Friday favourites…

Considering I haven’t actually been out all week (apart from to have my operation and to have a meltdown in the middle of Tesco) Friday favourites is a tricky one!

I’m still waiting for an Amazon delivery which could well have been featured but nope…. Snooze you loose!

So my Friday favourites is going to be more of a Friday favourite, to tell you about this one amazing product I’ve discovered….

The make up eraser! 

I’ve been dying to tell you all about this little gem that has literally saved my skin!!! I first heard of it on a friends blog (here) and thought it must be too good to be true! As you know I have struggled with bad skin for as long as I can remember and will try almost anything to get it looking perfect! (Or as close to).

This is ultimately just a flannel, like seriously how good can it be? And with quite a hefty price tag where flannels are concerned I felt sure I was being played. However, I made the purchase and anxiously awaited its arrival!


When it finally arrived at my desk I could not wait to get home and remove my make up! (I know right, how sad am I). The make up eraser is pink in colour and oval in shape… It’s quite big too!

The instructions note that the flannel should be machine washed before use but being the impatient person I am I didn’t bother (I have read reviews which say that it works better if washed first but I’ve had no issues.)

After washing it and leaving it to dry it should be ready for use. Firstly you need to submerge the flannel in warm water…. There are two sides, the side with shorter fibers is the one you use first. Once the make up eraser is wet simply rub it on your face in a circular motion until all your make up is off! It’s that simple!

The first thing I noted was how alien it felt on my skin, it’s certainly different to a normal flannel… Probably filled with magic fairy dust or unicorn hairs! Because this product simply must be magical!!!! Pretty much every scrap of make up came off with just water! No soap, no chemicals, no nothing!


Once all your make up is off you then repeat using the other side of the flannel which is seen as an exfoliator.

Prior to the make up eraser I would use cleanser and toner on cotton pads to take my make up off … I would use up to 4 cotton pads at a time and still wouldn’t feel clean! Now I am actually cleansing and toning my face as all my make up has been removed and it has certainly made a noticeable difference!!


I would recommend this product to anyone! Not just those with bad skin as it will ensure you are clean and fresh!

The only negative I have found is that some of the fibers tend to come off on my face however, I think this would have been fixed had I machine washed before use!

To clean the make up eraser simply chuck it in with your clothes… Easy peasy!


Don’t believe me? Don’t worry I didn’t believe it either but I honestly urge you to give it a go! I wasn’t given this product to review, I bought it on my own accord and it’s truly life changing!!

Buy yours here!

Let me know what you think below! 🙂

Peace and love xoxo

Laura X

(Once I find a video editor that actually works I’ll try get a vlog up for this product! Any hints and tips on this PLEASE let me know cause it’s driving me crazy – so not tech savvy over here!)



  1. October 23, 2015 / 2:59 pm

    Wow! I would love to try this 🙂 make up wipes always feel so abrasive and I can’t always be bothered to cleanse, tone and moisturise. Thanks for the tip Laura 🙂 xxx

    • October 23, 2015 / 3:00 pm

      Honestly it’s changed my life! Lol face wipes are the devil!!! Get rid haha xxx

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