The Strand – Chelmsford 

In keeping with the whole self care thing I’ve got going on at the moment I decided to go get my hurr did! Usually I leave it approximately 6 months between dye jobs but I wasn’t feeling my hair, it had gone brassier than usual and was so dry… it needed some love.

For the past 5 or so years I have favoured having my hair done at home, partly for ease but let’s get real, it was mainly to save some pennies. In that time I had forgotten just how amazing going to a salon could make you feel!
True I did get some discounts so the price didn’t sting me quite as much but the whole experience just beats getting your hair done at home. Of course we don’t always have this Luxury but once and a while I think we deserve a trip to the salon!

When you’re at home you can see the mess you need to clear up, you’re thinking about the dinner that needs to be cooked, you may even be doing odd jobs while waiting for your hair to develop. BUT if you head to the salon you leave your woes behind, you get to take some real me time and everyone knows hairdressers are basically therapists with hair skills so there’s that too.

 On Thursday last week I had booked a half day from work. I left the office around 12.30 and headed into the bright British sunshine (yep it was one of those rare days where it’s 20degrees in march and you’re wondering whether your legs are in a state worthy of ripping your tights off – mine were not). I had booked this time off to get pampered, I mean who am I? Who books a half day to go to the hairdressers? Well you should cause it was bloomin delightful! Way less stressful than going on a busy weekend too.

I headed to the strand in Chelmsford for my treatments. The girls in there are SO lovely, from start to finish I really felt looked after. I’d gone in a few days earlier for a patch test and consultation and left feeling really positive. On this particular day I was looked after by Danielle, I was taken upstairs to the colour studio where my bleach was applied. I had a great chat with Danielle and she made me feel really comfortable, I think this is so important cause not only are you trusting these people with your hair, if your like me and have tones of it you will also be spending a fair few hours with them so it’s critical you get along. Luckily this was not an issue as Danielle was a complete babe. Whilst my bleach was developing I was given a glass of wine, some mini cheddars and a few mags to read (all included in the price). This certainly doesn’t happen when you get your hair done at home but would be a great touch, note to mobile stylists/beauty therapists…. bring wine and snacks! 😉 I should also note here that my scalp is a bit hit and miss with bleach, it can be unbearably itchy and it’s previously scabbed but I didn’t have any problems with this bleach – if you don’t get your hair bleached you just won’t understand the pure delight at finding one that doesn’t make you want to rip your head off!

Once my bleach was ready it was back downstairs to the sinks. Getting your hair washed by a hairdresser has to be up there with one of the best things in the world right? 1. You don’t have to wash your hair now and 2. That head massage though! Also totally beats having your hair washed over the bath! I believe I also had a treatment put on here but I’m not 100% sure (either way my hair felt bloody fantastic at the end) then for the toner, this was all done at the sink, washed off and to the chair we went.

Originally I had decided to have quite a big chop, I’d had the tiniest of trims in July last year and prior to that god knows when it was cut last so I felt like my hair needed it. But I couldn’t do it! Firstly I don’t think I could pull off the shorter hair my toned 15 year old frame could and secondly long blonde summary flower crown hair is a bit of me! I’ll deal with the sweat fest and the festival braids just won’t be as good with short hair… have I convinced you enough?! I sure convinced myself 🙂 

I absolutely loved the cut, my hair looks so much fresher without having too much off! I also really liked the colour but had a feeling the roots where a bit off, I put it down to the lighting in the salon and headed home with a big ole smile on my face!

Although the next day i still felt like my roots weren’t quite right, I mean it wasn’t totally obvious to someone who wasn’t me but I could see it so I messaged the salon for advice. They booked me straight back in for the next Tuesday and the lovely jade put an extra helping of toner on my roots. Basically the toner wasn’t left on quite long enough but now it’s great! I mean there are still parts of my hair that are slightly different colours but I reckon this will only get rectified by a full re-bleach which could jeopardise the quality of my hair. I’m also really impressed with how the whole thing was handled by The Strand AND I got to have 2 trips to the salon and an extra hair wash so it’s not all bad… in fact it saved me a job!

Now I have lovely fresh new hair and a really hard decision to make when it comes to getting it done next time, can I splash out on the better experience?! Lets hope so!

