Brows on fleek…

Do you ever just stumble across a product and wonder how you lived your life without it? That’s how I feel about MAC’s Accentuated brow crayon!

I’ve never felt so brow sassy and I’ve had tonnes of great comments. (Isn’t it fab that we live in a world where people compliment each other on their eyebrows, who’d have thunk it eh!?)

Its so easy to apply, super creamy and blendable – basically anything you could ever want from a brow pencil. To get those brows on the go you twist the top and the crayon pop’s up or if you’re like me, try to twist it the wrong way for about 10 mins and get close to breaking down about it.


I like to outline the shape I want then fill that in. You can get a more natural look by doing short brush strokes or go for that full scouse brow.

Basically it’s dreamy AF and I couldn’t not share it with you!

Whats your go to brow product? Have you given this crayon a go? If so hit me up with your thoughts!

Peace and love xoxo

N.B. Ok so I still absolutely love this product but I’ve had to stop buying it because it runs out SO QUICKLY!!! This may be one to keep in the drawer for a special occasion 🙁 I used the NYX alternative which really doesn’t go on as nice but does last a lot longer and I’m currently using the collection powder kit because it was in my drawer and I have nothing else at the moment. So sad this product runs out so damn quick cause I really like it BOO!


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