Our wedding day…


After months and months of planning and talking about it, it finally happened, I am a wife and I could not be happier!

I’m seriously struggling to find the words to describe the best day of my life in a way that gives it the justice it deserves and to be honest, I don’t think it’s possible. It’s one of those, had to be there moments, but I will give it my best shot!



So our wedding adventure started on the Sunday when I packed the car up with decorations, booze and bridesmaids. (And by this I mean packed up 3 cars – and me mum was there too, let’s not forget her, she’s a sensitive soul.) Off we went to Coggeshall, me and my little convoy, trying failing to keep up with each other and not get lost.

We were staying at a cottage near the wedding venue called Firmin’s Bakehouse. I’d found this little place online after being pointed in their direction by an AIRBNB host who could not take the booking. I had never actually seen it in real life (well not the inside anyway.) So it was a bit nerve racking wondering whether it would be fit for purpose.

IT WAS PERFECT! It was beyond perfect, exactly what I’d dreamed of. The décor, the location, the chickens (yep there was 2 and they were HUGE!)


After we had dropped all our stuff to our heavenly cottage we headed to the Chapel Inn, a local pub literally on our doorstep. We had roast dinners and prosecco, we laughed, mum nearly cried – it was fab! (not mum nearly crying, just realised I sound really mean.) Then we trundled back to sit outside in the last of the days sun with more bubbles. The perfect setting to give my bridesmaids their gift bags!

I’d got these amazing bridesmaid bags from Etsy and filled them with little thank you presents for being such babes. They all got a bracelet from Accessorize which matched their dresses, a personalised champagne glass from Etsy, a make up bag from Primark filled with essentials for the day (deodorant, clips, dry shampoo etc), bride squad pj’s, and my sister’s had a matching silk dressing gown to the one’s we got for the hen do.

Jenna also got me this lightbox which I LOVE and now takes pride of place in my bedroom.

The rest of the evening was filled with snacks, more bubbles, face masks and laughter. I’m so happy I chose these girls to be my bridesmaids, they couldn’t have been more perfect for the job!


I woke up so early! In fact I don’t think I even slept. As lovely as our cottage was, it did happen to be situated next to a church which rings it’s bells every hour – not ideal.

I woke up SO CHILL! I laid there chatting to my sister for a while before jumping on my other bridesmaids exclaiming that I was getting married and I’d only woke them up half hour before I was supposed to.

Me and Jon had got each other gifts to open on the morning of the wedding and so obviously this was the first thing I did! I’d got him a box of goodies, a little bottle of whiskey, a personalised hip flask, some whiskey stones and a cigar. Jon got me a beautiful Rocha John Rocha watch and wrote me the cutest little note!


The girls set up for breakfast but I couldn’t eat. I literally forced myself to have a cereal bar so that I could function.

As I got a pretty sweet deal in terms of the cost of our venue, we unfortunately had to set everything up the morning of the wedding (rather than the night before). So at 9am Jenna and I headed to Marks Hall to meet my big sister, my mum, stepdad, step sister, florist and wedding coordinator – all hands on deck.

In the months leading up to the wedding I must have drawn the plan for the venue about 10 times and what did I do on the day, yep I left it at the cottage. I mean it was fine for me, I knew exactly what I was doing. Everyone else on the other hand, they were a little lost and I found it really hard to delegate (control freak!?). But after a while we got into the swing of things and it all started to come together.

It is SO surreal watching something you’ve been planning for so long suddenly appear in front of your eyes and not only that but it looks EXACTLY like you wanted it to. I’m honestly getting emotional just thinking about it! All that hard work, all the late night pinteresting, the drawing of plans, the organising, it was suddenly real life!


I’d like to point out that at this time I was still super chill, no bridezilla here. *insert sassy emoji*

By the time we got back to the cottage the make up artist had already arrived and Millie and Rebecca were looking so BEAUT! Then the photographer arrived and the hairdresser – cue ladies everywhere!

I absolutely love being pampered and revelled in the whole getting ready phase, sipping bucks fizz, listening to chilled songs (courtesy of Jaimie, the MUA) and soaking it all in.



