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So apparently I haven’t posted anything since June!! Absolute shocker, but if you happened to read that post (which you can find here) you will probably gather why. It’s taken a while for me to feel human and not only that, for my brain to function well enough to form sentences. So here we go, 3 months on, trying to write a post somewhat coherently … wish me luck!

I should also mention that as I start writing this – 25/9/18 – it is, according to WordPress notifications, my five year Blogiversary so that’s exciting!

Anyway, digital memory boxes! A phrase I may have made up (although probably not). It is however the phrase I’m using to describe what I have recently created for the baby girl currently residing in my womb. I’m a sentimental little cherub and absolutely love to document everything so this could not be more apt for me, and hopefully you too.

I was recently listening to the Happy Mum Happy Baby Podcast by Giovanna Fletcher. The episode in question was her interview with Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) who, not too long ago, became a dad for the first time to a gorgeous little girl named Indie. The episode is amazing and the way he talks about his girlfriend, pregnancy and parenthood in general is absolutely beautiful BUT the one thing that stuck with me was the mention of a private Instagram account created for baby Indie. The idea behind it being that, her young life is documented for her to look back on in years to come. Being a self confessed Instagram addict and a sentimental Sally this spoke to me on all levels!

Cut to me instantly creating an account.

Now this could be done in so many different ways and is a completely personal decision, there are definitely no rights or wrongs. Some people may absolutely despise the idea and that’s fine too. I’m just here to tell you about what I’ve done in case it sparks some interest in you to do something similar, because there is nothing worse than coming up with an amazing idea when it’s too late to implement it.

To create an Instagram account I first had to create an email address, which actually inspired the second half of the digital memory box idea. I’d heard previously of people setting up email accounts for their kids and sending them email updates on their progress including pictures and then giving them the password when they were old enough to understand. So I have passed the email address on to some close family and friends and invited them to send whatever they like to the baby, which she can then read when she’s older. I will probably give the email address out at my baby shower too and ask that everyone who attended send her a little message. Kind of like a 21st century guest book.

The Instagram account itself however, is completely private! Only I have access and this is how it will stay until I decide to hand the reigns over to my little girl. For me it’s a massively personal thing and I am really enjoying the whole process. As I started a little late, I went through and uploaded previous photo’s relating to my pregnancy and the baby, a little catch up on what’s already happened, but I am now trying to upload regularly. The captions are directly talking to my daughter and the act of writing these is making me feel more and more bonded to her as the days go on. Often we have baby books or we take a few bump shots here and there, but with this you get to capture real time moments, from the mundane to the magical – things you wouldn’t think to write in a baby book, thoughts that you wouldn’t necessarily recall in years to come. And Instagram as a platform, I think, is perfect for this type of documentation. It’s also a chance to really enjoy Instagram at this time without thinking about hashtags, likes and follows. It’s completely pure. No themes, no consideration to anyone but you and your baby.

For those wondering, well what about Jon, he’s the dad surely he should be involved in this?! Firstly, he doesn’t have an Instagram account otherwise he would be her one other follower (aside from me). And secondly, he is not a sentimental Simon and this really isn’t his thing, although I have spoken to him about it and he liked the idea (for me to do).

I can’t wait to see this account grow as my daughter grows… From the pregnancy test I took to know she existed, to who knows what? Her first day in the world, her first birthday, first day at school. I’d love to keep the account going as long as possible and yes I may be the embarrassing mum who one day says “Hey look, this is your whole life in an Insta grid, cheesy captions included”, but I honestly don’t care. I can’t wait to scroll back through all the memories and remember what an amazing precious time we’ve had.

As a quick low down on the kind of thing I upload to the page in case you need some inspo to start yours, basically anything goes but its mainly bump shots, videos of her moving around, pictures of the cat cuddling up to the bump. Things I hope to upload in the near future would be nursery decorating updates, things we’ve bought or been gifted for the baby and most excitingly, the pictures from our 3D scan booked in next weekend! Like I said – the mundane to the magical.

There is of course the chance that Instagram could fall off the face of the earth (although I highly doubt it), or my account could get hacked (not sure why anyone would want to) or all manner of digital issues could arise. However, it is a risk I’m willing to take. I also have a baby book (this one is amazing) and the photo’s saved elsewhere so I’m not completely relying on the account for all her memories. But for ease, and for hot off the press interaction with my unborn child, this is the absolute dream. I understand there are also apps that do similar things but I already know and love Instagram, I’m comfortable with the format and it works well for me.

I’d love to hear if you have done something similar for your children, or if you are considering anything like this. I’d not heard of the Instagram idea before Joe mentioned it so it would be interesting to see if other’s have also been doing this. How do you document memories for you and your kids or is that not really a priority to you? Let me know in the comments or give me a shout on Twitter or Instagram (if you hadn’t already guessed, you’re more likely to get a reply on Insta as I’m on it the most haha)


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