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I’ve probably made light of my love for planning previously on the blog but if you missed it let me reiterate – I BLOODY LOVE TO PLAN! In fact it’s a bit of an obsession, like I have to plan or the world might implode… anyone else feel like this??


 Anyway, for someone who thrives on organising there are no four words more sweet to ones ear than “will you marry me.”

HELL YES I’LL PLAN MY PINTEREST WEDDING FOR REAL…….. I mean yes I love you, let’s spend eternity together.

So here are some tips for you little lovelies in regards to planning a wedding. For those of you who may not be so like-minded and the thought of such things fill you with absolute dread, I hope this is helpful!

Tip one is LISTS – lists coming out of your earholes! Get yourself a notebook dedicated to your wedding or one of those cute little wedding planners and jot down everything. Your ideas, your guest list, estimated cost, whatever comes into your head. (This is also a great excuse to buy out Paperchase cause HELLO cute stationary!)

 Now whilst I do use a notebook, my holy grail has to be my wedding spreadsheet. I created this on Microsoft Excel and it has made everything waaaay less stressful. Let me explain how it works…

 Tab one – wedding budget.

The table includes: Things to pay for, when they need paying, their estimated cost, actual cost, how much has been paid and who is responsible for paying.

I then have totals at the bottom including: total cost, donations, total for us, amount paid, amount left to pay. (All with fancy formulas so they fill themselves in automatically.)

And just to make it extra organised I’ve colour coded it (cause duh!): green is paid, blue is confirmed price, pink is not my problem (this is my favourite colour section haha)

 Tab two – the guest list.

I’ve split this into two sides one for me and one for Jon. I’ve then included everyone’s names, their relation to us and their role in the wedding (if any).

Then for more totals: Total people invited, total family, total under 18s and how many invites are needed.

Tab three – suppliers.

Names and contact details of all those involved in the wedding from caterers to photographers and hairdressers. I need to hand this info over to my venue at some point so it’s useful to have them all together.

 Tab four (yep I’m still going!) – honeymoon details.

Jon and I are flying to Rome the day after the wedding for a mini-moon so this tab includes the date, destination, flight cost and accommodation details of our romantic getaway. (I say romantic, I plan to stuff as much pasta, cheese and pizza into my face as humanly possible without throwing up…. literally cannot wait!)

Instead of gifts, we have asked our wedding party for donations towards a bigger honeymoon next year so this tab also includes details of the dream trip to Thailand – destinations, dates, possible accommodation and costs.

Tab five (It’s the last one I promise!) – the hen do.

Now I have no input towards my hen do whatsoever EXCEPT who’s invited. So here I have detailed all the names and phone numbers of those lucky ladies. I have also split them into two groups as there will be two separate activities, one being more family orientated.

 Aaaaaand breathe……I know this sounds a bit anal and crazy but I promise you it will make life so much easier!! Having everything all in one place is a real dream.

 Aside from this there is obviously the pinterest board. I would suggest making this private as you don’t want everyone to see your ideas before the wedding. There is no better feeling than seeing your guests faces when they see all the little details you’ve created and knowing it was 100% worth it. (I mean I’m totally speculating here but I guess it’d be pretty great?!)


 I’ll try do some mini posts on particular aspects of the wedding like finding a venue and picking a dress but for the mean time I will leave you with a list of things to consider for your wedding. Now this is my own personal list and obviously everyone is different so you may want to add or take away items, but I feel this serves as a good base. Mine got a lot longer as time went on but I also deducted unnecessary things along the way.


Registrar (not necessary for church weddings) – approx. £400 at the moment.

Notice of marriage (not sure if this is relevant to church weddings?) – £35 per person

Certificate of marriage – approx. £4, I know right what a rip off!

Venue (ceremony/reception if they are separate)



Stationary – save the dates/invites. (Also consider table plan, order of service, favours, place names – we aren’t having any of this)

Wedding cake




Decorations (I’ve made a separate mini list of all the decorations we need)


Live Music (we are having a singer but think about whether you would like a band etc)




Bridesmaid dresses

Groomsmen suits

Hair (trials extra?)

Make up (trials extra?)



Sunbeds (or spray tan)

Underwear (think about what type of underwear you will need for your dress not just what you like!)

Hair colouring


Hen do / stag do

If you have planned or are planning a wedding I’d love to hear how you kept/keep organised! Also let me know if any of this has helped you in any way 🙂 This kind of practice can be used for all sorts, not just wedding planning!

Peace and love xoxo



  1. June 2, 2016 / 11:59 am

    Oh what are you doing to me Miss Butcher! I cannot tell you how much I miss doing all of this. Can I also give you one piece of advice? (well I’m going to anyway) Make sure you have something in the pipeline for after the wedding, because let me tell you, there is one hell of a hole to fill seeing as you no longer have a wedding to plan. I’m still at a bit of a loss almost 2 years later. I did enjoy putting photos into frames, some onto canvas and also making up a memory frame including little pieces from the day but it didn’t come close to preparing for the day itself.
    Make the most of it and enjoy every second x x x

    • June 2, 2016 / 12:43 pm

      haha sorry love!! I know I’ve been worrying about this so much BUT I’ll hopefully be planning a trip to Thialand for next year, we’re saving to buy a house and I’m potentially planning an event in Germany for my company so fingers crossed that will fill my void lol. It’s such an amazing time isn’t it!!! I’m loving it so much. xxx

  2. June 3, 2016 / 3:05 pm

    Ahhh I wish I never read your post. I love planning and now can’t wait to plan my wedding even though I’m not engaged. May need to drop hints to the boyfriend!

    Can’t wait to see more posts about your big day!

    Jasmine x

    • June 3, 2016 / 3:06 pm

      Haha! Sorry ? it’s literally the most amazing thing, get hinting!!! X

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