#bigbloggerexpo – Food

As promised here is the first in my series of spin off’s from the big blogger expo and what better way to start than with one of my true loves…. Food!

Food is a glorious thing, not only nourishing our bodies and keeping them going but also giving us all the feels, comfort and inside hugs! (Let’s ignore the part where it can makes us squidgy emotional wrecks shall we?!)

So let’s dive in….. (I could dive into a pool of cheddar right now mmmmmm 17 days without it guys, give me strength!)

Chia Bia

Ok so first up is ChiaBia a company started by Barrie Rogers and Ray Owens, their main aim – bringing affordable Chia to Europe. Why? Because it’s amazing!

You may have heard chia seeds described as a super food and Barrie discovered first hand that this was the case when they aided his recovery from a back injury with their anti inflammatory properties.

Other such benefits include:



Lower risk of heart disease

You can research these benefits and more yourself but you get the gist…. They’re bloody awesome!

Chia Bia kindly gifted a packet of their seeds and a bar. Now I’m no stranger to chia and usually incorporate the seeds into my overnight oats for breakfast! They give it an interesting texture and a little crunch but have no real taste – just tons of goodness.

The chia bar I had never tried before but it was so good! It’s a perfect on the go snack to curb those cravings! It’s not totally healthy but it’s a great alternative to that kit Kat or twix! It’s also super textured which I love! I’m deffo a texture girl, I’m more likely not to like something for that rather than taste. No taste is over powering either so it should be pretty palatable to everyone.

You can find out more information on the company and what they offer here… CHIA BIA


Aduna treated us to some of their baobab powder. Baobab is another superfood – it is a 100% natural and organic African fruit.

Benefits include:

Immune function

Skin health

Energy release

Again, like the chia seeds I added this to my overnight oats. It gave my breakfast a subtle citrus flavour…. Perfect for people who aren’t keen on adding whole pieces of fruit to their oats but wanting to reap the benefits!

Not only this but the company itself have a fantastic mission! Their aim is to create sustainable livelihoods in rural Africa. So you aren’t just getting fab nutrients into your body, you are also helping communities in need! What’s not to love?

Find out more here: ADUNA


Ok this was by far my favourite food item that I received!

I’m not the biggest chocolate fan in the world and I’m not a great lover of dark chocolate as its way too bitter for my liking but after reading about the benefits of cacao, I started to introduce it into my diet. I currently add cacao to my overnight oats and occasionally make energy balls with it too.

Benefits of cacao include: 

Hormone balancing

Protects heart

Mood enhancing

Helps shed fat

Yep, it tastes like chocolate BUT it’s so good for you! It’s like a dream come true.

I don’t find it to be as bitter as dark chocolate but it’s not quite as milky and dreamy as dairy milk.

Then Ombar came along with its “coco mylk” bar and OH MY LIFE it’s delicious! So creamy and like velvet on your tongue. BUT it’s totally dairy free which is great if you’re lactose intolerant, vegan or if you’re like me, cutting down to help with skin issues.

To get your hands on these babies and find out more about the benefits and processes head to the website here: OMBAR

Borders Biscuits

Now it’s not every day that you’re gifted two dark chocolate gingers! No!? Too dad joke?? You’re right lets pretend that never happened!

Ok so biscuits…..

I’ve actually only recently got into ginger and usually have it in the form of herbal tea (or ginger beer with my rum). I was actually pleasantly surprised to note that I really enjoyed these biscuits, especially as they were dark chocolate but the tastes paired nicely!

This may not be as healthy as the other items mentioned but if you’re after a decadent little treat and you’re a ginger fan, then this my friend might just be for you, with its fiery kick and it’s delectable crunch. It’s probably the naughtiest thing I’ve eaten for some time now which probably goes towards why I enjoyed it so much!

