Finding Home…

As you will probably know from my Homesense post, Jon and I bought a flat. We are officially full fledged grown ups and after living in said flat for 2 weeks now, I could not be happier!

The first time I viewed the flat it just felt like home, I could see us living there. I could see the potential it had and I already started planning in my head what could go where.

I’ve always loved interiors, even as a kid. I used to have this program on my PC where I would design different rooms in my imaginary home. Me and my step sister would also play this game where we had a budget and would have to kit out our homes using the argos catalogue – i know right, you’re jealous of how cool I was hahaha!

I moved out when I was about 19 and starting living in a house share which was fully furnished. Jon and I then moved into a flat together which again was a fully furnished place. This made sense to us at the time because we didn’t have the money to do it up ourselves but after a while I started to hate the old tattered furniture more and more.

I have never had the chance to live out that dream of making somewhere my own. I mean you can try to make a furnished place home, and you do to an extent with pictures etc, but it’s nothing compared to having somewhere that’s entirely your taste!

Now having moved into our own flat Jon and I have been able to discuss furniture, envision colour schemes and buy whatever the hell we want and let me tell you it is SO refreshing! I mean we do have totally different tastes which is awkward but I think because I’m more passionate about it I have taken the lead. Obviously you compromise on stuff and it’s handy because Jon is more bothered about how practical things are where as I want things to look good so together it should be perfect 🙂

If you’re moving I  100% recommend unpacking as soon as possible! Get that place feeling like your home ASAP.  I couldn’t stand being surrounded by boxes and got the majority done in the first couple of days, taking the empty boxes to the tip to give us a nice clear space. We still have a few more bits to sort out but will need to wait till the furniture we’ve ordered arrives cause at the moment, it doesn’t have a home.

But we do! We have found our home in this lovely little flat where we will make lots of brand new and exciting memories! I thought I would be really sad to leave our old flat, it was the first place we had lived together, Jon proposed to me in the living room, I planned our wedding there, so many happy times. But it isn’t till you move somewhere that fills your heart with joy that you realise none of that matters! you still have those memories and you will hold them dear but this is a fresh start and an exciting new chapter.

As I write this I have my laptop propped up on our bay window in the bedroom, watching a squirrel run across the fence of our car park and that to me is perfect. It’s not the most amazing flat in the world, but it’s ours and we love it!

Peace and Love xoxo

Feeling fat…

I am not fat. I am a healthy weight for my height, I work out, I eat reasonably well. I’m like a size 10-12 which is below average.

But a lot of the time I feel fat, which is ridiculous! I know what overweight looks like, I know when someone is unhealthy and I know that’s not me but somewhere deep within my brain is a part that tells me I should look different, that I should be tighter, that the lumps and bumps on my thighs and bum are gross and that I should be ashamed.

We see so many pictures on social media and in magazines, on billboards and in films where the average woman is not portrayed and if they are, they’re under the best lighting, posed, edited to still look amazing. It’s not often we get the bloated, rolls and cellulite side of the story that would make us feel like we are normal and not some kind of gross abnormality.

We are also plied with weight loss programmes and get fit quick ads which gives us such an unhealthy relationship with our weight and how to manage it. We need to be taught about good nutrition and decent exercise plans. It needs to be explained that this takes time and is a lifestyle change NOT a quick fix and the sad thing is, there ARE people out there trying to promote this but they get over shadowed by the quick fixers. It’s only when a person tries and fails at all of these fads that they actually look to do it properly.

I compare myself to everyone, even though I preach the opposite. It’s like there’s some annoying bug in our minds that we can’t get rid of and it’s dangerous! Not only does it make us think terrible things about ourself, it also opens a door for others to say these awful things to us, believing that they’re justified cause it’s been brainwashing them too.


Body shaming ourselves is one thing but when a stranger basically confirms that to you, it can lead to a downward spiral!

I can be a right judgemental bitch in my head sometimes and I get embarrassed by my thoughts. However, I’d like to think I have the decency and compassion to keep that to myself and I am trying to train my brain to get rid of such thoughts completely.

