Preachy vegans

The first thing that someone says when they become vegan is “don’t worry though I won’t be one of those preachy ones”. Then you delve deeper and deeper into the realities of the non vegan world and it becomes harder and harder not to jump on tables and shout MEAT IS MURDER!

Nobody wants to be that guy. Nobody wants to be a stereotype but let me tell you once that little switch in your brain turns to vegan mode it’s REALLY HARD not to be.

Well for me anyway! – am I alone in this?

I find myself having to reign it in constantly and it’s exhausting. Having to answer people’s ridiculous questions, shrug off the quips and justify the choices I’ve made. Like I’m the crazy one for not wanting to eat dead animals or their secretions?

Yes I was carnivorous for 26 years but the guilt I feel on a daily basis is my penance for that. Yes I’ve only been vegan for 4 months and I’m not perfect at it but the stuff I’ve seen and read in that time has shocked me so much that I can’t see me ever reverting back.

So when a vegan acts all “preachy” around you, consider how they feel when they watch you chow down on the flesh of a dead animal. Because it’s the norm to consume these beings, vegans have no choice but to be bombarded with pictures and adverts containing meat. You can’t go to a shop without it being thrust in your face and the lack of all vegan restaurants mean that you’re often surrounded by people consuming it too. We don’t have the luxury of choosing to ignore it. You have to actually search for pictures of slaughter houses and animal torture so it’s a lot easier to put that to the back of your mind. We only need to see a passing bus to see a dead chicken on a plate and for someone who is compassionate for animals and wants to end their suffering – shit like that riles you up.

If the “preaching” truly offends you, ask yourself why. Why does it bother you? If you’re happy in your ways then surely these comments shouldn’t matter, you can just shrug them off and get back to your life. But if you don’t want to see a cow being slaughtered, maybe don’t pay for someone to do that?

Yes I feel like a massive hypocrite because of how I was prior to being vegan and I too would get annoyed with preachy vegans making me feel bad about my choices…. but that’s the point, I felt bad! And if you feel bad about something then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it?

Volunteering with animals has cemented my decision even more. They all have their own little personalities, they think, feel and love the same way we do. They also feel fear and anxiety like us. The only difference is they can’t physically tell you with words, they try in other ways but nobody listens. Now tell a person who cares for animals, that have been saved from slaughter, that they’re being a bit extreme with their views.

For most, veganism is more than a lifestyle choice. It’s a moral standing. A chance to speak up for the voiceless and try to educate people.

So sure mute them if you don’t want to hear it, unfollow, whatever you have to do to make yourself feel better. But don’t tell them to stop, because they can’t and they won’t and they shouldn’t.

It’s unrealistic to believe that everyone will turn vegan one day but the work these “preachy” vegans have put in is already starting to pay off! Making hard hitting documentaries, becoming social influencers, celebrities shouting about it – so much has changed for the good and activism/preaching certainly has its place. I literally saw a statistic today that said that the demand for meat free food has increased by 987% in 2017 – NINE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SEVEN PERCENT…. that is unreal!

By “preaching” this way of life, you aren’t necessarily judging people for their choices (although of course some do). It’s not about telling someone their shit at life, it’s about giving them all the information to make their own choices. The information isn’t always requested, wanted or easy to take but you will never know whether that small piece of truth makes a difference in the long term unless you try.

So just remember preachy vegans are that way for a reason…. if someone was abusing a dog in front of you would you let it happen? We feel the same about all animals!

Of course I can’t speak for everyone here but this is my view on the matter. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not personally judging anyone for the life choices they make I’m merely explaining why someone may feel the need to “preach” veganism. There will be plenty of people that disagree with me and that’s fine too.

When you’ve seen the horrors that go on, when you’ve felt the benefits of a more plant based diet, when you’ve read the stats and seen the positive changes in people and the world from doing something so small – why wouldn’t you want to tell everyone you meet?


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