About me…

Laura Grant | 26 | Chelmsford, Essex


I have always had a passion for reading and writing. Ever since I was a tiny tot I was eager to speak, write and read. Blogging, for me, started as a creative outlet. A way to get those juices flowing and not let my creativity fizzle out in the depths of a full time career and being a grown up.

A little about me – I’m married, I have a black cat, I eat too many carbs and drink too much prosecco (could I be anymore cliché?) I do that gym thing sometimes, I take too many pictures and I’m dying to travel more.

So what are you likely to find here? I think the question should be what aren’t you likely to find here!

I blog about an array of different subjects, anything that’s catching my eye at that particular time and hence fall into the “lifestyle” category. All my posts are obviously based on my own thoughts and opinions and therefore should be taken with a pinch of salt – something I may love you may hate. But I’d like to think we can always find some common ground (or else why would you be here 🙂 )

So yeah, blogging is still a hobby for me but one that I adore. I’ve met some amazing people in this little world of words and worked with some great brands. I hope that this happy little bubble will continue and that you will still be here supporting me and reading my posts!

Peace and Love xoxo