Now whilst I am promoting self love, self acceptance and no judgement I am also promoting self care. So if a person is overweight they should 100% love themselves and accept who they are but they should also practice self care and be given the tools to make healthy changes to give them a better life. This should be available to everyone, not “here drink some shakes and get thin for a week till you start eating again”. It should be “here, eat these food groups in these portions, make small changes and get long term results!” This works the same for someone who is underweight, don’t just tell them to eat. First work on the mind so they learn to love and accept themselves which will in turn make them want to take care of their body. Then teach them how to maintain a healthy weight the right way.

We all know it works, we all know the bodies we are shown aren’t the norm, we just need to train ourselves to truly believe it, to love and accept ourselves, to want the best and to be the best we can.

This is a bit of a ramble post but it’s something that really effects us these days and with a teenage sister I’d like her to grow up in a world where she is not made to feel crap for not being a lean machine 24/7 because that is not real!

I’ve seen a couple of posts flying around social media recently of fitness people showing their posed photos against they’re real life relaxed photos and I think this is SO IMPORTANT! Of course everyone wants to post they’re best bits but make sure people know this isn’t an all day every day look cause that is unattainable and an unhealthy goal that so many strive for!


I follow a few fitness people on Instagram and YouTube but my favourite is Heidi Somers (BuffBunny) who I have mentioned before. Whilst her body is definitely #goals she is also really honest and informative. I’ve recently got really into watching Ashy Bines on Snapchat and YouTube too. These women are promoting healthy lifestyles, balance and self acceptance and I am SO on board.

Promote healthy, promote real, love yourself and don’t put your judgements on other people.

Peace and love xoxo

Homesense event #chelmsfordloves

Big exciting news ahoy!!! Soooooooo me and Jon have bought a flat! That’s right we are officially grown ups, marriage and a mortgage – who’d have thunk it.

I’m going to talk more about the whole buying a property saga another time but spoiler alert: most stressful thing ever. I’ve only just lost the twitch in my eye (not even joking.)

Today’s post however, is all about the glorious shop that is Homesense * hallelujah * all the lord praising emoji’s here. Obviously with our exciting news, an invitation to spend the evening at Homesense could not have come at a better time and my home wear senses were well and truly tingling on the walk to Riverside Retail Park last Thursday.

I love home wear, I love interiors, I love the amount of Pinterest boards I have dedicated to this, so you can imagine how excited I am after living in a fully furnished property for 3 years with the oldest most tired furniture ever.

Now my Homesense purchases probably won’t blow you away but I didn’t want to make any big life decisions, like what laundry basket we should have, without Jon present (mainly cause he recently called me selfish for designing our entire flat in my mind and not consulting him on anything – oops). But let me tell you, the things I did get actually excite me SO much… it will soon become clear that I’m almost the wrong side of 25!

For those of you who have never been to Homesense, firstly – have you been living under a rock?! And secondly, it’s basically the TK MAXX home section but on a bigger scale… in fact that’s exactly what it is. There’s so much variety from rugs to actual furniture to trinkets to food. You could literally kit out most of a house with this stuff! And like TK MAXX home it’s all at a discounted rate, I mean some stuff is still a little pricey but it’s a bargain compared to its RRP.

I know you’re all dying to see what I got so here it goes…

The Plate Rack
This is actually what I went searching for as soon as I got in the shop. I am sick of my favourite plate being at the bottom of the pile and having to crash about trying to get at it. Now all of that is in the past as you can grab whatever plate you want with ease – I sound like some weird tv commercial here but trust me it’s a life changer and cost like £5. It even got me doing the washing up as soon as I walked back into the flat cause I wanted to use it asap!


The Wine Rack
I picked this up a couple of times and put it back but I couldn’t get it out my head so I made a last minute dash to grab it before I headed to the till. I mean come on, it’s a copper wine rack – what blogger can go through life without one of these? The only thing that’s slightly annoying is that it has to lay on its side and I kind of wish it was a stand up one but I’ll get over it cause it’s beautiful. Who would have thought that some shaped copper would bring so much joy?! I also have dreams of a zoella style bar cart (if I can find a cart I like that doesn’t cost the earth) and this would go on the bottom tray perfectly 🙂


The Mattress Cover
Me and Jon have been sleeping on a crappy old second hand bed for 3 years now. God knows who has graced that mattress before us but in a fully furnished home you cannot get rid of anything (it’s terribly frustrating.) On Tuesday we headed to Dreams and made our first purchase for the flat – a new bed!!!!! It arrives next Thursday and we are BUZZING! So because beds are bloody expensive I decided to get this mattress cover (which is cheaper than the one they tried to sell me in Dreams – also Dreams is basically next door to Homesense so top tip shop around). It’s hypo-allergenic, waterproof, machine washable… all the things you want it to be to keep that mattress fresh.

