Halloween, fancy dress ideas and why I should probably stay in…

So we are mid way through October now which means that a Halloween post is totally justified, if not 100% necessary!

This is the yearly holiday that gets me all excited… I’m like a kid at Christmas except with more fake blood and liquid latex. I am a MASSIVE fan of dressing up and this is the one time of year that you don’t look like the odd group, out and about in fancy dress (ie Hen do’s or themed birthday plans).

Unfortunately I will miss out on all the fun this year, being in a cast – although could add great value to a gruesome outfit – is not a practical night out accessory. So instead I will take this time to reminisce past outfits, giving you some ideas, hint and tips!


 This was my first Halloween working at dukes nightclub in Chelmsford, I borrowed my friends “sexy vampire” outfit then decided it was a little too “sexy” and covered my gaping cleavage with a vest top! (How conservative and sensible of me at 18 – Go past Laura!)

Also, let’s all take a minute to appreciate this very Myspace esq emo selfie!!!

This look basically consisted of slightly backcombed hair, a bit of eyeliner and what looks like a bad attempt at a “smokey eye”.

My sister (the cutie in the bottom picture) was wearing an all in one furry cat suit from Tesco and I was mega jealous that there wasn’t one in my size!


Halloween in Manchester, a very feline themed year it seems! My wifey had just ditched me for Manchester in order to start uni (queue the violins!) so I decided that I would take the trip to visit her for our favourite time of year!

In the top picture, I am styled glamorously in a tiger onesie (Primark – Men’s) – A few of us decided on this outfit and roamed around Manchester like a drunken pride. This costume was inspiringly finished off with some face triangles, just to give that “authentic” tiger essence.

In the second picture, clearly, I was a cat. This is always my go to fancy dress outfit for any occasion where I have no time to prepare! So simple! You can’t really tell from this picture but I actually have cat eye contacts in (seen again below). I would like to take this time though, to appreciate my hair!!!! HELLO GINGER AFRO! Not going to lie, I love it a little bit!


In 2008 I moved into a house share and I was lucky enough to live with a bunch of like minded girls who also thrived on Halloween and the prospect of fancy dress. This was our first (of two) Halloween house parties.

I dusted off the old sexy vampire outfit (which I still haven’t given back – Sorry Jess!!!) And went a bit crazy with my face – I must have thought it was a good look at the time, in hindsight… not so much! (face palm). I also decided that vampires have cats eyes and resurrected my contacts from the year before – WARNING! Please don’t be as ridiculously stupid as me! These sorts of contacts are not made to last that long. I managed to get into town but soon had to run to the nearest mirror and frantically poke at my eye balls till the damn things came out! They’d scratched my eyes to pieces and were not in the least bit comfortable (as they were the first time I wore them).

Interestingly I believe this is also the year I got attacked by a glass bottle! Not quite as bad as it sounds but still not pleasant. Whilst walking into town, a passing car threw something out of their window and I felt a sharp pain in the leg area… I was super confused cause I couldn’t actually see anything until I turned and realised that they had thrown a bottle at me!!! Come on guys, I know my outfit wasn’t great but was it really bottle worthy!?!? I woke up the next day with a delicious bruise spreading across both my thighs!

Which also reminds me of a similar Halloween story back in my teens. (Halloween is dangerous kids, stay indoors!!) This time however, replace glass bottle with firework! Luckily it didn’t hit me and at least the items getting thrown at me each year are gradually getting less life threatening! (Always a silver lining – maybe it’s a good thing I’m not going out this year!)


The year I discovered liquid latex… My favourite Halloween outfit of all time! I spent hours trawling through youtube for make up tutorials eventually settling for this one! After purchasing the products I needed to perfect the look, it was a waiting game till the day of the party. (Our second and final house-share Halloween soiree.)

And here is how I did it:

Firstly I had to gluestick my eyebrows down! This is so there are no hairs showing which will ruin your look. (Find tutorial here).

Next I tore up pieces of tissue and liquid latexed them to my face, down the bridge of my nose and round the outter right hand side. I also scrunched up some pieces and stuck them within this section ie on my cheeks/forehead.

Once the latex was dry I peeled the tissue up on the inner part of my face to give the illusion that my skin was peeling off. This was made more realistic by painting the outer layers of tissue with my foundation.

I then painted the inside section with red face paint. I went round the inner flappy tissue area (technical term!) and raised tissue areas with black eyeshadow to do just that, shadow! I then poured face blood into the area and added some fake cuts on the otherside.

Voila! Burned face zombie bride 🙂

My fiancé Jon arrived late to this party as he had to work and wouldn’t even look at me!!


Taking my cat game to the next level… This is the same year as the zombie bride and as you can see my traditional go to cat costume had a revamp! More blood, more gore and a head to toe back cat suit!

I noticed from this year onwards that people really started to get into the spirit of Halloween and make a proper effort with their costumes. Youtube tutorials were saved left right and centre and liquid latex flew off the shelves!

(This is also the year I left my phone in a taxi – BOO! Another Halloween drama… remind me again why this is my favourite time of year?)


The year of the battered gypsy! Kitted it out in my mums clothes (I hope she wasn’t offended) and a sexy latex/eyeshaddow injury.

I wasn’t brave enough to go crazy on my face again as I had a MASSIVE break out after the whole zombie bride fiasco! My skin clearly didn’t enjoy the look as much as I did (what a killjoy).

No drama’s for this Halloween year however, my brother did buy a wedding dress off of a guy dressed as a bearded lady and turned up to the party I was at with it. He handed me a bag that not only carried the dress but also a pumpkin and a man’s boot (just one?). I was so excited that I practically jumped into the dress, broke the zip as it wouldn’t do up over my fat arse, then ran around in it singing “I’m getting married” (which at this point… I wasn’t.)


Also I just realised that I totally lied about the no drama part! I woke up the next morning with a cut on my finger and bruised knees after trying to drunkenly show my brother my latest pole moves. (Yep…everything about that sentence is wrong!)


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice..

I videoed the stages of my make up which you can find on my Instagram !

Basically, a lot of white face paint, a lot of backcombing and a stripey dress I happened to own anyway!

This Halloween we met Aaron from Geordie shore on his way into Missoula Chelmsford and I ended my night hysterically crying to my friends brother. (Another Halloween hit!)

So I hope you have gained some ideas from my post… probably to leave Halloween well alone, that I shouldn’t be allowed out at this time of year or how do I find people to join me for this holiday after all of that?!

Stay safe kids!

Laura x



  1. October 20, 2015 / 11:40 am

    Love this post Laura!!! 🙂

    • October 20, 2015 / 11:42 am

      Thanks Emma! Hope you’re doing well xx

      • October 20, 2015 / 12:38 pm

        I’m well thanks my friend 🙂 Hope you are? I keep updated via Snapchat lol how is your ankle? Happy halloween memories!!!!! ? xxx

      • October 20, 2015 / 1:02 pm

        Bit sore today but it should be fine 🙂 haha hope you enjoy the snapchats! Xx

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