Borders “about us” section on their website may be one of the most British things I’ve ever read! But you can tell that they’re are passionate about biscuits and what they can represent, therefore striving for quality in every crumb! Follow this link to find out more: BORDER BISCUITS

Let me know if you try any of these yummy treats or if they are already a personal fave’s of yours!

Peace and Love xoxo

PS I wrote this post a while ago so my 17 days without cheddar is now about 10 mins BUT I did go for a whole 4 months without any so yeah there’s that. I’m also eating cake as I edit this … don’t judge!

Getting wedding ready…

17 DAYS TO GO GUYS! Just in case you were wondering🙂

I’m currently feeling like a shell of my former self, I am a hormonal, emotional, lethargic little bean and I need to get a grip!

Why am I feeling like this? Oh let me see… mother nature has reared her ugly head! My flat is an absolute tip (you know they say clean home, clean mind…. well currently I am the opposite with no real energy to do anything about it) and lastly I HAVEN’T HAD CHEESE FOR 12 DAYS!!

Who even am I?!?

Ok so I know giving up cheese is a bit drastic, and when I say a bit I mean catastrophic disaster leading me to be on the verge of a bitch fit 24/7! BUT I want to be beautiful on my wedding day so swings and roundabouts.

We all know dairy is not kind to the skin so I am trying to cut waaaaaaaaaaaay down in the hopes that I am basically the new gold snapchat filter on the day!

Please #prayforLaura at this difficult time….  although probably more necessary #prayforJon!

But in all seriousness I am truly trying to clean up my diet… It currently consists of a lot of chicken, salmon and spinach! Cutting down on anything processed, dairy or carby.

I did purchase the Nutribuddy 2 week kit but tbh I’m not great with taking things or having to use my brain for anything that is not wedding related right now. I have had the odd protein shake though (sometimes in the space of breakfast when I haven’t had time to get anything).

I’ve also been upping my gym game! My main classes at the moment are, bootybarre, burn 360 and body pump (well I did my first pump class yesterday and nearly died but I plan to carry on!) I’m also partial to a body attack class but my ankle has decided to swell up so that’s fab! Better keep to the lower impact options.

The above classes focus mainly on muscle tone/building with some cardio type sections (which are absolutely killer). Both burn 360 and pump incorporate weights, where bootybarre is about using your body weight and doing all these weird squat moves until you want to scream – sounds great right?! Body attack on the other hand  is running and jumping around like a lunatic, sweating out of places you never knew existed!

Ok I’m not really selling this to you am I?! These classes are actually really fun… well I think so anyway. Maybe I’m weirdly sadistic without realising but we all know that exercise releases endorphins and therefore makes you happy soooooooo there’s that.

I tell you what doesn’t make me happy…. this cute little bloat I’ve got going on the day before my final dress fitting.

Can we all just take a second to appreciate how hard being a girl is?!

Ok so I don’t really know where I’m going with this post?! Basically wedding prep physically is going well, emotionally – well that’s debatable!

All jokes aside I am SO BLOODY EXCITED! Only one full week left at work and then shit gets real! Only 17 more days as Miss Laura Butcher till I start a brand new life as Mrs Grant (which begins with me stuffing all the pizza, cheese and pasta into my face on our trip to Rome – Oh lord I can’t wait.)

Peace and Love xoxo


Normally Sunday’s are for laying around in your pants watching Netflix BUT sometimes something comes along to change those very important plans.

This Sunday, that came in the shape of the Big Blogger Expo! An event hosted by LDN Meet Up in order to get bloggers and brands together.

So off I headed to the Danubius hotel in London, sun shining and resisting the urge to play Pokemon go cause girl needed that phone battery to last!

Luckily, I’m not the kind of person who is afraid to attend events alone and I’ll often say yes without really thinking too much about it. For some reason though I couldn’t shake thoughts of walking around by myself all day (as I have done previously) and let’s just say, it didn’t give me all the feels!