Epsom Salts and Lavender Candle
Another thing we’ve done without for 3 years is a bath. No we aren’t smelly little cretins, we had a shower silly.

Getting home from work on a Friday night I literally pine for a long relaxing bath. I go to lush and lust after the bath bombs. Now my friends, now I get to join in on all the bath time fun and I know I’ve said I’m excited like a gazillion times in this post but guess what THIS GIRLS EXCITED!

To mark the occasion I treated myself to a little bag of Epsom salts (there was a huge bag in there for £9.99 which is great but it was heavy so I went for the little one for like £3) and a lavender candle which I plan to use for relaxing evening baths to wind down. I was actually gifted a bag of Epsom salts from Westlab at the #bigbloggerexpo and I left it at my mums (cause she has a bath) and planned to test them out there BUT she used them all before I got a chance lol classic mum! So I have repurchased. I’ve heard great things including its properties for debloat and muscle relaxing (great for after the gym) so I look forward to my first Epsom bath. They can also be used in moon rituals if you’re into that.

So yeah these are my super grown up purchases 🙂 look at me being all practical and stuff. I literally cannot wait to move (on Monday!!!) and I will definitely be hitting up Homesense again, although next time I will take Jon and be like LOOK AT ALL THIS COOL STUFF LET’S GET IT ALL! It’s like a one stop shop for your home needs which I love, ain’t nobody got time for 5 different stores.

Please tell me you love Homesense as much as me so we can be pals, talk about home wear together and share our ever growing interior Pinterest boards!

Homesense very kindly gifted me a voucher for the evening however, I obviously spent more cause it’s me! If you’re a Chelmsfordian like myself get your bums to Riverside Retail Park – you won’t regret it (although your bank balance might haha.)

Peace and love xoxo

*Please see Disclaimer

The hangover 

Let me start by saying I get THE WORST hangovers EVER! Like I cannot physically get out of bed and think I might die kind of hangovers. For any normal person, this may deter them from drinking in such large quantities but I am not one such person.

In my defence I’m usually just super thirsty, then further dehydrated by the alcohol, thus order more – if someone could point me in the direction of some water at this stage that’d be fab cause I clearly forget that it exists and happens to be y’know, the most hydrating thing ever.

I’m going to liken hangovers to child birth – stick with me here cause no I obviously haven’t had a child if I’m likening it to hangovers BUT I’m talking about the after math, the OMG THAT WAS AWFUL IM NEVER DOING IT AGAIN and then oops your pregnant/hanging beyond belief! (Hopefully not both!)

I was in this sorry state last weekend (hungover not pregnant) and it threw me so out of whack that I’ve only just got back on top of my game. I’d been so productive at the beginning of the year and got myself into a nice little routine of gym, keeping the flat tidy, upping my self care and BAM! I got drunk and ruined it all!

I was in bed ALL weekend, only leaving to lay on my friends sofa and eat mozzarella sticks whilst watching Disney films. I ordered the most gigantic dominos all to myself, ate sweets, fizzy drinks, didn’t go to the gym. I was in a bad way and it left me in such a funk.

I HATE being hungover and I hate losing my weekends to this foul beast, it’s the most frustrating thing and it’s never worth it. I’m not even the type of person who needs to get smashed to have a good time which annoys me even more when I do.

This post is basically a release of negativity for me because I beat myself up SO MUCH when I do this. I want to be able to read this back and be like yeah babe it’s not worth it just have a couple of glasses of wine this time or y’know none at all!

I get so on track with my fitness and eat reasonable well and then throw it all away for one drunken night that makes me miserable! I take my hat off to those with self control – teach me your ways! Maybe I’ll just drive everywhere then I won’t have a choice and I’ll wake up with a fist pump, feeling fresh as a daisy with no regrets.

