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The prospect of decorating our wedding venue was beyond exciting to me! I had such a clear vision, the tough part was making it come to life. Luckily Jon was happy for me to take charge on this front. We were also very lucky to have had such a beautiful venue that in all honesty, didn’t need much doing to it.

Theme wise we were going for a country, shabby chic vibe and although this may be cliché, there is definitely a reason it is used so much. It just works! This is such a classic/classy theme that will ensure your wedding looks absolutely stunning. It’s also possible to recreate very cheaply!

Most of the decorations for the wedding were either borrowed, or from Amazon! Amazon is your friend (although this was probably not appreciated by the post room in my office.) I also wanted to get crafty and make as much as possible but this kind of fell by the wayside – however if you plan your time well this is totally doable and something I would highly recommend!

It’s lovely to have contributions from friends and family to make everything way more personal to you.

Ok so I’m going to break the decorating down into sub sections – mainly to focus my own brain and make this post easier to write!


Wood Slices – for a quote contact These really made the sweet table come to life and give it a bit more depth. At varying heights it made the table look less flat. It also gave that country rustic vibe we were going for.

Sweet Jars – Amazon – I love these old style jars, super vintagey and cute. I also preferred them to be plastic as they were a lot lighter to move around and wouldn’t get smashed by the kids.

Sweet bags and scoop – Amazon – We did actually get some bags included in with the sweet jars but I got some extras just in case. It was so lovely to see people walking around with their little striped bags of goodies.

Extra scoops – Home Bargains

Crate – Que Sera – absolutely loved this crate, again it was used to make the table look less flat and boring. We strung fairy lights through it too.

Wire fairy lights – Primark

Flower fairy lights – B&M

Sweets – Cash and Carry (bookers) – I think we spent about £30 on sweets and we had a fair bit left over at the end (which I have enjoyed stuffing my face with.)

Birdcage – already owned

Bunting – hand made by my dad’s wife (click link for her page)

Flowers and jars – Florema – Elaine did such an amazing job on all of the flowers and we got so many great comments about them. They really did bring the place to life.

Table cloths – hired through venue – If I remember correctly the table cloths were £8 per table.


Ladder including letters – for a hire quote contact – I was considering making one of these from an old ladder my step dad had BUT Jenna and Tom to the rescue with this beauty!

Flowers and jars – Florema


Wood Slices – for a quote contact – These were actually left over but became the perfect piece that was missing from this table.

Flowers and jars – Florema

Guest book – Ebay – I can’t find the link to this but I’ve linked a search for “burlap guest book” with lots of similar items. I think I paid about £8 for this one but I saw one exactly the same for £20 so definitely shop around! OR make your own.

Type writer and “sign our guest book” print – borrowed from friend

Vintage suitcase – Que Sera – this shop in Ongar was such an amazing find! They have some beautiful one off bits in there and I would highly recommend checking them out if you’re close by.

Card bunting  – Amazon – You could definitely make this yourself but I went for the less stressful option.

“Our Story” – Frame from B&M, maps printed from computer, writing written on in a sharpie by my maid of honour. – I LOVE THIS! The maps are where we met, where we got engaged and where we got married.

Wooden photo clips – Amazon

Polaroids – photobox

Bunting – handmade by my dad’s wife (click link for her page)

Fairy lights – Primark



Cake – handmade by my stepsisters – So so tasty! I really wanted a naked cake and it went perfectly with our theme.

Flowers (including cake topper flowers) – Florema

Wooden cake base – for a quote contact

Bunting – handmade by my dad’s wife

LOVE letters – Ebay – These were great BUT they were so light and kept falling over… the E is now an F due to a little accident. (cant find exact ones but link takes you to ebay search of similar items)

Fairy lights – Primark

Chalk board – I actually got this for our engagement party and cannot remember where it was from but it would have been somewhere like B&M or Wilkinsons! It says “I love you like a fat kid loves cake”

Cake topper – Handmade by a friend. – I tried to make this myself and it was BEYOND stressful. I then went to Hobbycraft to get the one I was basing mine on… it was sold out everywhere! Thank god Kerry came to the rescue. (linked a similar one from hobbycraft)


Wood slices – for a quote contact

Flowers – Florema

Printed bottles – Design De La Boutielle – Absolutely love these bottles! We had 3 designs, the rabbit, a dog and a duck and they were a real country gem.

Tables games – Amazon / B&M – got to keep everyone entertained! Not everyone loves to boogie as much as I do. (charity shops are also a great place to look for this kind of stuff)

Wooden photo clips – Amazon

Polaroids – photobox

Face mats – Amazon

Hessian and Lace Table runners – Chelmsford Market – I think the whole lot came to around £55 and we had quite a bit of lace left over. My mum did all the cutting and they looked absolutely fab on the day, shabby chic galore.



Vintage books – A friend from work lent these (again check charity shops or I know Spittlefields market do things like this on their vintage/antique day)

Flowers in vintage teacups – Florema


Props – Amazon / borrowed from a friend

Frame – handmade by my brothers girlfriend Lianne (link to her instagram – she’s a tattooist not a frame maker though I’m afraid lol)

I would have loved a proper photobooth but my lord are they pricey! So instead we created our own.


Birdcage – engagement gift

Flower fairy lights – B&M

Kilner Jars – Amazon

Dance floor rules – Amazon / frame from Chelmsford market


 Lightbox – Wedding gift from maid of honor – LOVE THIS! It’s now in our bedroom and says “The Grants”

Wedding signs – Florema

Flowers and jars – Florema

Wooden photo clip – Amazon

Polaroid – Photobox

I hope this post has provided you with some inspo! Let me know if you have anymore questions regarding the decoration side of things 🙂

I absolutely LOVED dressing the venue up the morning of the wedding! More on this can be found in my “wedding day” post. Also hit me up if you want me to be your wedding planner cause clearly I’m totally qualified to do that now 😉

Peace and love xoxo

+apologies for the couple of blurry pics, these are the only ones I could find!


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