Peace and love xoxo

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Brows on fleek…

Do you ever just stumble across a product and wonder how you lived your life without it? That’s how I feel about MAC’s Accentuated brow crayon!

I’ve never felt so brow sassy and I’ve had tonnes of great comments. (Isn’t it fab that we live in a world where people compliment each other on their eyebrows, who’d have thunk it eh!?)

Its so easy to apply, super creamy and blendable – basically anything you could ever want from a brow pencil. To get those brows on the go you twist the top and the crayon pop’s up or if you’re like me, try to twist it the wrong way for about 10 mins and get close to breaking down about it.


I like to outline the shape I want then fill that in. You can get a more natural look by doing short brush strokes or go for that full scouse brow.

Basically it’s dreamy AF and I couldn’t not share it with you!

Whats your go to brow product? Have you given this crayon a go? If so hit me up with your thoughts!

Peace and love xoxo

N.B. Ok so I still absolutely love this product but I’ve had to stop buying it because it runs out SO QUICKLY!!! This may be one to keep in the drawer for a special occasion 😦 I used the NYX alternative which really doesn’t go on as nice but does last a lot longer and I’m currently using the collection powder kit because it was in my drawer and I have nothing else at the moment. So sad this product runs out so damn quick cause I really like it BOO!

#BigBloggerExpo – Hair & Beauty

If you’ve followed my #bigbloggerexpo series you will see that I spoke about the event and got all the food feels but now it’s time to talk hair and beauty!

Being a blogger and going to events like this you get inundated with samples and it can be difficult to get round to trialing them all, especially if you have a full time job too, so here is a few of the items that I have tried so far and what I thought of them…


I got 3 different products to try from Heaven and spoiler alert they’re all fab!!

Foam Wash

I think I used this foam wash up in like 2 weeks, it was amazing how it literally cut through my make up and coupled with some hot water and a flannel it works bloody wonders! Honestly I was shocked by how good it was and it’s definitely something I want to re-purchase.


I tend to have quite dry skin, suffering from acne I am often left with crusty face syndrome (No you’re the fairest of them all.) I don’t think I’ve ever had a product this moisturising! I used it in the evenings after taking all my make up off and my skin is still hydrated in the morning! My skin is noticeable less dry in general and this is also helped by the next product.

Tinted Moisturiser

I got this in the shade English Rose and have been using it as a primer before doing my make up in the morning. While the “tint” doesn’t seem to do much for my skin the moisture provided is insane. Way less crusty and I’m sure we can all agree that’s a good thing right!?

(Unfortunately I can’t find a link for this one!)

Dr Paw Paw

I was lucky enough to get all 3 Dr Paw Paw balms in my goody bag which I heard not everyone did. I tried the yellow multipurpose as a primer for a while but found that it made my skin a bit greasy and my make up wouldn’t stay on it very well. It did however cure an itchy little bite I had and I reapplied for about 3 days until it disappeared. All 3 are also super hydrating for the lips and I think the peach colour is my fave! The tints are perfect for a subtle lip when you want something a bit more than your natural pout.

Eco Tools – hair brush.

I NEVER brush my hair when its wet, like never! Why? Because my hair gets all elasticated and starts springing all over the place. This brush however, allows me to brush my untamed wet hair without making me cringe! The soft bristles are kind to the locks and also fab for smoothing that top layer after a hefty back comb session. Not sure if it would be my every day brush cause a) I don’t brush my hair everyday and b) when I do, I need something tough and industrial to get through the nest.

Natural World  – coconut water hair oil

I have literally just run out of this and couldn’t be more gutted! I’d been applying to wet hair after washing and before drying. It made it feel so soft and glossy which is vital for a bleach blonde babe like myself.

Living proof

I actually got 2 products from them but have only trialed one so far. The dry shampoo. Now I am an avid dry shampoo user in that I use it every day! I use it to hide grease, I use it to cover roots which I haven’t dyed it for a while, I use it for volume and for texture. Dry shampoo is like a gift sent from god EXCEPT my scalp absolutely hates it!!! I usually use batiste and I’ve been known to get up in the middle of the night and wash my hair cause I cannot take the itch anymore! It just doesn’t agree with me. So I was interested to try living proof as I’ve been told that it isn’t your average dry shampoo, the components its made with actually work to start cleaning your hair rather than sitting on top of the grease and adding yet more dirt to your poor head. For this reason, used properly you should only need to use once. Not only was it number 1 in cosmo’s top5 dry shampoo’s, it’s also fronted by Jennifer Aniston who is an investor in the company – If Jen An’s in them so am I!