However, when I arrived any such thoughts were totally diminished as I bumped into numerous bloggers I’d met at previous events. It’s so nice to see those friendly familiar faces and feel like you’re not totally alone! It also made me realise that I’m not doing too bad… as bloggers we all have those “am I good enough” “what am I doing” “does anyone actually read this” phases and this was just a small affirmation that hey, you’re doing ok!

Obviously there’s too many blogger babes to mention but I just wanted to give a particularly massive shout out to the following girls for making it such a fab day, Char, Emma, Maryam and obviously Lauren and Abi who put so much time and effort into the event.

Onto the event itself…

Well, it was beautifully set out across two separate rooms making it spacious enough to comfortably speak to each brand in turn without feeling like you’re being swamped. The brands were so lovely and really interesting, happy to answer any questions and super enthusiastic about what they were doing. I think it’s a real testament to a product or a service, when the sales people look genuinely excited about it.

Lauren had come up with a new system for this years event; all blogger attendees were required to get a stamp from every brand before being able to collect their goody bag at the end of the day.

Personally I think this is a great idea! It really weeds out the good from the bad and ensures that us bloggers actually take some time to build a relationship or at least strike up a conversation with a brand in order to be rewarded with amazing products. Cause is that not why we are there in the first place?! It also means that certain brands who may not have had as much attention, actually get to see and speak to everyone.

For example I wouldn’t ordinarily have spoken to the baby stall, not having children myself however, I actually found the whole concept really interesting and the prices to be super reasonable. I mean who doesn’t know someone who’s having a baby right now? It seems like everyone’s pregnant!!!

And same goes for the cosmetic surgery stand who were extremely informative on what they offer and how it all works, I don’t know if it’s something I would personally consider but it’s nice to know your options and be fully aware of what’s available.

I will be doing some separate review posts on the attending brands, testing out some of the products we were given and these will most likely be grouped in categories like food brands and beauty brands so keep an eye out for those!

I think events like this are so useful especially if you’re newer to blogging. It gives you a safe and friendly environment in which to network and showcase your blog, your skills and yourself! I know a lot of people can get nervous or anxious about going to these things but I really couldn’t recommend them more, not only are you put in contact with some fantastic brands which could see you building life long partnerships, you also get to meet new people and make genuine friends with people who understand your passion, what it is you actually do and how much time and effort you put in!

I’ve been to a couple of LDN Meet Up events now and have always come away feeling so positive and motivated! Lauren is fantastic at not only coming up with these ideas but putting them into practice, so another massive thanks to her! Make sure you check out the website for upcoming events – especially the newly announced masquerade ball which is set to take place in November!!

If you have any questions about these events or anything else I’ve mentioned then please let me know or feel free to give Lauren a shout on social media🙂

Peace and love xoxo

Kitten kollege…

WARNING: This post may cause you to cry from cuteness and run out immediately to purchase a kitten.

When this adorable little op landed itself in my inbox I was suddenly struck by a realisation, and that realisation is… the lack of cat blogging going on here!

I feel like the worst cat mum ever, why am I not featuring her as my star babe on the regs? Why isn’t she wiggling her way into my words?

WELL this changes here my friends and I would like to dedicate this post to my little panther princess…. Lola❤

 Ok enough of the guilt, let’s get onto the cuteness that is kittens! Now we adopted Lola at the ripe old age of 4/5 (they weren’t 100% sure which) so we actually got a pretty sweet deal in that she was already fully trained. However, if you are swooning over that cheeky kitty you’ve seen and you just can’t think of anything else than bringing them home to be part of your family… well you better be prepared!

Luckily for you, Whiskas has developed a fool proof plan in the shape of their new YouTube venture. Kitten Kollege is a series of informative video’s on a variety of topics such as how to choose your kitten, understanding kitten sounds and litter training. Not only do they equip you with everything you need to know, they are also full of the most gorgeous little furry babes that will have your heart doing all sorts of backflips!

