Vintage Pin-ups

Who doesn’t love a pin-up girl? They’re called pin ups for a reason and I for one am a MASSIVE fan!


I love everything Gil Elvgren and particularly the girls of the 1950’s – I have them scattered all around my house!


The lunch box was a bootsale special (Only £2!) and the rest was upcycled by Carnivals Vintage which i purchased from a local vintage fair.



These were presents from my bestie… she knows me so well!

I think pin-ups are truly inspirational! They are beautiful women of all shapes and sizes looking and being fabulous.

Personally I believe they give off a positive body image to girls and women of all ages to be comfortable in your own skin.

They also show the female race how to be real women! To always look your best even if your just doing the house work (although this glamorous lifestyle is a lot easier said than done)


This love for all things pin-up has also spurred an interest in burlesque, I have now attended two burlesque shows and find the whole experience really quite empowering!

Not only this but they’re bloody hilarious!


My dream would be to see this queen of burlesque perform one day!

Now not only has my obsession spread through my house, it has also spread to my body and I am currently in the process of getting a tattoo. Luckily for me my brother is one of the best tattooist’s in the country and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with such a piece.

We have done two sessions so far and here’s what we’ve got…


By Jason Butcher

My next mission is to get the following picture blown up for my kitchen, it’s like it was made for me, not only do I love pin up girls but all I eat is pasta!


So if you share my obsession keep posted, I’ll be posting a finished picture of my tattoo when it is eventually finished! Also get yourself down to the next Vintage fair in Chelmsford.

Bobby’s Girl Vintage will be hosting a special vintage christmas fair in Chelmsford this month!


Laura X



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