After trying the dry shampoo I found that it was so much better for my scalp than the cheaper versions. I still got a bit itchy towards the end of the week but I think that’s more down to the fact that I wash my hair once a week and it hates me by the last day. The itch was nowhere near as bad and lead me to re-purchase the product after the tester ran out. At £22 a bottle I’d say that’s a testament to my thoughts on it.

Shop Two Three – sunglasses

Ok this isn’t hair or beauty but I needed to fit it in somewhere. The lovely ladies at shoptwothree gave us bloggers a discount code to their website. I was in the market for some new sunnies after the disaster my last pair had with a dorset rock at the bottom of my bag (dont ask). I remembered seeing the amazing array of stylish sunglasses the girls had on their stool and went to check them out. I found my latest babes almost immediately and knew they were for me – sold out of the rose gold and unable to be a total basic bitch I opted for black and gold. I have had SO many compliments on these since purchasing with people asking where they were from. They are now safely stored in a massive hard lipsy case to prevent breakage and I’m silently praying for some autumn winter sun so I can rock them with a chunky knit jumper and a big ole scarf!

And that’s everything! If you have or you end up trying any of these products, I’d love to know your thoughts 🙂

Peace and Love xoxo

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Saturated Colour event…

So a couple of weeks ago now (OMG literally cannot believe it’s been that long!) I was lucky enough to be invited to the saturated colour blogger event in Essex.


Now I’m not going to lie to you sassy sisters, I had never heard of this company before but it sounded like fun and the girl sending the emails was lovely! (Doesn’t take much to get me out LOLZ)

The location was absolutely beautiful! A little barn tucked away in picturesque stock, we all swooned over the absolutely babeing insta back drop they have available to them on the regs! Kinda gutted I didn’t take full advantage of this but I was having too much fun so my pics aren’t the best, soz guys!   We were left to mingle for the first part, helping ourselves to the fruity fizz, sausage rolls and sweets – or was that just me?? I hadn’t had breakfast, don’t judge me!

We then had an introduction from the three lovely ladies who organised the event. Danielle, the creator, told us about the company and how it started… A family run business originally marketing the NYX collections who decided to create their own! Hannah then told us about the products, and let me tell you there’s some seriously innovative creativity going on in this company, I was beyond impressed. Lastly, we were told how the day would be structured by Rebecca.


So let’s start with the products…

There’s the more normal side of the range which includes their double ended lip brush and the highly pigmented lip sticks and lip vinyls. The lip vinyls are basically like a gloss but without the annoying stickyness, avoiding that wind hair situation we all know and loathe. Then there’s the more creative little gems.


First up the make me matte – everyone is OBSESSED with the kylie Jenner inspired matte lip at the moment and if you don’t have the bank balance (or the patience) to get your hands on a Kylie lip kit you can easily grab one of these babies. Applied on top of your favourite lipsticks they will turn matte! What the actual F! Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to try this but it’s definitely a future purchase on my list!!!


Another clever product is colour switch… Applied before your lipstick it can change the tone and create a lighter colour. The perfect way to change up your collection without spending a fortune on new lippys!

Next up the multitasker pencil, a must have for those who like to get creative with their make up- it not only serves as a lip liner but also an eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, face doodler, whatever the hell you want … Go crazy! Your body is your oyster.

The last product I want to talk about is the lip scrub. I was lucky enough to get this in my blogger bundle and OH LORD I am loving it!!! I’ve been using it every night and for someone who suffers with super crusty lips (I know right I’m so sexy it hurts) I’ve seen a massive difference! I’ve also been following the instructions very carefully, in particular the “lick off the excess yummy sugar!” – you don’t have to tell me twice.


Oh and best of all they are all cruelty free! Some products are even vegan.

So aside from checking out all the products and stuffing my face with sausage rolls, we also had a competition. We were split into three groups, given a bundle of lip goodies and given 10 mins to create some lip art. Unfortunately I didn’t win and the pressure of the competition made me sweat profusely but it was a fun idea and it was good to interact with the products.