I’m not saying I’m going to stop drinking completely cause I like a cheeky tipple as much as the next person but as with anything, it’s about moderation and self control.

I want my liver to hold out for all my years, I want beautiful glowy skin, I want rock hard abs (LOLZ) and I won’t get any of those things binge drinking then eating through my hangover – your not 16 18 anymore Laura …. get a grip!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who goes through this!

Peace and love xoxo

Payday millionaire

A payday millionaire is someone who lives the champagne lifestyle on pay day and regrets it for the rest of the month. You see those figures in your bank account, get a little over excited, get a little frivolous and then OOPS you’re in your overdraft. The worst offender in this is of course the Christmas payday millionaire, because if you’re company is like mine you will get paid super early and your money will have to stretch a lot further.

Paymentsense recently did some research and found that out of all these yolo!, payday!, friyay! people, a third will change their eating habits at the end of the month – why? Cause they’re bloody skint!

If like me the payday millionaire is a concept way too real for you then I could not recommend a slow cooker purchase more! Next pay day when you’re looking to flash your cash, make sure this is top of your list, especially in winter! It enables you to cook so many cheap meals in bulk and keeps you eating like a king even at the end of the month.

So here’s my fave under slow cooker recipe, this bad boy comes in at around £5 depending what you chuck in and it can be cooked in bulk, frozen and reheated (although you should probably look up how to reheat properly, I hold no responsibility for your salmonella 🙂 ).

I’ve made this a meat dish but it can be adapted to suit your diet and if you just use a load of veggies the price is likely to come down even more!


Chicken (I tend you use breast cause I’m weird about meat on the bone but you can use any cut)

Veg: I like to use frozen suede and carrot mix with sweet corn. Frozen veg is perfect for the slow cooker!

Butter Beans – for a bit of texture!

Herbs: my faves for this dish are garlic and mixed herbs

Salt and pepper

Stock – either cubes or the jelly ones from Knorr, sometimes I use both to thicken it up more. You can also use packet casserole mixes which are super cheap!


Chuck your chicken in the slow cooker. Add herbs, salt and pepper. Add veg. Mix stock with water as directed on packet and add to slow cooker.
Cook on low for 6-8 hours. I tend to do mine in the morning and head off to work so dinner is ready when I get home! (It will also make your home smell heavenly.) I would add the butter beans in about an hour before it’s done so they keep a decent texture. Have it with potatoes, pasta, salad or on its own and as I said, any left overs can be frozen for another day.

Remember, you don’t have to scrimp on your food, there are so many low cost meals out there that are dreamy for your taste buds and your bank balance.

Click here to read paymentsense’s blog on being a payday millionaire– it’s actually really quite interesting and maybe a little too close to home for me!

If you have a favorite slow cooker recipe PLEASE send it my way! I’m looking to expand my horizons with the nifty appliance.

Peace and Love xoxo

*** please see disclaimer

Organisation is key…

Happy New Year!!!

Ok so I know we are a few days into January but I have mainly been taking this time to get back to reality, deal with it really badly and try to stay on track.

I haven’t made any new years resolutions as such but you may have seen my posts on the full and new moons?! Basically I am setting monthly intentions. They may be the same each month or they could change but the beauty of it is, you aren’t setting a number of goals at the beginning of the year and then feeling like crap when you don’t achieve them. Setting intentions monthly allows you to review your goals, say goodbye to anything that isn’t serving you well and renew what is important to you. Personally I think this is a much healthier way of doing things!

All of your intentions should be positive too. For example I want to stop being such a lazy slob, but instead of having this as my goal I have flipped it to be more positive and set a number of intentions with this as my motive; such as be more organised and self care.

Does anyone else lay around thinking of all the things they need to do but do just that… think about them and never actually do them? Me too and that was my motivation behind this one. I am usually quite good to begin with and then it all goes down hill but I really want this to work!

I am the type of person who will have all the stuff to make lunch for the next day, who will think about making said lunch but will instead chose to watch netflix in bed whilst aimlessly scrolling through social media….. NO LAURA!!! This is not the kind of person I want to be SO organisation is top of my agenda!

I’ve had a super domesticated weekend and sitting here on a Sunday evening typing this, I really feel like I’ve got my shit together! I mean not in all ways…. I did drive to Tesco this afternoon without my purse and had to swiftly revert back home to get it *FACE PALM*.

