited about (contact Megan here to get involved

Then Carlene spoke to us, giving a little background about herself (having been stylist to the stars and working with some big brands) and explaining about the top trends for this season.

Don’t worry pals, I wasn’t going to leave you out of the loop now was I!? Being a good friend and all I’ll give you a little insight into the hottest trends this season. (Although if you’ve been in any shops recently you could probs figure this out yourself!)


Velvet dreams – Love love love! While being told about this trend I gave myself a mental high five for wearing my velvet boots and choker, so on trend babes!


Purple reign – Although I’d say more burgendy/plum as that’s what I’ve seen most of out in stores. This is always a fab autumnal colour and fun fact… Apparently purple suits everyone – there’s a shade for every skin tone so yeah get some purple in your life!


Midnight sparkle – Always a fave! I’ve just bought my dress for a black tie event at work and it couldn’t be more sparkly if I tried so again another on trend tick for Laura! But seriously what is winter without sparkles???


Heritage -Now this is a trend I enjoy but also don’t know if I can pull off! I also think it’s difficult to get this right but when you do … Oh boy you look like you should be strutting the streets of Chelsea on the way to ride your pony! For me the trend really suits those tall, model thin, straight up and down girls! But who knows maybe I’ll get myself some jodpers and a Burberry coat.


Animal print – always making an appearance somewhere in the year! If you don’t own something animal print then are you really a girl? You must have something …. Even pants! Personally I have a massively too big fur coat in leopard print and a leopard print bag! (I also have zebra print pants) I definitely think this style can get a bit OTT but a few pops of print or a (faux) fur coat always goes down a treat! Unfortunately everyone must have got to this trend way before me cause primark sold out of the leopard print shoes I wanted! (Probably not helped by the fact zoella put them in her primark haul – cheers doll!) but I definitely plan to snap those up at some point! I also love the white shirt in Zara with the leopard print pocket! (Can you guess what my animal print of choice is?!)


Ok I think that’s it for the trends!

And if you’re planning a shopping trip let me just tell you that New Look is on point at the moment! I’m obsessed! I went three times the other week – I need help!


After the talks we were split into groups, there were 4 stations around the room and we got to spend time with each. My little group started off with Tony & Guy discussing hair dye, condition and whether or not to have the dreaded chop! If you book in a session with the personal stylist lounge and are thinking of changing up your entire look then the girls can organise a consultation for you with Tony & Guy for the same day! They’re aiming to be a one stop shop for all your styling needs.

Next was boobs…. Or you know bras. Your underwear is the foundation of your outfit, it can really make or break a look so getting it right is SO IMPORTANT! We were joined by a lovely lady from Victoria Secret who basically made me want to spend all my money in there as well as giving us a cheeky measuring.

Then to skincare – again if you’re looking for a make up look or skincare advice the girls at the lounge can hook you up! We were joined by kiehl’s and the lady explained a range of different products to us; what the are, what they do and who would benefit most from them.

They also tested our skin types by sticking this paper thing to our face, it was bizarre and as I had a face full of make up I’m not sure how accurate mine was but it’s definitely something you could try out if you arrive fresh faced!

If you haven’t heard of kiehl’s don’t be alarmed, neither had I and this is probably due to their unique marketing approach…they do not spend a penny on advertising and rely purely on word of mouth/reviews! So us bloggers are integral to their business… As are you! I was kindly gifted some goodies from the brand so I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on with those!

And last but not least Carlene…. She took us through what would normally be the beginning of an appointment. This is were you discuss your body shape and what sort of silhouettes and trends would suit you best. Carlene is great at this and really gets you to see the potential in your body no matter what shape or how confident you are!

We ended our day with a quirky catwalk show involving a lot of contemporary dancing and of course the AW16 trends (take a look at my vlog – coming soon- to see the models in action.)

So there we have it! A lovely afternoon mingling with some fashion frenzied bloggers, learning the new trends for this season and eating all the Percy pigs LOL don’t tell anyone!

If you’re interested in setting up a personal stylist session you can find all the details here:

*style me*

The sessions are totally free and something I would 100% recommend! Whether your looking for a staple item, occasion wear or a whole new wardrobe these girls can sort you out!

What’s your favourite trend this season???

Peace and Love xoxo

Majestic maxi’s

Yep, I 100% googled “adjective’s beginning with an m” to find a title for this post and I’m not sure if it even makes sense but who cares ’cause alliteration is always fun!