It was clear to see during the event that all three girls were passionate about what they do, in particular Danielle who created the products. I spoke to her for a while and it was good to see how hands on she is in the process and how willing she is to work with bloggers to get the products out there cause the range is clearly on point! We just need to spread the word!! Rebecca personally went through everyone’s blogs and instagrams to ensure that each blogger had some tester products that suited them personally – I’ve literally never known a company to be so considerate and concise with their approach!


If you happen to live in stock definitely get your bums to their little barn, there’s 3 for 2 on all products in store only! But if you can’t get there, you can always purchase from the website. Here’s all the details you need to know:

Saturated colour cosmetics

The tythe barn

Church green

High street

Stock, Essex 

Cm4 9bu

@saturated_colour – insta

@sc_cosmetics_uk – Twitter 

Let me know if you try any of their stuff! Especially the make me matte I really want to see how this works.

“Colour is our passion, make it yours” 

Peace and love xoxo

Wedding update: the trials 

So I really wanted to do a wedding series on here given that I’m getting married this year but it’s difficult cause I don’t want to give anything away to those who will be attending! This means I can’t include any pictures and I don’t know how I feel about that.

However, in spite of this I really want to share my journey with you as its happening, so I’m going to give it a go!

A couple of weeks ago now I had one of THE best days ever! I’d booked the day off work and arranged for me and two of my bridesmaids to trial our hair and make up followed by  trying on our dresses so we could see what it’ll look like on the day! (Unfortunately one of my bridesmaids lives in Manchester so was unable to attend which sucked so much but we sent her pics and kept her updated throughout the day so she didn’t miss out on too much.)

My maid of honour stayed the night before and I woke her up bright and early Wednesday morning (by jumping on her cause how else do you wake people up when your excited?!) I showered and tanned and resisted the urge to put make up on (this was tough!)

Gemma, the hairdresser, arrived at 9.30 and I was up first, we’d already spoke about what I wanted and I’d sent a few pics so I left her to it (she’s the professional after all!) and oh boy I was not disappointed! I absolutely LOVED my hair, so different to what I expected but also totally perfect, basically – I’m a real life elsa 🙂 She then started on my friend Jenna (meanwhile mum and sister had arrived with copious amounts of naughty treats which I stuffed in my face, putting to the back of my mind the fact I had a dress to fit into later that day!) Jenna’s hair was also fab, very Audrey Hepburn and really suited her. My sister was up last and although I think she looked amazing she wasn’t comfortable with having her hair up so we have since opted out of having her hair done professionally. Some people might have had a hissy fit about such things, wanting everyone to be similar etc but what I want to achieve from my wedding day is that everyone is comfortable, relaxed and has fun! I do not want my sister standing in front of 130 people wanting the ground to swallow her up cause she feels wrong – so hair down it is!


Next up was make up! I was super excited for the make up artist to turn up, like a kid on a sugar rush, I was desperate to put some slap on! (Obviously I’ve mentioned before about my acne and how conscious I am, I never feel comfortable in front of people I don’t know with a bare face) so naturally I went first. Oh and of course we popped the champagne at this point, it would have been rude not to 😉 Jamie used mainly MAC which was great as this is what I use; I therefore know that my skin won’t react badly to it. She was also using an airbrush machine which is bloody magical! Not only does it feel great going on and super light once it’s done it’s also cry proof (winner!) sweat proof, heat proof… Basically life proof so that’s perfect! Another great thing about airbrush is that you can layer it up as much as you need to, so depending on how my skin is on the day I know I’ll have a decent coverage.

Whilst we were having our make up done, my mum was so impressed she spontaneously decided to book herself in for the wedding day too! I absolutely love that this is happening because it means she gets some pampering too (she deffo deserves it).

Both girls looked absolutely stunning!!!! I was so so happy with how it came out (and they loved it to) it was the first time my sister had ever worn lashes (only being 13) and holy moly you forget what a difference it makes to a persons face!


So all dolled up we had a quick snack (or you know two pizzas) then headed off to amorae in ongar to meet up with my dress for the first time since I bought it in May last year! I’d also brought along my bridesmaid dresses, which are from ASOS, so we could see the finished picture all together. OH MY GOD I could have cried! Everything looked absolutely perfect 🙂 (well except for the fact that my dress had magically got a lot tighter since last time I tried it on… Oops! But don’t worry I’m working on that)

After the dresses me and Jenna went to the Kings Head for some food and celebratory drinks, we talked weddings, we cried, we laughed and we gushed about how much we love eachother over text on the way home (someone pass me a bucket).