If you have a kitten or are considering getting one, make sure you check out their channel. The videos are short and sweet with only the slight distraction of miniscule meows, enough to make you weep with wanting.

And as a taster you can watch the litter training video here:

It truly amazes me how animals become trained to do things like use a litter tray. I mean I know we potty train little humans but we are on the same level you know? Like we both have opposable thumbs. The mind boggles!?

Let me know what you think of the videos and whether they help you in any way!! (I am now off to suppress the NEED to buy a kitten.)

(Unfortunately this ball of sweetness and light doesn’t belong to me but my friend Louise – @louc1305)

Peace and Love xoxo

*Please see disclaimer

Stampede at Intu Lakeside…

Last Wednesday saw me doing that thing women are supposed to be real good at…. Multitasking!

With my mother dear in tow we headed to Lakeside in Essex for two reasons… 1. To find my mum a cracking wedding outfit and 2. To try out the newest addition to the food court – Stampede!

I’d looked up the menu to Stampede weeks previous in anticipation and had been dreaming of succulent burgers dripping with cheese. But first things first we needed to get that outfit, no use trying dresses on with a food baby amiright?!

Luckily for us we were on some kind of crazy amazing roll and we literally kept stumbling upon the perfect items! The dress, the shoes, the bag! So we were more than ready for a celebratory lunch when 1 o’clock came around.

Stampede is probably the first stand you see when entering the food court, nestled to the right of the escalator. This is mainly because it’s brightly coloured, pumping music and has a giant bull out the front. It seems to be the only place with any kind of atmosphere which I loved! We were served by a super friendly, helpful guy (unfortunately I didn’t catch his name!) the only difficult part was deciding what to have!

Considering the wedding is only a month away now, I opted for a light weight burger (instantly regretting my decision when I saw my mums middleweight burger come out!) we went for two sides, sweet potato fries and onion strings and I got a vanilla milkshake ’cause hump day!

Carrying the tray to the table, people were literally staring at me with that goggle eyed food envy only the sweet smell of something delicious can bring on! I can’t lie to you, the smell was incredible, I was jealous of myself! The ladies on the table next to us exclaimed how gutted they were that they’d opted for a jacket potato! I’d be gutted too guys!

I hadn’t had any breakfast in prep for this feast but I wasn’t really prepared for how much food there would actually be! The sides come in such large portions that one is deffo enough to share between two! And I would 100% recommend the onion strings LORD HAVE MERCY I could have cried at this crispy little bowl of heaven!

The burgers were so juicy and dripping in cheese, just like I’d dreamed! (Although not easy to eat and keep your feminine mystique, but come on, who gives a crap just get that burger in my mouth stat!) of course we also added bacon, cause bacon!

Oh and let’s not forget the milkshake… Literally like melted ice cream, just the way I like it and my mum revelled in scooping up the cream once I’d finished!

Safe to say there were two very happy tummies in that food court on Wednesday! Totally defeated by the sheer mass of what we had eaten, the food coma set in! Sweet, delicious, worthy food coma… I was ready for a nap.

I was also so full that I didn’t even have dinner that night, that meal literally set me up for the entire day!

If you happen to be passing through lakeside anytime soon and you are partial to a humble burger…. Do not leave without heading to Stampede, you will regret it!

Let me know if you give it a try and tag me in your food porn pics on insta! (@lifebylaurax)

Peace and love xoxo

Majestic maxi’s

Yep, I 100% googled “adjective’s beginning with an m” to find a title for this post and I’m not sure if it even makes sense but who cares ’cause alliteration is always fun!

So if you live in England you’ll probably have noticed that our weather has issues. Mother Nature is a little bipolar this year and maybe she should consider some counselling or something?!

Not only is this just plain annoying it’s also a massive inconvenience when deciding what to wear, you need to be prepared for every possible weather condition and let me tell you, that aint easy!