But here are some things I did this weekend to make that Monday morning back to reality January snooze fest a little easier:


I am literally ashamed at how gross my flat got! Especially as I spent the majority of the Christmas period doing naff all, so after a double gym sesh on Saturday I came home with all the energy and all the motivation! We actually have cleaners most of the time but I’m feeling the January pinch sooooo poor first world problems Laura must do her own cleaning…. just call me Cinderella. Which is basically how I felt, literally on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor but MY GOD do I feel bloody splendid now! I am 100% one of those people who is effected by their surroundings, if my home is a mess…. so am I. It throws everything off track. But now all is sparkly and good in the world!


Getting back into some form of fitness regime is doing wonders for my motivation. I started the year feeling a bit crap about my body, as I’m at the higher end of my comfort zone weight wise. But I forced myself to actually look in the mirror and not see the vision of myself I think I should be and I’m like babes you have a great bod, you have your bod! It does amazing things for you and you for it. This self acceptance makes going to the gym or doing any kind of physical activity so much better and healthier cause you aren’t punishing yourself. You’re taking me time, some self care time, some time away from social media and work and chores. That alone is enough to give yourself a mental high five and I mean the endorphins help!


As mentioned, after arriving at Tesco for the second time today, equipped with my bank card, I did a big ole weekly food shop. Now I wouldn’t say I’m on a diet or a health kick at all cause y’know, cheese, but I am making conscious choices about certain things. My current diet generally consists of a protein shake for breakfast, home made energy balls as a snack, chicken and sweet potato for lunch and whatever for dinner (usually pasta tuna pesto and cheese – old habbits die hard.) I find that prepping my lunches before hand makes SUCH a difference. Knowing how lazy I am I realise that if I leave it, I won’t end up making anything and will have to buy stuff and let me tell you, those costs rack up! So today I’ve made enough chicken and sweet potato (roasted) to take me to Wednesday where I will have to do more and enough energy balls for the entire week.


So you may be grossed out to know that until last Sunday I had never washed a make up brush. I’ve bought new ones sure but I’ve never cleaned them. Now, in a bid to help my skin I have taken to cleaning the brushes I have used that week on the Sunday. I do this with warm water and baby shampoo and OMG so soft and lovely to use after!


I cannot be the only one who goes to bed with the intention of springing up in the morning and girl bossing life but actually leaves it till the last minute and runs around like a headless chicken!? I am not a morning person, not by any stretch! I wake up and lay there like nope…. I literally argue with myself about it every morning, I know I should just get up but my body will not. Now if you know this about yourself it makes SO much difference if you prep everything the night before. This allows you to get up and autopilot through your morning thanking your past self for the stress relief. I did this all of last week except for Thursday night (for Friday morning) and I could really tell the difference. One of the main things I do is pick an outfit for the next day because if I have to stand there half asleep in the morning and pick something, we could be there all day.

So these are just a few things that are helping me at the moment and they’re obviously based on my lifestyle but I think the general concept of being organised is something we can all benefit from!

Let me know if you have any tips on being organised and staying motivated.

Peace and Love xoxo

2016 – the review 

Ok so this post is more for me, to reflect on a fab year and move onto the next! 


Manchester | London health show | trinity house drinks reception for sailors society | bloggers below zero at the ice bar | court tour in London 


Amsterdam | friends engagement party | my 25th birthday (and terrible spa experience) | jons grandad passed | Lee Stafford event | fancy dress party for friends bday 


Spring fling – work party | organised blogger meet up | work trip to Germany 


quiz night to save gorillas | blogger dinner at Jamie’s Chelmsford | full body medical | aerial taster day | meeting baby lamb at lathcoats | wedding make up trial 


Bought my wedding dress | saturated colour event | Darren’s heart attack | 3 year flat anniversary | P&I exam (passed) | reggae day 


Work hen do | afternoon tea for step nans bday | unlimited pizza and prosecco at sway |dorset to visit holly with Jenna | law firm summer party | mini hen do with mother in law – afternoon tea and spa | globe theatre – midsummer nights dream – for Jenna’s bday | met gok wan 