But seriously, even the trial day felt special and it made me so so excited for the real thing. I keep imagining us all in the cottage getting ready in the morning and it fills my soppy little heart with joy! I’m so thankful to be sharing my day with such amazing people in my life – I honestly couldn’t wish for anything more.

If you are considering having trials yourself I would totally recommend doing it all in one day! It might sound a little hectic but it’s great to see everything together before hand to make sure it’s what you really want.

My last but not least bridesmaid Millie will be having her trials, along with my mum, at the end of May so I get to have that feeling all over again 🙂 literally can’t wait!

I’d love to hear stories about your trial day ladies!! Let me know in the comments 🙂

Peace and love xoxo

Lee Stafford – Blogger event 

I recently got invited to an event at the Lee Stafford Academy in Chelmsford by the lovely Emma! I couldn’t have been more on board with this, given that the venue is literally down the road from me. It just so happened that my birthday had been on the Monday and I had attended the WORST salon I have ever experienced!! (more to come on this in a separate post) but this just made me even more excited for the blogger event.

The academy kindly agreed to host a bunch of local bloggers on a Thursday evening, offering different treatments in order to show case what was available at the salon.

There were four treatment choices:


hair styling


back massage

I originally opted for hair styling and a massage however, being super lazy and gross, I couldn’t be bothered to wash my hair! And considering the manicure I’d received on the Monday was so awful I changed my hair styling to a manicure.


My friend Liv and I arrived together and somehow managed to miss the initial tour! (oops). Instead, I grabbed a glass of vino and headed to the front row, eagerly awaiting the opening speech from Mr Lee Stafford himself.

I hadn’t really seen much from Lee before and he was surprisingly captivating! He told us his back story of how he got into hairdressing, spending years working out of his mothers kitchen. He told us about all the courses he had attended, the lack of uniformity in their teachings and how this lead him to start his own academy’s where he strives to teach one fool proof method to his students. You could tell instantly how passionate he was, and the fact that he meets with his students in person says a lot! We also learned that he had just become a father to a beautiful baby girl who he had left for the evening to come meet us so hats off to you Mr Stafford and thank you for taking time out for us bloggers 🙂 (of course I couldn’t resist asking to see a picture and I can confirm that she is indeed a little cutie!)

Once the opening speech was over and we had got a group pic for the local newspaper (another one for my mums collection!) we were split into groups and taken for our treatments.

First up for me was a manicure! You could tell the beauticians were nervous as they were a bit shaky and extremely silent… I cannot stand awkward silences and ended up chatting jibberish for the duration! Soz to all in that room haha.

My manicure was okay, not the best thing in the world but these girls are still in training and it was a damn sight better than the one I’d actually paid for on the Monday!!!

Next up was the massage, the thing I was most looking forward to. I was taken to a room which was filled with soft relaxing music. My beauty therapist took me into a curtained off section and began to ask me some general questions. Once this was over I stripped off and laid face down, ready to relax. The massage lasted about 30 minutes and was pure bliss! If I could criticize anything, the pressure could have been slightly harder but aside from that there were no complaints from me!

After the massage was over, I got redressed and my beautician came and spoke to me about after care, I was asked to fill out a feedback form and I was given two little testers to take home. Unfortunately I cannot remember the girls name (blogger award to me haha) but she was great, a really lovely down to earth girl who put me completely at ease.

So that was it! I suddenly felt very sleepy.

We were given an extremely generous goody bag as we left and we all parted ways.


If you’re looking for a cheap treatment which will help these girls to train and pass their qualifications, definitely check this place out! It’s right by Chelmsford station and I am definitely considering an after work massage in the future!

Peace and Love xoxo

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Sheer cover review 

If you follow my blog or social media you will be no stranger to my skin woes! So when I was contacted by the lovely people at sheer cover to try one of their make up kits I jumped at the chance.


The kit included:

perfect shade mineral foundation

conceal and brighten trio

sun kissed bronzing minerals

lengthening mascara

lash extending fibres

sophisticated palette



3x brushes

I couldn’t wait to go home, remove my make up and re-apply these products.