Cue the humble maxi dress… now while this is not totally practical in all weathers, its kind of summery but also covers enough of you so that if it rains you don’t get hypothermia. It can be coupled with a jacket or worn alone and is basically a dress for all seasons. For this reason I have picked my top 3 maxi dresses from my collection (of about 5) to give you a little inspiration this bipolar summer…

1.Colourful maxi from New Look.

Now you probably won’t get this in stores anymore so soz about that cause I deffo got this about 5 years ago. I literally love this dress though! I do kind of feel like you need an occasion to wear it but in reality there is nothing stopping you from rockin’ this for the pure colourful, magical hell of it!

I’m not going to lie to you, this is a little heavy, and by that I mean thick! But in the current climate that is so perfect, you get to look like a summer fairy but you’re not bothered by a little breeze.

2.The black fringed babe from JD Williams

This is a new little number to my collection and I am loving this fringe detail! Think Pocahontas turned summer goth and this is what you get! I can see myself sitting outside a bar in the sun, white wine spritzer and ice in hand, swinging my fringe like I just don’t care.

I would say this is not a dress to go adventuring in as the bottom doesn’t have much give but you can totally dress this down for a lunch time meet or add some sassy heels and a killer necklace for date night!

Not only this but the fringe is super good at hiding a sneaky food baby!

Shop this dress here: Fringed Jersey Maxi Dress

3.The green temptress that makes you feel like Angelina Jolie that time her leg poked out her dress, from New Look.

And I’ve saved the best till last. Another new dress added to my collection and I cannot stop wearing it! I wore it to brunch after my hen weekend and to afternoon tea for my mums birthday. Again it can be dressed up or down and the slits up the side not only make it breezy as hell (essential for a sweaty betty like myself) but also make your feel all levels of sass!

Let’s not forget that Khaki is SO IN right now so I’m basically one of the cool kids when I wear this… right?!?!?!

Shop this dress here: Khaki Tie Waist Strappy Maxi Dress

How are you guys feeling about maxi’s this year? Are they a staple in your collection or are you more of a mini/midi girl?

Make sure to tag me in your insta pics should you snap any of these babies up!

Peace and Love xoxo

** Please see disclaimer

Photo credit: @peppercorn_pot (instagram)

My Hen Weekend…

I literally don’t know how to start this post because I cannot even begin to describe to you what an amazing weekend I had!

My hen weekend was a complete surprise, I left the whole thing (apart from the guest list) in the trusty hands of my bridesmaids and boy did they do good! You know you’ve got some goodens when they just get you better than you even get yourself…. Everything was perfect! (Soz not soz for all the gushing in the post guys.)


So all I knew about my weekend was that I was staying in London from Friday to Sunday and that I needed three outfits, I was given criteria to follow when buying them and drove my maid of honour mad sending her pics and asking her questions!

Thursday night I barely slept cause I was so freakin excited! It’s a strange thing, being excited for something you know nothing about, for all I knew I could be swimming with sharks. But I knew that I’d have my favourite people around me and we would be celebrating a love that I’ve had for 9 whole years and that in itself is good enough for me!

Ok so let’s get into the nitty gritty …. What did we actually do. Well Friday I was ushered onto the underground, still no idea where I was going until we got off at Camden. The girls has booked the cutest little Airbnb not far from the station as our base for the weekend. It had been adorned with goodies and looked so fab! We had matching kimonos, hen goodie bags, snacks and most importantly …. Prosecco! Jenna had also fashioned me a flower crown veil which I am SO IN LOVE WITH and want to wear forever more.

Friday night we kept things pretty chill, heading to Grand Union for dinner and cocktails (pornstars of course!) During the course of the evening we managed to spill an entire drink and have a bottle of ketchup explode all over us…. So pretty successful I’d say! Once we’d finished making a mess in Grand Union it was back to the flat for a slumber party, more snacks, more wine, face masks and kisstory – amazing!!

