Cruelty free beauty swaps

I thought that going cruelty free would completely break the bank and honestly, I was dreading making the switch. Like a lot of people, I thought you had to buy these obscure (and expensive) products that were made of hemp and sold by hippies in fields of heather. (Although that sounds right up my street and where do I sign up?!) However working in the City (and not having these heather fields readily available) I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what’s on offer. This is mainly thanks to Superdrug releasing a whole new range of cruelty free and vegan products, many of which are still on my list to try (the fake tan in particular – hit me up if you’ve given it a go).

Switching products is a slow process and I don’t recommend that anyone throw out what they already have in a revolutionary protest. Simply use what you’ve got and then buy cruelty free next time round.

Whilst on the subject we should probably confirm what the term “cruelty free” actually means, as this often causes debate. To be cruelty free, the product must not have beentested on animals, however, this doesn’t automatically mean that it’s vegan. To be vegan, the product will not include any animal derived ingredients. So a product can be cruelty free but include honey for example. Obviously this is morally debateable as can something really be “cruelty free” if cruelty was inflicted to get the ingredients BUT this is the term and we just have to roll with it (for now at least).

So what switches have I made so far?


Toothpaste – Superdrug – I’ve tried a couple of these now and the one I’m currently brushing with is the charcoal version. Don’t think my teeth have gotten any whiter but it’s good to try right?

Deodorant – Superdrug – If you’re not already aware, I’m and EXTREMELY sweaty person. It’s a real issue. I used to use the mitcham deodorant but now use the superdrug one. I’ve tried both the green and blue cans and they seem to work well. I also have a natural deodorant made by PurdeyPea but I only use this if I’m having a lazy day at home cause Sweatin ‘ell.

Shower Gel – Original Source mint and tea tree – Not one I’ve had to make a swap on ’cause I’ve used it for aaaages, It’s my absolute fave purely down to how fresh it leaves me feeling BUT I get mixed reviews from other people. Maybe pick another “flavour” if this one isn’t your bag!

Hair Care

Shampoo & Conditioner – I have tried the superdrug coconut ones and they were okay but my absolute fave at the moment is the Maui. I was gifted this by Stylist Magazine after doing a shoot on their skin positivity campaign and it leaves my hair feeling silky and luscious. I will definitely be repurchasing once it runs out.

Hair oil – Superdrug – to be honest I wasn’t a massive fan of this and have gone back to using up my Aussie one which sadly is not cruelty free (WHYYYY IT’S SO BLOODY GOOD!) So I’m in the market to try another.

Dry shampoo – Batiste is cruelty free but not vegan, I still need to try an alternative to this as it’s always been my go to. Hit me up with you’re faves.

Make up


I have three different foundations that I currently use. I switch them up depending on what vibe I’m going for on the day.

BareMinerals Bare Pro – Daily

BareMinerals Original – Very light coverage (usually use on top of other foundations)

KatVonD Lock It – THE MOST PERFECT but I feel it’s a bit much on the skin for every day.

I haven’t actually had to purchase anything else yet but I’m soon to be looking for:

Mascara, Brow stuff (preferably pencilly), Bronzer.

My FAVOURITE lipstick is Velvet Teddy by MAC and this is getting scarily close to the end so any cruelty free dupes of this would be handy. I’m thinking NYX is a good place to start.

TOP TIP: If you’re struggling to figure out which brands are on Santa’s nice list I highly recommend the crueltyfreekitty site! SO informative, she basically does all the leg work for you.

So that’s what I’ve swapped to date. Let me know if you have any good cruelty free dupes!


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