I’ve always wanted to be able to use a mineral foundation as I know it would be so much better for my skin and stop this vicious cycle, however they never give me enough coverage so I was sceptical.


Once home and clean faced I started to apply the sheer cover products. I began with the moisturiser and primer, both of which felt nice and hydrating. The primer in particular felt silky smooth, it was definitely a better consistency than the Baby Skin Maybelline product I usually use.

Once this had dried I started applying concealer to my “problem areas” which, not gunna lie, is basically my whole face. I wasn’t really a fan of this, the coverage wasn’t great for me and it didn’t go on very well. I then used the highlight part of the concealer kit to go under my eyes, my brow arches and down the centre of my nose. Again, the texture didn’t thrill me.

Next up, the mineral foundation and I am SO SAD to say that it did not provide me with the coverage I needed. I’m a full coverage kind of girl and this wasn’t even close. Having bad skin makes me pretty emotional and it was in a particularly bad state when I tried this kit, so being able to see the blemishes was a big no no!

I then contoured with the sun kissed bronzing minerals which I absolutely loved! It felt so light on my skin and was the perfect colour. I have now swapped out my collections bronzer for this little beauty which I think has had a positive effect on my skin. I seem to get spots along my contour areas and thought this may be due to the cheap product I was using. With this more high end, mineral product in tow my skin is definitely thanking me.

After contouring I stumbled across the sophisticated palette. This included 4 eye shadow shades, 2 lip glosses and a blusher. I was a fan of the eye shadows and blusher which I have been using since the initial trial however, the lip glosses resembled something I would have had at the age of 6 in my pretend make up kit. They didn’t really do anything to be honest. But the eye shadows and blusher are nice and pigmented, they’re also neutral which is perfect for every day wear.

Last up on the list was the lengthening mascara and lash extending fibres. The lengthening mascara I love and now use alongside my regular drug store mascara to create fuller thicker lashes. The extending fibres I disliked immensely! It was the strangest concept I have ever come across and a bit like brushing the stuff out of a tumble dryer onto my eyelashes! It was awful to get off and actually made my eyes stick together.

So as you can see there are some pros and cons to this kit! To recap; the bronzer, palette, mascara, primer, moisturiser and brushes were all fab and I would highly recommend these to anyone! BUT if you have acne prone skin like myself and prefer a fuller coverage, this is not for you.

Not wanting to have a completely biased view on the products, I tried them on my mum who has lovely soft skin with minimal blemishes and I have to say she looked great!! I’m still not a massive fan of the concealer, even on her, but the foundation worked perfectly. Being mineral based it was light on the skin while providing an even tone.


A very happy mother left mine with a new mini make up set and a few words on the products:

“I have been looking for a new make up range for a while so when my daughter Laura got sent this box of goodies I was more than happy to give it a go. I was moisturised, primed and concealed first then foundation, highlighter, eye shadow and blusher was applied finishing with mascara. I was over the moon with the results, the biggest plus being how light this product felt on my skin. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, something light and natural with good coverage. I would have no hesitation recommending this to my friends.”

So there we have it, two very different reviews for the same product. In my opinion, if you are looking for a full coverage this may not be for you, however I wouldn’t dismiss the whole range as there are some great little finds in there. On the other hand, if you are more like my mum and looking for a light coverage this could be just what you’re looking for!

Let me know if you have tried any of the products before and what you thought 🙂 If you are interested in purchasing a kit for yourself follow this link (here).

Peace and love xoxo


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An extended Friday faves – 12th January 

Ok so I missed the last two Friday faves (soz guys!) life takes over sometimes and it’s got me thinking that maybe I should do it monthly instead – Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

So as a kind of  apology this weeks Friday faves are a slightly extended version!

New Look Sunglasses

I am loving these bad boys and yesterday I actually got a chance to wear them as Mr Sun had his hat well and truly on! I originally saw these in the Chelmsford New Look, decided not to buy them then couldn’t stop thinking about them (isn’t that always the way!) So on my lunch break I headed down Fenchurch street and snapped them up! Totally glad I did.


