Skincare routine (for acne)

 Following from yesterday’s post I thought I would go a little more in depth into my skincare routine at the moment. I’m in no way saying that this is perfect and I’m not a skincare expert but I think you will agree from my “before and after” pictures that in less than a week it seems to have made a big difference!

My “before” picture was taken last Friday morning and the “after” or should we say first progress picture was taken this morning. I will mention however that I took them in different rooms of the flat so the first picture is in natural lighting and the second is in my bathroom which has no windows. This wasn’t done on purpose, I thought I had taken the first lot in the bathroom then didn’t realise till I’d put make up on so this will have to do for now… you get the gist!


As you can see my face looks a lot less angry and there are less actual spots than before. The scab on my left cheek would also not be there if I hadn’t picked my face 🙁 it’s a terrible habit I really need to learn to control!

So what have I been doing?? Food wise I haven’t actually been amazing, I went out drinking on Friday, had pizza two days in a row and Saturday I ate so much chocolate and sweets I thought I might be sick but I guess if I now switch up my diet too the results will be two fold so that’ll be interesting.

Skincare wise my nightly routine goes a little like this:

I use the Clinique wash the day away oil cleanser to start.

Now a lot of people with acne prone skin are scared to use oil cleansers but they are actually super beneficial. Firstly they cut through your make up so much better than a regular cleanser making it more likely to get it all off. I literally just rub a couple of pumps of this into my face including my eye area then use a hot flannel to wash it all off.

The reason it is good to use an oil cleanser is because oil dissolves oil. Using this will ensure  you remove the bad oil and bacteria clogging the pores in your face and replace that with healthy oils which will balance and moisturise your skin.

The next thing I use is the Cerave hydrating cleaner.

To apply this I squirt 5 small blobs on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and buff it in with this brush:

The reason this cleanser is so beneficial is because it contains hyaluronic acid. Now most people again would not think to put acid on their face especially as I keep telling people it’s made of hydrochloric acid which you 100% should not put on your face haha!

Hyaluronic acid has amazing moisture replenishing properties. Just 1 gram can hold up to 6 litres of water!! I’ve just read this and it has literally blown my mind!! Not only this but it can also help to revitalise the skins outer layers and all in all give you a more youthful, hydrated look. Heading into my late 20’s this is a big tick from me – need to focus on keeping that youthful glow.

Next up is the Paula’s Choice skin perfecting liquid exfoliator.

I was actually gifted most of this skincare from my brothers girlfriend like a year or so ago. She had spoken to a friend about my skin and they had recommended these products. They told her that this bad boy was the most important step!

Sometimes exfoliators can be so harsh on our skin, all that salt and sand and god knows what literally rubbing layers off. My skin does not appreciate this, it’s really sensitive and can be painful at the best of times let alone when I’m rubbing sand into it. This liquid exfoliator works in a different way due to it’s main ingredient salicylic acid. Rather than the rough removal of skin that your traditional exfoliator has, salicylic acid gently removes any excess skin revealing a healthy layer underneath. This is particularly helpful if, like me, you tend to get dry crusty patches (I know, how attractive!) You can see from the packaging the other benefits involved but aside from this it can also reduce redness and inflammation (another massive plus for me).

To apply this I just pop a bit onto my finger tips and rub it in to make sure I get the most out of the product. I’ve also started to apply a small amount of this with a cotton pad in the morning.

According to the articles I’ve read, salicylic acid isn’t for all skin types and may cause irritation so maybe try a sample before you purchase anything. It work fine on my sensitive skin though.

Then onto my favourite part of t he routine, the hydrating lotion!

You literally need like 2 tiny drops of this, I rub it into my face with my fingers and I cannot explain to you how hydrating it feels! This again contains hyaluronic acid which you read about above. But it honestly makes the 1gram containing 6 Litres of water so believable.

Aside from the nightly regime I have also added 2 face masks into my weekly routine and apply each just once a week, usually whilst relaxing in the bath to make it feel like a proper pamper sesh.

First up is Mask of Magnaminty by Lush.


I love this face mask! Not only does it smell incredible it causes zero irritation which you can get with some face masks. It’s also longer lasting than a lot of the fresh masks from lush.

In terms of how it helps your skin, peppermint oil is known for it’s antiseptic properties meaning that it’ll fight bacteria. It’s is also soothing, reducing inflammation and can act as a decongestant.

Face mask number 2 and this is a new addition, so far I have used it only once! However, I’ve heard great things and decided to give it a try. This is the Kiehl’s rare earth deep pore cleansing mask.

The mask is said to minimise pores as well as drawing out the oil, dirt and toxins that clogs them. The main ingredient’s in this are Amazonian White Clay, Bentonite and Aloe Vera.

Benetonite clay is known for its tightening, acne clearing and impurity absorbing benefits. It’s a great mask for those who suffer with oily skin due to it’s absorbing feature, however it also attracts toxins out of your face like a magnet.

Amazonian white clay helps to purify and detoxify the skin as well as absorbing bacteria, oil and toxins.

Aloe Vera is all about soothing and calming your face.

As I mentioned I have only used this mask once and it was a tiny bit tingly when I first put it on but this went within seconds and I saw no adverse effects.

So I do the above routine nightly, get my face masks in once a week, now it’s time to explain the morning routine.

I like to get a cotton pad and soak it with plain water to wash my face in the mornings. I then dab on a little of the Paula’s Choice exfoliator. From reading the back of this I found that if you use it in the day you should apply some form of SPF to your face – whatever the weather. I have also heard a lot of people say that this is the secret to an ever youthful look.

Although my foundation actually contains SPF and would probably suffice I decided to be extra protected and am currently testing this Kiehl’s ultra light daily UV defence which is SPF50! it is an oil free moisturising lotion and I agree that it definitely feels ultra light. I am also trialling the Kiehl’s micro blur skin perfector as a primer which is said to diminish pores and refine skin texture. So far no complaints for this either but I feel it’s not been long enough to fully comment on either of these.

In terms of my daily make up, I wouldn’t say that this was particularly beneficial to my skin at the moment but I am looking to switch this up in the coming months (when I can afford it haha).


So there we have it, a pretty lengthy and in depth look at my skincare but I hope this has given you some food for thought. I’m not saying everyone needs to go an adopt such a routine but given the state of my skin lately I have found this to really help. I think once my skin has calmed down a lot more and I try some different diet choices I may be able to amend this but for now – if It’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Please let me know if you use any of these products and have your own opinions of them. Also bare with me if you believe I have got any of the information wrong – you can direct your angst at Google cause this is a learning process for me too. I will also look to replace my “after pictures” with some in better lighting 🙂

Peace and Love xoxo

N.B. So I tried to take some pics in natural lighting and you can’t really see much difference but I can definitely feel one! Previously half my face was swollen and they are now back to normal and it just feels way less raised and itchy.


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