Hen weekend! | afternoon tea for mums bday | stampede review at lakeside | sushi samba | joined a walking group for the night | got wedding rings | big blogger expo | gilgamesh with Jenna | promotion 


Yo sushi review | cottage with bridesmaids | MY WEDDING DAY! | Rome | Kath and sams wedding | v festival | wivenhoe to see Esther 


Dorset\weymouth | intu lakeside AW fashion event | cinema to see bad moms | casino | Cardiff for city of the unexpected with Millie | Hamburg for work | Work ball | zizzi night with Hannah gale and Elle next door | clothes swap party 


Put offer in on flat | afternoon tea with Jenna | met martina cole | ceremony of the keys at Tower of London | apple day at lathcoats | pumpkin decorating at gems country life | dinner at dads | international maritime law seminar | Carys’ Halloween party 


Taught self to wrap crystals | Manchester | bedlam exhibition at wellcome collection | VIP night at ASK Italian | sink the pink panto – down the rabbit hole | girls night roast with Jess and Lottie | Emma gannon Girlboss talk | RNLI charity dinner | vuelio blog awards | early Christmas dinner | German member reception in Hamburg 


Early Boxing Day | day in court | Christmas party | Christmas work lunch | bloggers winter wonderland | priors fight at evoke | dreamgirls | Christmas Eve drinks | moana with Rebecca

Click the links for posts, instagrams and YouTube videos relating to everything I’ve done this year! 

Hope you all had a great 2016! See you in 2017 my lovelies 🙂 

Peace and love xoxo  

New moon…

For those of you out there who feel like you need a fresh start and that a simple new year transition is not enough then this post is for you! Today is a new moon, the last new moon of 2016 in fact and this can be used to set you on the right track for 2017.

If you haven’t read my Full Moon post from a couple of weeks ago and need a little background on the whole subject, go give that a little read first. I’ll wait…….

Ok ready?!


So now the Full Moon and Christmas is out of the way it’s time for a New Moon. As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a lot of heightened energies around at this time and not all of them are welcomed. This may also be more prominent with a new moon as it has more of a subtle effect on your mental state.

SO what can you do this new moon to give you some peace, clarity and freedom from your demons. The new moon is all about letting go, having a fresh start and setting good intentions to move forward.

Now there are a few things you can do at this time and I have listed some below:

1. Write a goodbye letter.

This is usually something you would do on a full moon but if you didn’t then there is no time like the present!

Write a letter saying goodbye to anything negative in your life. Whatever you want to let go of, whatever is bringing you down, get it on paper. Scribble your inner most thoughts, get those demons out. It doesn’t even need to make sense as long as it makes you feel better.

Next you need to fold the piece (or pieces) of paper up….. And burn the shit out of them! Imagine all that negativity burning up into a ball of light and disappearing forever!

The physical act of burning something and actually seeing it vanish in front of your eyes will help you to let go!

2. Cleanse it away.

Run a bath, or a sink if you don’t have a bath. Imagine the running water to be a pure white light. Add in some Epsom or Himalayan salts and wash yourself in it.

When you wash, imagine washing away all the negativity and replacing it with pure white light. The salt will help to remove toxins from your body and increases circulation.

I’ve just found a great article which explains this a little more –

I will definitely be giving one of these ago, getting my brain all ready for a fresh new year!

3. Set intentions.

Intentions are a bit like new years resolutions except you make them monthly. Personally I think this is a more realistic way of setting goals that wont lead to failure because you can analyse how they’re going throughout the month and re set at intentions at the next new moon.

Obviously you can set intentions at any time but the energy from a new moon can help with manifesting.

Try writing down what you want to achieve, maybe even draw a picture of it. Make it come to life in your mind. If you have read my previous post on your vibe attracting your tribe then you will note my theory on believing things will happen. Set your intentions as if they have already happened, as if they are already yours. Truly believe in them. But don’t forget to put the work into achieving your goals as well.

I am currently reading Moonology by Yasmin Boland which takes you through the different stages of the moon and how to get the most out of each one. So far it’s been really interesting so I would recommend checking that out, or something similar if you would like to know more!!