Saturday was the main event and after another night of no sleep (due to THE loudest freight trains ever) you’d think I’d have been tired. But how could I be tired??? I was beyond excited and that buzz kept me going till 4am! I’m getting ahead of myself here…. We got ready, took some obligatory selfies and jumped in an über to mareleybone, pulling up outside Brassiere 108 for afternoon tea with my nearest and dearest! We had a big long table filled with sandwiches, treats, scones and tea. I opted out of the alcohol as I didn’t want to peak too early (let’s just say me and day drinking have a sour history!) it was so lovely to spend time with my family and I did my best to try and spend time with everyone. It’s honestly such an amazing feeling when you sit in a room and think all of these people are here for me, they’re here cause they love me and want to wish me well! Heart warmth overload!!!


After we had eaten we were moved to the bar area and I may have indulged in a rum cocktail but it was oh so delicious and I don’t regret a thing!

We said our goodbyes and headed back to the flat to get ready for round 2! My step sisters came with us and we met a friend on the way…. Everyone else was meeting us at the next mystery venue!

Sometimes I think I enjoy getting ready more than actually going out. I mean maybe not on this occasion but I love getting all dressed up with my friends having a drink and dancing around without the interruption of other people you don’t know and don’t care to know. (This is why I need me a house ASAP!)

Back in another uber and as we got closer I knew exactly where we were going…. Proud Camden!! A delicious evening of boobs and bums, what more could you ask for haha but seriously I LOVE burlesque, it’s such a classy, entertaining and impressive art and I would encourage anyone to give a show a go at least once! Proud was incredible, the host, the two girls and the burlesque boy – the perfect mix of comedy, sexy and sass! Not only this but dinner was like a unicorn threw up in my mouth… Totally dreamy! I went for asparagus in Parma ham, and lamb – oh the lamb (insert a million heart eye emojis). Again I was surrounded by a big long table of my closest friends all ready to help me celebrate and I couldn’t have been happier!

Once the show was over it was time to dance! This took shape in the cabaret section where the show was until the doors to the club opened. We were ushered into a large square room filled with house music and I got a little worried, it was not my scene at all!!! BUT bridesmaids to the rescue and I was grabbed and dragged out of there and into our own private stable!!!! Better music, no annoying people, waitress all night YEP, NAILED IT. Oh and our very own swing in the corner, I mean come on!!! I literally did not stop dancing! I honestly had the time of my life and I wish I could relive that day over and over! My girls did me so unbelievably proud (pardon the pun) and I don’t know how I can ever repay them or express my gratitude enough!!!

We danced literally until we were thrown out and then set upon a cheesy chip hunt. Turns out Camden doesn’t stay open very late on the food front so we ended up with a bag of roast potatoes, a block of cheese and a do it yourself attitude!!

Sunday arrived and no hangover for Laura! I mean could this weekend get any more perfect?! All packed up, we said goodbye to our little getaway flat and headed to the city for breakfast! The Folly is definitely somewhere you need to go, purely because it is stunning!! The food is also delicious but that totally comes in second to the interior!

And that was it, time to say our goodbyes and head back to reality, or for me …. Head into married life! I couldn’t appreciate my girls anymore if I tried and also my friends and family for just being totally awesome people and giving me a weekend I will never ever forget!!!!!

Only 5 weeks to go guys! Eeeeek!!!

Peace and love xoxo

Finch and the fallow…

I remember the first time I discovered finch and the fallow, I saw that they were looking for bloggers to work with and their logo looked interesting so I went to check them out. However instead of applying to feature them on my blog I got over excited and ordered it all myself …. Some people may think this is crazy but A. I loved them too much to wait and see if I got selected and B. I’m all for supporting small business’ and what better way than buying your friends hilarious cards?

I scrolled through their selection and instantly thought yep, this is a bit of me right here! It was towards the beginning of the year so I decided to hook my main girls up with cards for their birthdays.