So if you live in England you’ll probably have noticed that our weather has issues. Mother Nature is a little bipolar this year and maybe she should consider some counselling or something?!

Not only is this just plain annoying it’s also a massive inconvenience when deciding what to wear, you need to be prepared for every possible weather condition and let me tell you, that aint easy!

Cue the humble maxi dress… now while this is not totally practical in all weathers, its kind of summery but also covers enough of you so that if it rains you don’t get hypothermia. It can be coupled with a jacket or worn alone and is basically a dress for all seasons. For this reason I have picked my top 3 maxi dresses from my collection (of about 5) to give you a little inspiration this bipolar summer…

1.Colourful maxi from New Look.

Now you probably won’t get this in stores anymore so soz about that cause I deffo got this about 5 years ago. I literally love this dress though! I do kind of feel like you need an occasion to wear it but in reality there is nothing stopping you from rockin’ this for the pure colourful, magical hell of it!

I’m not going to lie to you, this is a little heavy, and by that I mean thick! But in the current climate that is so perfect, you get to look like a summer fairy but you’re not bothered by a little breeze.

2.The black fringed babe from JD Williams

This is a new little number to my collection and I am loving this fringe detail! Think Pocahontas turned summer goth and this is what you get! I can see myself sitting outside a bar in the sun, white wine spritzer and ice in hand, swinging my fringe like I just don’t care.

I would say this is not a dress to go adventuring in as the bottom doesn’t have much give but you can totally dress this down for a lunch time meet or add some sassy heels and a killer necklace for date night!

Not only this but the fringe is super good at hiding a sneaky food baby!

Shop this dress here: Fringed Jersey Maxi Dress

3.The green temptress that makes you feel like Angelina Jolie that time her leg poked out her dress, from New Look.

And I’ve saved the best till last. Another new dress added to my collection and I cannot stop wearing it! I wore it to brunch after my hen weekend and to afternoon tea for my mums birthday. Again it can be dressed up or down and the slits up the side not only make it breezy as hell (essential for a sweaty betty like myself) but also make your feel all levels of sass!

Let’s not forget that Khaki is SO IN right now so I’m basically one of the cool kids when I wear this… right?!?!?!

Shop this dress here: Khaki Tie Waist Strappy Maxi Dress

How are you guys feeling about maxi’s this year? Are they a staple in your collection or are you more of a mini/midi girl?

Make sure to tag me in your insta pics should you snap any of these babies up!

Peace and Love xoxo

** Please see disclaimer

Photo credit: @peppercorn_pot (instagram)

Intu Lakeside Experience

How many of you knew that you could get a free personal stylist appointment at intu lakeside? I didn’t! And when I did find out I thought that it was a relatively new concept… oh no friends, this has been around for 9+ years. I am shocked!

Anyhooo the PR babes for Intu Lakeside hit me up recently and asked if I would like to have a go at one of these session. Of course I said yes!

I’ve actually had a personal stylist session yeeeeaaaars ago… I’m talking like under 18 cause I couldn’t drink the free champagne (gutted). It was one of those red letter days for Topshop in Kensington and was a birthday present from my dad. Having enjoyed this experience immensely I knew that the intu lakeside version would be right up my street.

It’s a common misconception that girls like to shop in a group! I absolutely love shopping alone, If I go with other people it literally fills me with stress so I think a personal stylist session is perfect. You’re basically shopping alone but you have someone with you who is an expert in making you look fab – what’s not to love!

Now being the bloody brilliant blogger that I am I basically took like no pics *face palm* but I was so engrossed in the experience and was actually having a great time – soz I’m totes selfish!

I did however get a couple of snaps of the customer lounge. Now this is a pretty new concept and one I ADORE! It’s a little space in the middle of intu lakeside where you can just be! You can chill, take the weight off, put those bags down. You can even charge your phone. Not only is this a great pit stop area, it’s also the perfect place to leave your other half (cause let’s face it, he doesn’t really want to be there.) He can chill out and watch your bags while you take his card and get your shop on! (They even play sports when the big games are on.)



After chilling in this little area for a while (cause I was early as ever!) Carlene, my personal stylist for the day, came to get me. I was ushered into a separate room and made myself comfy on the plush sofa. I instantly liked Carlene, she was down to earth and clearly passionate about what she does. She started by telling me a little bit about what they offer, there are a number of different services, all of which are free and can be tailored to suit what you need.

