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I absolutely love buying people gifts, whether it’s birthdays or Christmas or just a random “saw this and thought of you”. It fills me with so much joy handing a little prezzie over to someone and seeing their face light up.

Jon and I are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives and it’s no surprise that we were inundated with offers of help for the wedding so to show our gratitude we decided to give some gifts.

Some people might find this a strange post do to but I have actually been approached by a couple of brides who have no idea what gifts to get for their wedding party and I know I struggled to come up with ideas so I’m hoping this might help some couples out.

As far as possible I will leave links to the items or something similar. I will not however detail the price and ask that if you received a gift from us you don’t follow the link haha!

Also a little FYI I was in charge of getting presents for people on my side and Jon was in charge of his side so I don’t have links or pictures for them (although I did get his mum a little something just from me.)

Mum (of the bride) Darren (step dad) and Rebecca (sister/bridesmaid) 

My mum was an absolute superstar during the whole wedding process. She listened to my continuous stream of wedding chat, calmed me down in times of dire stress and helped me out wherever she could. Both her and my stepdad gave us some money towards the wedding which really helped us out and Darren drove me and my bridesmaids to the venue in the morning.

I wanted to get them all something special that they would remember forever. My mum and I love a show and try to go at least once a year. I knew my sister wanted to see this and my step dad would love it so I got them all tickets to see the Lion King in London. They may have been sitting right at the back but its a memory they will always have. I got these on and obviously the prices on there vary.

Oh I’d also got Darren “stepfather of the bride” socks and my mum a “mother of the bride” tote bag and an embroidered handkerchief.


I literally could not have asked for better bridesmaids, from organising the most amazing hen do, to dealing with my meltdowns and spreadsheets, they were absolute troopers! I decided to get them a few little bits, some keep sakes and some practical so I’ll just list these below.

Tote bag

Engraved Champagne glass

Bracelet (that happened to just match the dresses perfectly!) (similar here)

Bride squad pjs

Make up bag of goodies – the make up bag was from Primark and the goodies were mainly from superdrug including hair clips, hair bands, deodorant, hand santizer etc. I put paracetemol in the older girls bags and hayfever tablets in my sisters but considering the state of her I should have put paracetemol in them all LOL.

Obviously I’d got my sister the Lion King tickets so for the older girls – to melt the stress of the wedding prep away – I got them Virgin Active spa day vouchers. If I remember correctly these included access to the gym, swim, steam and sauna as well as a facial and a massage. These were purchased from (similar here)

Dad (of the bride) and Debbie (step mum)

We were very lucky to have these two contribute towards our beautiful venue which we couldn’t have had without them. So to say thank you we got them what they would enjoy best – A magnum bottle of prosecco! This was from cash and carry (shhh don’t rat me out!)

And of course dad got “father of the bride” socks.

Louise and Jodie (step sisters)

These two made my beautiful (and delicious) cake! I got Louise some Ferrero Roche and Jodie a bottle of barefoot rose (the best rose ever!!! I’m glad she agreed).

George (Nephew)

George filmed our day for us so to say thank you we got him a H&M voucher.

Tom (Maid of Honour’s boyfriend)

Tom provided us with all the lovely wood for the wedding! The cake base, the table centres, the sweet table stands. So to say a massive thank you to this beardy pirate we got him a bottle of Kraken rum!


Mother of the Groom

Also a massive help in the wedding process, helping Jon especially with the parts he was in charge of. I think he may have had a meltdown without her!

Jon got her some perfume but to say a special thank you just from me I got her a bracelet with the engraving “Thank you for raising the man of my dreams”. (the pearl coloured one)

George (Jon’s brother)

George was a ring bearer and a great job he did too! Jon got him some cufflinks to wear on the day.

Mitch (Best man)

Mitch was the perfect best man, he did a great speech that people are still talking about and was so helpful on the day (especially during the photos.) I believe Jon also got him some cufflinks and some money.


Kerry is a family friend of Jon’s mum and she saved the day in terms of our cake topper! I tried and failed so many times to make and buy what I wanted but it was Kerry who nailed it – I literally felt relief wash over me when I got the picture! We sent her some flowers.

And then of course there were the presents we got for each other.


Jon got me the most beautiful watch (gold and marble, so blogger!)


I made Jon a little wedding day hamper which consisted of an engraved hip flask, a little bottle of glenfiddich, some whiskey stones and a cigar.

I also framed this little happy engagement note for him which was the last thing his nan had written before passing away in the February.

So there we have it! There is a chance I’ve missed something but you get the gist. Some might argue this was a little excessive but hey I got a decent bonus and what better way to spend it than to show gratitude to those nearest and dearest to us!

Click the links to get to the websites we purchased from and I hope this provides you with some inspo! And obviously a lot of these can be used as gifts for anything, not just a wedding. Let me know if you get anything from the list!

Peace and Love xoxo


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