Christmas wish list…

Ok so next Wednesday marks just one month until Christmas! It’s okay don’t panic…. seriously it’ll be fine…. WHO AM I KIDDING PANIC!!!

I am usually a super organised Christmas shopper who starts around September! This year, not so much (I think I have wedding brain and Christmas is kind of on the back burner.)

So far I have bought presents for only 3 people and I have now run out of money until pay day … if someone could please postpone this festive period for like one more month that would be perfect, thanks xoxo

Anyway… Instead of stressing about all the things I haven’t done, today I am swooning over all the things I would like to receive 🙂 (not shallow or self centred at all right?!)

1. All the scented candles – I’m on a total candle hype at the moment!! Jon usually goes out on a Friday eve and there is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with the cat and a room full of these bad boys!


2.Blankets! Yes I am officially an old lady and my Christmas list is less about the new gadgets and more about pure comfort! Happy blissmas to me! I’ve been all over the idea of a blanket box in my living room and the more I think about it the more I can’t get over it … I need it!



3.In keeping with the homewear theme (I think I’m nesting? except the thought of having kids right now fills me with dreaded fear.) A wine rack for the kitchen. This has been my pinterest crush the past few weeks – I’m looking for a proper rustic piece of kit, made out of old pallets, where I can store my red wine for the winter and hang glasses from the bottom. (Insert heart eye emoji here!!!)



4.A body shop bronzer brush – Ever since my friend Gemma got one of these babies in school I have been longing to have one of my own. (I don’t actually know why I’ve never bought one?) Aside from being totally ethical and world friendly IT IS SO SOFT!!!!!!! Like tiny fury animals are rolling across your face (except they aren’t cause of the whole ethical, no animals harmed stuff!) My current brush is a nice scratchy Primark number and I feel my face and I would highly appreciate a new soft friend.



5.Down to my blogger wishes – A dreamy etsy layout cause hello, you cannot get that stuff on the free wordpress section!! These layouts are seriously desirable and it is the gift that keeps on giving – you will get a little butterfly feeling every time you open your oh so cute blog!


6.Techy present ahoy and here we have my longing for a go pro! They’re just cool aren’t they?? Like you can throw them off buildings, take them underwater and strap them to your head! I need this in my life – think of the selfie game and the travel pics <3


So there we have it … a pretty grown up list of Christmas desires if I do say so myself!

Now I cannot end this post without mentioning these last two things, not Christmas list material (because I want them now!!) but Jesus Christ on a biscuit I am crushing hard over this velvet cut out dress from and in Berry OH MY!!!!


(click picture to find this babe!)

Luckily for me there is currently 20% off the Christmas shop if you use the code: ELF 🙂 (ends today!)

And a number of delivery options including free standard delivery using code: GOODY. (ends at 1am)

I also cannot get through Christmas without attempting to dress up my cat! She’s a pretty sassy lady cat so she would not stand for full dress up (much to my dismay) however, I think I’m going to opt for a festive bow from etsy and pray that she plays ball!


What are you lovelies hoping for this Christmas???

Peace and love xoxo

Laura x

*The photo’s in this post are not my own, please click on them to find their origin.


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  1. Mummy
    November 20, 2015 / 6:42 pm

    Love you xx very helpful wish list loving the wine rack xx I hope all your wishes come true happy Christmas ? xx

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