I’ve also been made aware that burning sandalwood is good for moon manifesting. This is of course open to interpretation and you can choose whatever scent works for you. However, Semra from mama moon kindly sent me a sandalwood candle to try and I thought I’d share the description with you here:

Sandalwood is magically and spiritually powerful. It’s soothing aroma soothes the conscious mind before moon rituals, and promotes higher levels of consciousness helping with personal growth, spiritual inspiration and manifesting peace.

Happy healing everyone, hope you have a fab new moon and a wonderful new year! See you on the flip side.

Peace and love xoxo

Full Moon…

Have you been trying to get focussed recently but just cannot seem to get your shit together?! Are you feeling out of sorts? Are you tossing and turning all night but that active little brain of yours wont let you sleep? Yeah me too BUT never fear my lovelies, you are not spiralling out of control, you are just reacting to PMS or Pre Moon Syndrome (Yes I totally just made that up, but the concept behind it is a thing.)

I’m sure there are many of you out there that think all this moon controlling your moods is a load of bull crap but let’s just take a second to think about what the moon CAN do and what has been scientifically proven.

Well mainly the moon moves the sea. That little glowy mystical circle of light in our night sky physically moves gigantic bodies of water with its super strong gravitational pull. Now with that in mind, and considering our bodies are made up of around 70% water, it would be crazy to assume that the moon does NOT effect us.

I know right! This simply put concept was told to me by Semra from mama moon recently and it blew my mind! Of course…. It makes SO much sense!


Much like us ladies the moon has a monthly cycle, so basically we are mini earth moons? I’m sure that’s correct *insert moon face emoji here*. On a full and a new moon the moon and the sun are working in conjunction making the gravitational pull on earth and ultimately on us a lot stronger!

Now clearly I’m no expert on this but I find it fascinating, so if I’m slightly off on anything please let me know in the comments.

According to a couple of articles I’ve read, the increased pressure and pull on the earth can cause an increase in the strength of negative energies; this is why everyone is bat shit crazy around a new or full moon. This is also why we need to be more aware of when they occur in order to explain our changes in mood and not beat ourselves up about it.

The full moon and increased frequencies can cause your subconscious mind to play all sorts of tricks on you and it will heighten whatever you have lurking around in there. Be kind to yourself at this time! The phrase “It’s not me it’s the moon” may come in handy.

The main difference between a full moon and a new moon is light. To clarify, a full moon is when the earth see’s the illuminating side where a new moon is when we are shown the dark side. It is currently full moon time, with the transition happening this evening and the actual full moon being present tomorrow. This increased illumination and heightened activity of the mind can work in your favour so if you have any projects on the horizon, now is the time to do it.

It is also a great time to cleanse any crystals you may have, leave them on the windowsill and let the moon light do it’s thing.

But for those of you who want to get more involved, if you want a deeper connection with the moon and the universe, here is a little ritual that Semra sent me which you can try out tomorrow evening ….

The full moon thing that I was telling you about is a lovely way to connect with the moon when it’s full.
Get a bowl of water ( even better if its water that has been infused with crystals like rose quartz or Amethyst.
Hold the bowl with water to reflect the moons light in the water… allow the moon light to connect with the  water … after a few minutes place your hands
In the water and let them dry naturally … you will feel the power of the moon on your finger tips… I also bottle this water and put a little splash on myself when I need a bit of extra power! 
I’m excited for you to try it out, so simple and so effective.

This all blows my mind… Our planet, our solar system, our universe is such an amazing thing and to truly be able to connect to the elements is a beautiful concept.

Let me know if you give this a try either and if you have any interesting thoughts, concepts or articles around this subject please share!!

Peace and love xoxo

Wedding gift guide…

I absolutely love buying people gifts, whether it’s birthdays or Christmas or just a random “saw this and thought of you”. It fills me with so much joy handing a little prezzie over to someone and seeing their face light up.

Jon and I are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives and it’s no surprise that we were inundated with offers of help for the wedding so to show our gratitude we decided to give some gifts.

Some people might find this a strange post do to but I have actually been approached by a couple of brides who have no idea what gifts to get for their wedding party and I know I struggled to come up with ideas so I’m hoping this might help some couples out.

As far as possible I will leave links to the items or something similar. I will not however detail the price and ask that if you received a gift from us you don’t follow the link haha!