My purchases arrived super prompt and came accompanied by a little business card which said “believe in yourself” and sported a picture of a yeti riding a unicorn …. Obviously I instagramed this right away and it now takes pride of place on my desk (leaning against my Elsa action figure – cause I’m a proper grown up).

Now the tough part was having to wait to hand them out and when I mean wait I mean months! I was what one might call, an eager beaver! But now they’re all distributed I can finally share the wonders of finch and fallow with you lovely peeps!!

Whilst this isn’t a sponsored post and I purchased the cards, I did take it upon myself to contact the company, run by a lovely couple called Martin and Beth. I mentioned that I would love to feature them on my blog and asked if they’d mind telling me a little about their company. I was planning to rework the information they gave me into my own words and include it here but I literally could not say it better myself so from the mouths of the finch and fallow founders here’s a little bit about them…..

Finch and the Fallow began last year when I decided I wanted to create an online business, selling unique products for various occasions. I previously owned an Etsy shop but needed to refocus with the vision of a long term plan and brand. This is when Finch and the Fallow was born. It allowed me the freedom and flexibility that I desired with refining and creating my own products that fitted into my very own brand. Once, I’d stoked this inner fire I began to perform research. This led me towards the ‘gift giving’ market and the niche for unique and personalised items. This newly gathered knowledge along with inspiration from seeing other small businesses grow, paved my way into the ‘cottage industry’ and my brand took flight. 

Myself and my fiancée/business partner Beth have a love for wildlife and nature. This inspired us to create a brand with a natural foundation and theme, with an emphasis on ensuring we use as much recycled materials as possible for our products and packaging. For us ‘Finch and the Fallow’ represents the thrill of exploring nature and the excitement of discovering something new. Similarly we wanted this ethos for our brand. We chose a finch and a fallow deer as a representation of this. Along with the memorable yet simple name we wanted a logo that followed suit. We designed a clear yet emotive logo that would hopefully be recognisable and attractive to people of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to this our theme uses bright contemporary colours contrasted with a natural backdrop. You will find this throughout our social media platforms and website. 

Our main inspiration comes from the ‘funnies of everyday life’. Most of our ideas are developed from our own personalities and interests and that of family and friends. We are both total nerds and you will see this running through a lot of our products. Helping people to express their emotions during important life events and celebrations keeps our ‘imagination ball’ rolling to continue creating fresh designs. 

The future for Finch and the Fallow will involve branching out into other product areas such as wedding stationary, mugs, wall art and personalised products. Also, in the near future we hope to donate a percentage of our sales to various nature/wildlife charities and organisations. Finally our long term business goal will be to sell other hand picked products from small independent designers along side our original items.”

Don’t they sound amazing!!! Everything they’ve said I’m just like yes guys!!!! I’m so glad I got in contact with them and that I have this platform to be able to share things like this with a wider audience! I think it’s so important to support small business’, to help the little guys grow and achieve their dreams.

If you have any celebrations coming up, you know like a Wednesday or something, I would 100% recommend you check out finch and the fallow – you will not be disappointed!

And I’d like to give one last big thank you to Martin and Beth for getting involved and sharing their story!!!

Peace and love xoxo


Recently I was asked by Fran, from House of Blog, to write about my gym and I basically confessed my undying love for Virgin Active so I won’t repeat myself. (Although if you want to read my love letter then here’s the link for you –  Virgin Active Review)

What I’m bursting to discuss today though, is the Boditrax machine and how it shapes your views on weight. (You may have seen me mention this previously in my Gym Motivation post.)

This magical little babe has got me feeling so much better about myself, my body and my progress and I honestly think that this is an important topic to approach.

First the logistics… to use the Boditrax machine you log into your account, stand on the scales and pick up the hand sensors, as directed on the screen. The machine then scans your body and produces a report. Probably one of the best features is that you can log into your account on any device from their website and take a look at your stats (Not guna lie I do this on the regs!)