My hair and make up was ON POINT and I highly recommend both Jaimie (MUA) and Gemma (HAIR) for any events you have coming up!

Once we were all dolled up it was time to get dressed – this was the scary part as everyone wondered, will our dresses fit?!?!?! I’d been working so hard at the gym and I’d cut my calories way down, trying to eat as clean as possible. My dress fit like a glove! THANK GOD! All the stress, the wondering, the starving myself of cheese – it was finally totally worth it.

My mums dress on the other hand, although fit perfectly, would not do up! Now that was stressful. BUT Jenna to the rescue and once we got mum into her dress it was time for photos.

And what an amazing backdrop this place is!!!!


After the photos mum and Stacey (the photographer) headed to the venue to get some shots of people arriving and of Jon with his Groomsmen. It was during this time that I started to freak out (literally writing this is making my heart jump), I still didn’t feel nervous and I didn’t know why it was happening but I thought I might throw up! Obviously subconsciously I was nervous but all I felt was sick… I paced back and forth along the length of the kitchen sipping my sisters water bottle and breathing big deep breaths. I had a packet of crisps, because food helps everything. Nothing helped… and then it was time to leave.

My stepdad was driving me and the bridesmaids there in Jenna’s Land Rover. We wacked on the radio and the aircon and I tried to calm down – making jokes, trying to pretend I wasn’t going to throw up all over my beautiful dress.

A rush of relief came over me as I got out of the car at the venue, I started to chill out again and catch my breath. I stood by a large wooden door, which my soon to be husband was standing behind and waited to go and speak to the registrar. It was a weird feeling knowing he was right there, we hadn’t seen each other since Saturday afternoon and hadn’t spoken all day. Finally it was my turn to go in, I met with the registrar and the lady in charge of the marriage licence – both really lovely! And then it was time to get hitched.


The girls and I were ushered round the back of the venue and my dad came to meet me inside. We were to be married under an arch in the flower garden (thank god the weather was so beautiful) and we would be walking out of the coach house which led us straight down the aisle. I had picked Jason Mraz I wont give up as our song to walk out to and me and the girls had been practicing our timings the night before. (why is my heart beating so fast while I write this?!?! lol)

Basically there was a certain part of the song that I wanted to walk out to but it was like 2 minutes in, being a nice person I had pre-warned Jon of this (I didn’t want him to think I’d done a runner) but the rest of the guests were clueless. I sent the bridesmaids out at the first chorus and waited for my cue, I could see my family looking at me through the window like what are you doing?? Even my dad was like can we go yet?

Eventually it was our time and we walked out of those double doors and down the aisle. I don’t think I noticed anything except Jon, I was SO HAPPY and SO in love. It sounds cheesy but it’s true. My dad basically ran me down the aisle almost dragging me down the steps we had to manoeuvre on the way and then there I was, face to face with my almost Husband!

The ceremony was great, neither of us messed up our lines, I felt so calm, I didn’t cry – it literally couldn’t have gone any better. I’ve recently watched it back and one of my personal highlights was the moment they ask if anyone objects, I turn around to survey our guests and when nobody say’s anything I turn back and say WINNING … *insert monkey covering face emoji*

So there we were, husband and wife. We kissed, signed the register, had some pictures and walked back down the aisle (to Stevie Wonder’s signed sealed delivered of course) greeted with a glass of bubbly each and time to mingle with our guests.


Originally I had planned to go straight into photos and not give anyone anything to drink until they were finished – apparently this is really harsh!? Who knew hahaha.

Instead we took some time to say hello to our guests and thank them all for joining us, let them neck some drinks and then we started on the photo’s. I thought this would be super stressful but like everything else so far, it went without a hitch! (Thanks in a major part to Jon’s best man who was running back and forth into the venue grabbing the people we needed – most of whom, he had no idea of, so I was pretty impressed!)

It also helped that Stacey is just fab! So personable and friendly but also knows what she wants and how to get it! (Stacey was actually a guest at the wedding too and did all our photo’s for the day whilst occasionally having to breast feed and attend to her baby who was being looked after by her husband – I know right #girlboss!)