Also a little FYI I was in charge of getting presents for people on my side and Jon was in charge of his side so I don’t have links or pictures for them (although I did get his mum a little something just from me.)

Mum (of the bride) Darren (step dad) and Rebecca (sister/bridesmaid) 

My mum was an absolute superstar during the whole wedding process. She listened to my continuous stream of wedding chat, calmed me down in times of dire stress and helped me out wherever she could. Both her and my stepdad gave us some money towards the wedding which really helped us out and Darren drove me and my bridesmaids to the venue in the morning.

I wanted to get them all something special that they would remember forever. My mum and I love a show and try to go at least once a year. I knew my sister wanted to see this and my step dad would love it so I got them all tickets to see the Lion King in London. They may have been sitting right at the back but its a memory they will always have. I got these on and obviously the prices on there vary.

Oh I’d also got Darren “stepfather of the bride” socks and my mum a “mother of the bride” tote bag and an embroidered handkerchief.


I literally could not have asked for better bridesmaids, from organising the most amazing hen do, to dealing with my meltdowns and spreadsheets, they were absolute troopers! I decided to get them a few little bits, some keep sakes and some practical so I’ll just list these below.

Tote bag

Engraved Champagne glass

Bracelet (that happened to just match the dresses perfectly!) (similar here)

Bride squad pjs

Make up bag of goodies – the make up bag was from Primark and the goodies were mainly from superdrug including hair clips, hair bands, deodorant, hand santizer etc. I put paracetemol in the older girls bags and hayfever tablets in my sisters but considering the state of her I should have put paracetemol in them all LOL.

Obviously I’d got my sister the Lion King tickets so for the older girls – to melt the stress of the wedding prep away – I got them Virgin Active spa day vouchers. If I remember correctly these included access to the gym, swim, steam and sauna as well as a facial and a massage. These were purchased from (similar here)

Dad (of the bride) and Debbie (step mum)

We were very lucky to have these two contribute towards our beautiful venue which we couldn’t have had without them. So to say thank you we got them what they would enjoy best – A magnum bottle of prosecco! This was from cash and carry (shhh don’t rat me out!)

And of course dad got “father of the bride” socks.

Louise and Jodie (step sisters)

These two made my beautiful (and delicious) cake! I got Louise some Ferrero Roche and Jodie a bottle of barefoot rose (the best rose ever!!! I’m glad she agreed).

George (Nephew)

George filmed our day for us so to say thank you we got him a H&M voucher.

Tom (Maid of Honour’s boyfriend)

Tom provided us with all the lovely wood for the wedding! The cake base, the table centres, the sweet table stands. So to say a massive thank you to this beardy pirate we got him a bottle of Kraken rum!


Mother of the Groom

Also a massive help in the wedding process, helping Jon especially with the parts he was in charge of. I think he may have had a meltdown without her!

Jon got her some perfume but to say a special thank you just from me I got her a bracelet with the engraving “Thank you for raising the man of my dreams”. (the pearl coloured one)

George (Jon’s brother)

George was a ring bearer and a great job he did too! Jon got him some cufflinks to wear on the day.

Mitch (Best man)

Mitch was the perfect best man, he did a great speech that people are still talking about and was so helpful on the day (especially during the photos.) I believe Jon also got him some cufflinks and some money.


Kerry is a family friend of Jon’s mum and she saved the day in terms of our cake topper! I tried and failed so many times to make and buy what I wanted but it was Kerry who nailed it – I literally felt relief wash over me when I got the picture! We sent her some flowers.

And then of course there were the presents we got for each other.


Jon got me the most beautiful watch (gold and marble, so blogger!)


I made Jon a little wedding day hamper which consisted of an engraved hip flask, a little bottle of glenfiddich, some whiskey stones and a cigar.

I also framed this little happy engagement note for him which was the last thing his nan had written before passing away in the February.

So there we have it! There is a chance I’ve missed something but you get the gist. Some might argue this was a little excessive but hey I got a decent bonus and what better way to spend it than to show gratitude to those nearest and dearest to us!

Click the links to get to the websites we purchased from and I hope this provides you with some inspo! And obviously a lot of these can be used as gifts for anything, not just a wedding. Let me know if you get anything from the list!

Peace and Love xoxo