Cosmetic Warrior face mask – Lush

I’ve had this mask ever since I went to the Lush event in Chelmsford and I absolutely love it. Being garlic based I was a little sceptical but it really does work wonders, my face feels fresh and soft after use. Also as garlic is anti bacterial it helps fight those pesky breakouts! I try to use it at least once a week.


Mac and Cheese

Bit of a strange one! I’m sure most of you know by now that I eat ALOT of pasta and cheese but lately I seem to be on some sort of mac and cheese hype – I just cant stop eating it!! It’s so bloody delicious and like a hug from the inside, perfect on these cold wintery days. Comfort food at it’s finest my friends!

My mum sent me a picture of a mac and cheese she made the other day and I was almost angry! How dare she make that when I’m not there! (She also told me of her new secret ingredient… smashed up crisps on top for that extra crunch! shhh don’t tell anyone.)


New Hair

FINALLY got my roots done and had it all toned… I feel like a whole new woman! The colour is exactly what I wanted and I feel all sassy and kind of like a hip old lady haha Thank you Brooke for your mega skills.


Elsa Dress

So my friend is having a fancy dress party for her birthday on the 27th and with new hair in tow what better costume to buy than ELSA FROM FROZEN!! I got this little gem from Amazon and OMG I am so excited to transform into the ice queen. (The dress is mega see through and gets glitter everywhere but I’m Elsa for Christ sake! Who gives a flying fish!)


Hannah Gale jumper

I’m sure you’ve all seen my blogger jumper from the original HG collection which is a comfy slice of jumper heaven! So when Hannah announced there would be new designs I jumped at the chance to buy myself a cheeky early birthday present.

This cats carbs and cuddles one literally describes my life. I wear it all the time!! And it’s just as comfy as the other one ❤

Keep an eye out for my Birthday wish list as this will definitely feature another HG treat.


Barry M nail varnish

Ok so I’ve wanted to buy this wintery nail colour for a while now and decided to treat myself just before Amsterdam cause a girl gotta have those nails of fleek for insta pics. This colour makes me feel super sophisticated and grown up – weird how a nail varnish can change your perspective (and down right lie to your brain.) This speedy quick dry is a God send for an impatient little bean like myself who is prone to smudging.

Time with my wifey

As my pal Millie lives in Manchester I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like to, which sucks! When she comes home she obviously has other commitments and people to see so going away for the weekend together was so great! It means we got to have a proper catch up and spend some well deserved girl time strolling the streets of Amsterdam. Although it was short lived I really appreciated being able to spend the weekend with this babe!


Visiting new places

And on the same note, the ability to hop on a 45 minute flight and spend a couple of days exploring a whole new city is like pure bliss to me! I love seeing new places, learning new things and observing different cultures. More to come on Amsterdam in a separate post but (spoiler alert) I highly recommend!


New filing cabinet

I have been looking to get a filing cabinet for SO LONG now. It may sounds like a strange thing to desire, especially as I don’t have an office at home but being an organisational freak and having no space to separate you paperwork into headed sections can lead to multiple meltdowns (trust me). MUM TO THE RESCUE and this little beauty has saved my soul! Not only do I no longer have paper work flying everywhere, I now have more space to put pretty things… win win!


Finding lost things

When going through the mountain of paper work (I had to figure out what was making it into the new filing system and what was “girl bye” into the bin) I stumbled across my lost wedding plans!!! I had misplaced these little buggers months ago, they seemed to have just vanished off the face of the earth and I did not have the strength to re do them. (Until recently when I re did everything and then oh look here’s the old ones!)


Bridesmaid dress stress is over!

On the whole wedding theme I am happy to announce that all three bridesmaids now have dresses, after a worrying time where I thought one may have to come naked or you know by chopped out the show! THANKFULLY all will be kitted out in a bloody bargain babe from none other than ASOS! seriously brides to be – ASOS is your friend.


Have a great weekend and happy anti-valentines ❤

Peace and love xoxo

Friday Favourites || January 8th

Okay so Friday Favourites is something I really want to stick to this year! They won’t always be products; they may be people, blogs, films, music… basically anything I’ve been loving that week.

So here it goes, the first (and hopefully not the last) Friday faves of 2016:

1.A Fresh Start

I must be the only person who actually loves January?! I love a clean slate and a fresh start and this is exactly what January is for me; a chance to wash away the troubles of past years and try again!