Our singer arrived around 5pm and set up outside, I grabbed her and her boyfriend some drinks and got lost in her beautiful voice! Seriously you need to see this girl sing. It was such a chilled vibe and so perfect for our day. (Check out Cat’s social media here) It was also really nice to have them stick around for a while after Cat had finished singing.

Then came the food. OH THE PIG! I only managed to have a small plate of meat but everyone was loving that succulent babe! If you’re looking for a hog (I mean who isn’t?!) Definitely check out David Long. It was a serious hit with the guests and went so well with our laid back vibe… no table plans, no stuffy sit down dinners, just grab some pig and carry on with your day!

At around 6pm Jon and I went off to have our oh so cute pictures, the ones you put on your lounge wall and show your kids in years to come. I promptly swiped a bottle of cava from the bar for the 3 min walk #classyweddinggoals. We decided to have our photos in this beautiful gated garden not far from the coach house (the grounds of this place are amazing and open to the public so definitely get yourself down there one day.) I’d visited the garden a few times before the wedding so I already had some ideas of my own but Stacey was great at figuring out what we should do and I’m sure you’ll agree they came out great!

Then all my “jobs” were done, get married – check, photo’s – check…. time to relax. Jon on the other hand, was not feeling the same as it was almost speech time!

Around 7pm after the singer had finished and the pig had been devoured we moved everyone inside so we could cut the cake. (We literally just stabbed it, no cake smooshing was ruining my face!) Then it was time for speeches.

My mum went first and gave a short but sweet speech welcoming Jon to our little family and telling tales of baby Laura. Next was Jenna, my made of honour, who reminisced about our dodgy teenage days, our 16 years of memories and her love for me…  (well what can I say haha!) she is a great public speaker so it went down a treat! Laughs, awww’s, the lot!Next up was Jon, now me and Jon had discussed his speech before and I told him it was customary for the groom to say lovely things about the bride… being totally unromantic and literally hating public displays of affection he promptly told me there was no way that was happening. Well that cheeky so and so lied and he said such lovely things, not only about me but my bridesmaids and our families – great job!! And then the best man’s speech, the one everyone is waiting for. Now Mitch had previously done a speech at a friend of ours wedding and (soz pal) but it was a bit crap. Thank god he pulled it out the bag for ours though! He reminisced about him and Jon and was super nice about me (having to put up with him and his ways for so long!) he even did an unintentional mic drop LOL.

Ok so I lied, the “jobs” weren’t totally done and I almost forgot the first dance ooops!!! We had chosen Rod Stewart’s Have I Told You Lately and it was the perfect classic love song! We swayed, we kissed and we sang to eachother, it was so lovely! (and a rarity as Jon hates to dance.) Then we called the others onto the dancefloor to join us for the rest of the song. Surrounded by all our friends and family dancing together into the evening.

And that was it, all the formalities were over and it was officially PARTY TIME! There was plenty of bubbles, multiple shots and ALOT of dancing. I think I lost my shoes within about 5 mins (and they were flats!) I literally had the best time – all my friends, family and new family in one place celebrating a love me and Jon have had for 9 years!!!! It was the most amazing end to the perfect day!



Me and Jon got back to the cottage, my dress was filthy and ripped, Jon struggled to undo my mountain of buttons, we ate meats, pitta and hummus in bed and the rest is history!!

(alright, yes we did it – I know that’s what you’re all wondering you saucy devils (sorry mum hahaha!))

Next stop….. our mini-moon to Rome….

Peace and love xoxo



  1. September 10, 2016 / 12:37 pm

    Congratulations Laura!! All looks incredible and you (and everyone else) look lovely 🙂 Congrats to you and Jon!!!

  2. September 10, 2016 / 3:52 pm

    Oh Laura – your wedding looks beautiful, you look absolutely stunning, all of the little details are perfect. Massive congrats and props on bring such an amazing wedding together. Well done!

    • September 10, 2016 / 4:17 pm

      Thank you Nicola! That’s so sweet, it was such a great day xx

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