Carlene was totally happy for me to run the session how I would like but I am no decision maker and basically like other people to be in charge, thank god she was happy with this too!

We started off by discussing what I was looking for, now I know I should have picked something truly exciting for my blog BUT the truth of the matter was, I need the perfect pair of black work trousers! Carlene agreed that this is such a difficult find and is deffo a session in itself.

The great thing about having a stylist session in intu lakeside is that you have the choice of soooo many shops and your stylist knows the best ones for you so you don’t wander aimlessly in a fit of panic. I was surprised to say that my favourite shop was M&S… I know right! Usually associated with “the older ladies” it is not something I would approach myself but they have some bang on trend sections at the moment that I would highly recommend! I ended up finding the perfect pair of trousers (but unfortunately were not in my size) AND the most beautiful green babes that I totally need in my life asap (also not in my size WHY GOD WHY!)

Here is the lovely Carlene herself in the trousers!

The session was so easy and I felt totally comfortable the entire time! Whilst browsing we started to discuss the importance of a good foundation – in other words, underwear! Once you get this right your clothes will look so much better. Carlene explained how a lot of women are wearing the wrong size bra and have no idea – she offered me a fitting and of course I accepted.

Carlene was absolutely correct, after being measured by M&S (twice) I have been wearing a 34C pretty much forever but your girl is not a 34C at all she is in fact a 32 D/DD! I was more than a little surprised at this revelation (and also slightly impressed.) She explained that it is best to get fitted in a department store that stocks more than one brand, such as House of Fraiser, as you are more likely to get the best results. No measuring tapes were present at this fitting, just trial and error and a good eye!

I couldn’t have been happier with how the day had gone and although I did not purchase anything I am about to email and book my mum in! She has all the stress over what to wear for my wedding and I think this is the perfect solution which I know she will enjoy.

If you would like to book in you can get in contact with Carlene on the following details: 

 Alternatively, call 01708 869 933 and use option 2 and then 3. 

You might also be interested to know that Intu Lakeside are hosting what is set to be a fab fashion event starting this Friday (11th March) see further details here : The Intu Style Garden.

Has anyone had a personal stylist session before or is it something you have been thinking about? Let me know! I would love to hear what your experiences have been.

Peace and Love xoxo

***Please see Disclaimer

An extended Friday faves – 12th January 

Ok so I missed the last two Friday faves (soz guys!) life takes over sometimes and it’s got me thinking that maybe I should do it monthly instead – Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

So as a kind of  apology this weeks Friday faves are a slightly extended version!

New Look Sunglasses

I am loving these bad boys and yesterday I actually got a chance to wear them as Mr Sun had his hat well and truly on! I originally saw these in the Chelmsford New Look, decided not to buy them then couldn’t stop thinking about them (isn’t that always the way!) So on my lunch break I headed down Fenchurch street and snapped them up! Totally glad I did.


Cosmetic Warrior face mask – Lush

I’ve had this mask ever since I went to the Lush event in Chelmsford and I absolutely love it. Being garlic based I was a little sceptical but it really does work wonders, my face feels fresh and soft after use. Also as garlic is anti bacterial it helps fight those pesky breakouts! I try to use it at least once a week.


Mac and Cheese

Bit of a strange one! I’m sure most of you know by now that I eat ALOT of pasta and cheese but lately I seem to be on some sort of mac and cheese hype – I just cant stop eating it!! It’s so bloody delicious and like a hug from the inside, perfect on these cold wintery days. Comfort food at it’s finest my friends!

My mum sent me a picture of a mac and cheese she made the other day and I was almost angry! How dare she make that when I’m not there! (She also told me of her new secret ingredient… smashed up crisps on top for that extra crunch! shhh don’t tell anyone.)


New Hair

FINALLY got my roots done and had it all toned… I feel like a whole new woman! The colour is exactly what I wanted and I feel all sassy and kind of like a hip old lady haha Thank you Brooke for your mega skills.


Elsa Dress

So my friend is having a fancy dress party for her birthday on the 27th and with new hair in tow what better costume to buy than ELSA FROM FROZEN!! I got this little gem from Amazon and OMG I am so excited to transform into the ice queen. (The dress is mega see through and gets glitter everywhere but I’m Elsa for Christ sake! Who gives a flying fish!)