You’re probably thinking OH BORE ME LATER but if you are still reading then cheers for being a trooper! Cause the real reason I’m writing about this isn’t to promote the machine or the gym, it’s to ensure that you don’t base your progress purely on weight!

My favourite tool on the report is the “track” part. It’s basically a line graph showing your progress. Every time you have a reading it is logged on your account and your stats are updated.

On those days where I get on and my weight has gone up, I instantly get annoyed at myself (I mean who doesn’t beat themselves up over their weight?!) BUT when I check the other sections such as fat mass, muscle mass and water mass, it paints a completely different picture and I suddenly come to realise that maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself – especially when you don’t know all the facts.




I’m sure you’ve all heard a million times that muscle weighs more than fat but this machine really puts that into perspective. Take today for example, I got on the machine and my weight had gone up, but when I looked into it further I had actually lost fat mass and increased my muscle (and water) mass. If I had just stepped on your average scale I would have been disheartened, thinking that all my efforts were in vain. When in reality I am bang on track!


Fat Mass


Muscle Mass


Water Mass


Fitness, in my opinion, should never be about weight. Although it is difficult to ignore the numbers on the scales it’s really not the be all and end all. If you feel great, you’re clothes fit better and you can notice a change in yourself… that’s what’s really important.

Now I’m a sucker for a spreadsheet and some stats, especially when they’re all about me (soz not soz.) But seriously tracking your progress in a way that is healthier and more positive can get seriously addictive, so approach with caution!😉

Obviously not everyone has a gym membership but I highly encourage you to ditch the scales and invest in something a little more scientific. A fellow blogger, Lauren of Blonde Vision, once wrote an article on the weight watchers scales which do just that, here’s the link if you’re interested – Lauren’s scale review.

So there we go, my final thoughts are just to be kind to yourself people cause you might be doing better than you realise!!

 How do you measure your fitness progress?! Do you rely purely on weight or do you consider other factors?

Peace and Love xoxo

Brexit Backlash …

You’ll be happy to know that I’m not here to debate which vote was right or wrong.


To put this into context, I am a 25 year old girl currently working in the European team of an international business. I am about to get married and travel to Europe on my honeymoon. I intend to travel to Europe a lot not just in my personal life but for my work. I am potentially considering having children in the next few years. I live in a flat in which my landlady currently resides in Europe. I have friends and family who are either British living in Europe or non British living here.

I am not a politician and I am in no way claiming to be an expert but there’s no denying that the outcome of this vote could have massive implications on my life – good or bad and I personally feel like I have the right to voice my concerns! A lot of people have hit out at those who wanted to remain saying that they are sore losers and should get over it cause it is done now. I think this is a totally naive outlook. On the day the vote is announced how can you except people just to sit back and get over it. This decision is one of the biggest things to happen in our generation and I think it’s healthy to get our thoughts out there.

Of course I don’t advocate spreading more hate and I may have said one or two things I shouldn’t have but at the same time people are terrified! Those who wanted to remain are being catapulted into the unknown against their will and it’s an unnerving position to be in! I don’t think anyone should take comments of yesterday personally, from either side. Emotions were running high and people just don’t know what to do or how to react.

Once we have got over the initial shock, that is when we need to take action! We need to come together as a country and hope to the powers that be that this was the right decision! We need to start supporting our own trade, eating locally sourced food, buying UK made clothes etc. I have always being a huge advocate of supporting small local business’ but this has never been as important as it is now. Let’s make this situation good.

We need to teach the next generation the meaning of community, and not one that is fuelled by hate. We need to show them what love and compassion is. Our whole country is a mishmash of different amazing cultures and I for one think this is incredible, instead of making our children scared of them we should be teaching them to celebrate that they have this available on their doorstep!

Whether you voted in or out we need to come together. We need to turn this into a positive and create an environment we would be proud and happy to bring our children into.

Peace and love xoxo