2.The Tangle Teezer

I know, I know! I am WAY behind on this one. I cannot believe I’ve waited so long to get one of these babies, especially given the frizzy, knotty, curly mess I call my hair! This little pink dream is like magic, getting all those tangles out with ease and minimal pain (if any). I used to get headaches brushing my hair, but this my friends is now a thing of the past! And for a gal partial to the ‘ole backcombing this couldn’t be more perfect.


3.Collection eyebrow kit

I’ve always been a pencil girl myself but have been considering switching to a powder product for a while now. I just find that it gives a more natural look that you can build on, depending on your plans. I recently tried the urban decay palette in House of Frasier but was put off by the price tag. I think collection has definitely offered a drug store winner and at a price that’s way more affordable.


4.Oversized scarf – ASOS

Guys I am officially in love! I have so many scarves but none compare to this beaut! It’s essentially a big blanket that I can carry everywhere, snuggle up in at my desk and nobody will judge me cause; Erm Hello! Its just a scarf don’t you know???! It’s also super soft and comfy and warm and looks bloody good too right!?


5.Fitness Bunnies Unite

As I mentioned in my previous post I am currently part of a whatsapp group of bloggers who are sharing hints and tips on how to stay / get fit and healthy. It’s also a sort of support group to keep us all motivated. What’s not to like? Sassy blogging babes keeping each other on the road to a healthier life! 

What have you guys been loving this week? Let me know in the comments!

Peace and love xoxo

18 Real issues for girls with acne…


1.You wear ALL the products to try and cover it up, which then clogs your pores causing a vicious cycle.

2.You can’t go without said products because the thought of leaving the house with a naked face put you on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

3.If you do brave leaving the house without a made up face, you spend the whole time thinking people are judging you and wanting the ground to swallow you up.

4.The products you smother on your face end up EVERYWHERE! Your collar, your pillows, your boyfriend. You can’t make a call without leaving a face print on the phone screen and good luck trying on that white pullover whilst out shopping (which you will try to hide under all the other clothes you’ve tried on then swiftly vacate the premises in case they try to charge you for staining it.)

5.You secretly hate on those girls who just wear tinted moisturiser without looking like the surface of the moon!

6.Having to buy expensive make up because the cheap stuff makes you break out.

7.Getting your make up done at MAC and instantly wanting to apologise to the beautician for having to touch your face with her brushes.

8.It takes so much longer to get ready because you can’t just swan out of the house, fresh as the day you were born.

9.The constant battle between the ease of face wipes and the benefit of a proper skincare routine.

10.The state of your skin in the morning determining how you will feel about the day ahead.

11.Subconsciously picking your face off when your hands are bored – TMI? Just me? I can’t be the only one that involuntarily picks at those little face devils, instantly regrets it and tries to make it up to ones face like “Babe I’m so sorry! I didn’t know what I was doing! Can I offer you a cold flannel or aloe gel?”

12.Not wanting to partake in social activities that require you to be makeupless – “A spa day!!! Oh wow, that sounds great but errrrrmmmmmm” (insert frustrated emoji here)

13.Constantly asking your other half if they still fancy you when you remove your makeup – And of course they are going to say yes. (Unless they want to deal with all the crying and have a tub of Ben&Jerrys cookie dough to hand.)

14.Trying all the drugs on the planet to get rid of this burden and instead ending up with thrush, everlasting periods or something that feels like your face has been bleached off – soz not soz this is life!

15.Everyone on the internet raving over roacutane but the side effects are suicidal thoughts so you give that one a miss cause you know … don’t fancy that thanks!

16.Looking up foods that are good and bad for your skin – Feeling like a total babe when you eat the right stuff and hating on yourself when you indulge on that entire block of cheese.

17.Cutting people out of your life who tell you dairy causes acne, cause you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life and CHEESE IS EVERYTHING!

18.Having to smile politely while people tell you it’s not that bad and they don’t even notice. Then feeling kinda smug when your having a good skin day and they’re all like “OMG your skin looks so much better!”

I have battled with this crappy condition for as long as I can remember. I’ve been laughed at, recoiled from and called names but at the ripe old age of 24 I am finally learning to love myself regardless! I still have my down days but come on, who doesn’t?

Embrace yourself, be you and love it!

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x