Hannah Gale jumper

I’m sure you’ve all seen my blogger jumper from the original HG collection which is a comfy slice of jumper heaven! So when Hannah announced there would be new designs I jumped at the chance to buy myself a cheeky early birthday present.

This cats carbs and cuddles one literally describes my life. I wear it all the time!! And it’s just as comfy as the other one ❤

Keep an eye out for my Birthday wish list as this will definitely feature another HG treat.


Barry M nail varnish

Ok so I’ve wanted to buy this wintery nail colour for a while now and decided to treat myself just before Amsterdam cause a girl gotta have those nails of fleek for insta pics. This colour makes me feel super sophisticated and grown up – weird how a nail varnish can change your perspective (and down right lie to your brain.) This speedy quick dry is a God send for an impatient little bean like myself who is prone to smudging.

Time with my wifey

As my pal Millie lives in Manchester I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like to, which sucks! When she comes home she obviously has other commitments and people to see so going away for the weekend together was so great! It means we got to have a proper catch up and spend some well deserved girl time strolling the streets of Amsterdam. Although it was short lived I really appreciated being able to spend the weekend with this babe!


Visiting new places

And on the same note, the ability to hop on a 45 minute flight and spend a couple of days exploring a whole new city is like pure bliss to me! I love seeing new places, learning new things and observing different cultures. More to come on Amsterdam in a separate post but (spoiler alert) I highly recommend!


New filing cabinet

I have been looking to get a filing cabinet for SO LONG now. It may sounds like a strange thing to desire, especially as I don’t have an office at home but being an organisational freak and having no space to separate you paperwork into headed sections can lead to multiple meltdowns (trust me). MUM TO THE RESCUE and this little beauty has saved my soul! Not only do I no longer have paper work flying everywhere, I now have more space to put pretty things… win win!


Finding lost things

When going through the mountain of paper work (I had to figure out what was making it into the new filing system and what was “girl bye” into the bin) I stumbled across my lost wedding plans!!! I had misplaced these little buggers months ago, they seemed to have just vanished off the face of the earth and I did not have the strength to re do them. (Until recently when I re did everything and then oh look here’s the old ones!)


Bridesmaid dress stress is over!

On the whole wedding theme I am happy to announce that all three bridesmaids now have dresses, after a worrying time where I thought one may have to come naked or you know by chopped out the show! THANKFULLY all will be kitted out in a bloody bargain babe from none other than ASOS! seriously brides to be – ASOS is your friend.


Have a great weekend and happy anti-valentines ❤

Peace and love xoxo

Friday favourites || January 22nd 

1. Primark Jumper

I am totally in love with this jumper, it’s so similar to my giant blanket scarf (featured here) and crazy comfy. The best thing of all…. it was just £5 in the Primark sale. Who doesn’t love a bargain?!


2.Finch and the Fallow

This adorable little etsy store does the best cards! I’m so glad I stumbled across them. (through someone else’s blog that I can’t remember eek!! So bad at that.) Say goodbye to generic boring happy birthdays and hello to unicorns and fun!

I cannot yet feature the cards I bought as I’ve been super organised and pre-purchased for birthdays…. this means you gotta wait till June to see the last one LOLZ the suspense must be killing you.

Obviously in the mean time you can pop on over to their store (here) and look for yourself.


3.Essex Life Magazine.

Hey guys…. I’m featured in a magazine!

Thanks to the lovely Penny (blog here) who writes the Essex online column for the magazine, I have a lovely little write up. My mum wanted to buy them all till she realised they were £3.99 a pop hahaha soz mother dear! Her actual words were “why couldn’t you be featured in the Sun it’s only 40p” to which I replied that I was sorry and I’d never realised she wanted me to be a page 3 model. (I’ll stick to the writing thing I think!)

I’m on page 19 of the February edition if you want to go take a cheeky peek.


4.Kale-0s tomato and basil pizza.

Yeah so I found kale that tastes like pizza. Kale. That tastes like pizza. PIZZA FLAVOURED KALE!!! I was so excited I immediately snapped up two boxes.

Let me re-wind… I spent my Wednesday at the London Health Show and it was great! Truly inspired me to take a more healthy route and reminded me how a lot of illness and issues can be prevented with a few lifestyle changes. (Let’s also pretend that I’m not currently eating some love hearts I just found in my bag from Christmas, I’m purely removing temptation!)

