12 Things that happen when you get engaged…


  1. A burst of ugly crying – Literally like a baby, then come the questions “are you sure?” “are you joking?”. Why can’t we ladies handle these situations without completely losing our shit?

2. Calling everyone in your phone book – Starting of course with mum, which results AGAIN in a hysterical cry fit conversation that nobody can understand.

3. Trying to act cool in front of your new fiance – (OMG FIANCE) like this kind of stuff happens all the time but not being able to get that childlike grin off your face.

4. ALL THE SWEATING! – Like seriously, do not get proposed to in a onesie… trust me!

5. Wandering round trying to find the best light in which to show off your new ring – If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it… oh wait… he did!

6. Social media spamming – It’s like nobody ever got engaged before you… this is your time! – milk it for all its worth.

7. Then all the notifications – mainly from your single friends pretending to be super happy for you but actually secretly wanting to punch you in the face and stamp on your happiness, soz girls!

8. Holding your hand super awkwardly in front of people that haven’t been told yet so they don’t see the ring and figure it out before you tell them (this is a particular problem if your other half takes like ALL DAY to tell the fam.)

9. People asking you questions about the wedding, your other half being like jesus we literally JUST got engaged and you laughing awkwardly like you haven’t already planned every last detail on that secret pinterest board you’ve had for years.

10. PINTEREST – BRIDE CRACK! No explanatation needed.

10. Taking snapchats of you touching your face or holding stuff being like oh is that…. oh yes its a ring cause… IM ENGAGED!

11. Finding ALL the wedding blogs and crushing over those outdoor rustic American weddings. Then trying to figure out how you’re going to interpret that in rainy Essex

12. Talking about nothing but the wedding for months and everyone getting totally bored of you… including your fiance

BUT you don’t care cause that little girl inside of you who dreamed about this her whole life finally gets to plan her big day for real! It’s pinch yourself material like OMG IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING… you can’t believe you have found someone who will actually put up with you …. FOREVER!

After 8 years I like think my fiancé knows exactly what he’s letting himself in for, which tbh surprises me even more! Poor guy 😉


Peace and love xoxo

Laura x

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  2. December 7, 2015 / 7:23 pm

    Rings and onesies oh my gosh!!! I loved this list and you sound so happy!!! Congratulations!!!

    • December 7, 2015 / 7:27 pm

      Thank you Hun! We’ve been together 8 years so I’m super happy (and relieved!! Haha) x

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