Pregnancy Symptoms | First Trimester

Ohhhh symptoms, lovely torturous symptoms, how you’ve changed my life!

Now part of me thinks these posts can be a little pointless because everyone experiences pregnancy completely differently, so what I go through may not resonate at all. However, when I stumble across a post or a tweet or just someone going through similar issues to me I’m like yaaaaaaassss, so glad I’m not alone in this … so this is for those of you, like me, who need to feel less alone in this crazy miraculous hell hole we call the first trimester. (Although spoiler alert, I’m writing this from my second trimester and so far, nothings eased off!)

If you’re looking for someone gushing about how fudging fantastic pregnancy is… you’ve come to the wrong place because this gal is STRUGGLING! However, if you’re looking for a weary pal, barely making it through the days – I’m here for you!

1.Morning Sickness

Or as I like to call it…. all day extreme nausea! It’s like one of those bad hangovers you get, but it lasts for weeks rather than hours.

2. Going Off Food

All food! Thinking about it, smelling it, talking about it, being near it. I can’t stand it yet not having it also makes me feel shit. I’ve lost a lot of weight which I’m not thrilled about but eating is tough right now. I will NEVER judge another pregnant lady for her food choices – get in what you can mate!!!

3. Craving Non Vegan Foods

Being vegan and pregnant is NOT easy especially when you’ve only been vegan for 8 months. It’s tough constantly battling with your morals but I’ll go into this more in another post.

4. Discharge

No such thing as TMI in pregnancy right? Well let’s talk feeling like you’ve pee’d yourself on a regular basis when in fact you have not. Gravity is not your friend, laying down and feeling fresh, standing up and opening the flood gates.

5. Thrush

And on that note … thrush. No explanation required.

6. Headaches and Dizziness

From the nausea and sickness and lack of food.

7. Bleeding

Not a common symptom but unfortunately one that I went through. I ended up going for an emergency scan and luckily all was fine. Waiting for that sonographer to turn the screen around and be like look here’s baby, all is good, was the most terrifying time and felt like it lasted about a year, but the sheer relief is something I cannot even describe to you. Being a surprise baby I didn’t realise how much I wanted this until I thought it was going to be taken away from me! If you experience bleeding and are concerned call your midwife or head to A&E, it’s not worth the stress of not knowing.


Feeling exhausted pretty much constantly. Again probably down to the lack of energy going in and y’know the whole growing a human thing. This is where the baby does most of it’s developing so give yourself a break Mama!

9. Anxiety and Guilt

I have a feeling this is going to be a constant forever now, just your average mum feels. But the anxiety that you’re doing a shit job, that you’re going to be a crap mum, that you’re baby isn’t ok, that you should have known before and not had all that prosecco, that you should be eating better… the list goes on! You just have to learn to cut yourself some slack and know that you’re doing the best you possibly can and hey, growing a human is hard!

10. Toothache

A weird one but quite early on I was getting really sore teeth to the point where they were throbbing! My gums were also bleeding but I don’t see this as a symptom ’cause they always do (I know I need to go to the dentist shhhhh).

11. Boob Growth

I went up a cup size in the first trimester and it’s something I noticed even before I even realised I was pregnant. I got the occasional stretching pain but no tenderness or anything (I don’t get this when I’m on my period either so that’s probably why).

Pregnancy, as I was horrified to find out, is not all sweetness and light. I’ve always been so exited for this stage in my life and to be honest, right now I cannot wait for it to be over, which is such a shame! I really want to enjoy it but it’s not happening yet. I also just want to throw a disclaimer out there to say that as much as I appreciate everyone and their well meaning comments, please save your tips and judgements because things are already overwhelming enough (no shade just a polite ask!!)

Of course it’s not all doom and gloom, I am SO excited to be a mum and see how our little family interacts and grows. I cannot stop staring at our perfect scan photo and wondering what the baby will be like (they will be a Capricorn with a turquoise birthstone, this is all I know so far!) I’ve planned the nursery and made a spreadsheet of things we “need”. I’m beyond happy but my god its tough!

Massive shout out to all those who have grown children, you’re hero’s!


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