I HIGHLY recommend these crispy kale babes! I know you probably don’t believe me but TRUST ME! I mean obviously they’re not the same as a gooey, doughy dominos but come on it’s kale! You can get one of those slogan jumpers like “licensed to kale” and your not even being ironic cause you totally eat it now.

They’re currently rebranding so buy yours quick for super cheap prices… and if you want to buy me a box as a thanks that’s cool too haha (I’m considering purchasing ALL the stock) (buy here)


5.Nights in.

Totally turning 25 this year and I think I’ve suddenly hit the adult world with a BANG! I am less and less interested in going out, getting wasted and spending all my money.

Judging by Saturday night, I am more interested in staying in…. getting wasted and barely spending any money. (I’m not quite boring and sober yet gals don’t you worry.)

I love pre drinks! Like they are literally my favourite part of any night out (even if I’m getting ready on my own – I know right how sad am I). I just really enjoy getting dressed up, having a drink and taking selfies.

So why don’t we make pre-drinks, drinks? Cut out the pre… this is it, the main event! You can keep your slippers on (no sore feet), you can still get dressed up (so you feel sassy), you take ALL the selfies (so your outfit and make up aren’t a complete waste), you get crunk (except its WAY cheaper), you don’t have to go in the cold, hang out with people you don’t like or find a way to get home… you’re already there.

I AM SO ON BOARD – who’s with me?

Cute dresses, fluffy slippers and prosecco! Night’s in are the way forward.


Peace and Love xoxo

Friday Favourites || January 8th

Okay so Friday Favourites is something I really want to stick to this year! They won’t always be products; they may be people, blogs, films, music… basically anything I’ve been loving that week.

So here it goes, the first (and hopefully not the last) Friday faves of 2016:

1.A Fresh Start

I must be the only person who actually loves January?! I love a clean slate and a fresh start and this is exactly what January is for me; a chance to wash away the troubles of past years and try again!


2.The Tangle Teezer

I know, I know! I am WAY behind on this one. I cannot believe I’ve waited so long to get one of these babies, especially given the frizzy, knotty, curly mess I call my hair! This little pink dream is like magic, getting all those tangles out with ease and minimal pain (if any). I used to get headaches brushing my hair, but this my friends is now a thing of the past! And for a gal partial to the ‘ole backcombing this couldn’t be more perfect.


3.Collection eyebrow kit

I’ve always been a pencil girl myself but have been considering switching to a powder product for a while now. I just find that it gives a more natural look that you can build on, depending on your plans. I recently tried the urban decay palette in House of Frasier but was put off by the price tag. I think collection has definitely offered a drug store winner and at a price that’s way more affordable.


4.Oversized scarf – ASOS

Guys I am officially in love! I have so many scarves but none compare to this beaut! It’s essentially a big blanket that I can carry everywhere, snuggle up in at my desk and nobody will judge me cause; Erm Hello! Its just a scarf don’t you know???! It’s also super soft and comfy and warm and looks bloody good too right!?


5.Fitness Bunnies Unite

As I mentioned in my previous post I am currently part of a whatsapp group of bloggers who are sharing hints and tips on how to stay / get fit and healthy. It’s also a sort of support group to keep us all motivated. What’s not to like? Sassy blogging babes keeping each other on the road to a healthier life! 

What have you guys been loving this week? Let me know in the comments!

Peace and love xoxo

Festive favourites tag…


1.Favourite Christmas smell / scent ?
ALL THE FOOD! Christmas dinner smouldering away in the oven cannot be beaten but I am also loving my mulled wine candle from Home Bargains!

2. Gingerbread or Candy canes?
Candy canes for sure! Particularly the minty type mmmm. I’m not a fan of Gingerbread at all.

3. Is your tree real or fake?
Fake, purely to save on costs but I would love one year to get a real tree. I think it would be a super cute experience going to pick one out and bringing it home!

4. Quality street or Roses?
Quality streets, although I’m not too fussy haha I’m a country fudge kinda gal!

5. Do you dress up or down on December 25th?
I like to dress up but not OTT. I REALLY want to wear the tulle skirt I wore to my engagement party (see here) but I don’t know if it’s too much!! (help me out guys!)Read More »