What’s on my desk? 


I find that some of the most interesting blog posts out there, are the ones which allow you to get to know the blogger on a more personal level. With this in mind I will be putting together a series of posts that do just that.

Today’s post…. What is on my desk?

Maybe not the most interesting start but a start none the less!!!

Most of us spend such a large portion of our time at work. It’s like a home away from home, so it’s comforting to personalise your surroundings. I’m lucky enough to work In an office environment, making this a possibility. I understand it’s not an option for everyone (can you imagine being a barmaid, bringing in framed pictures of your family and lining them up along the bar – it’s not going to go down very well.)

In my previous department, a group of us would frequently change our desktop backgrounds and it became a bit of a thing! We would pick a theme (usually seasonal) and then fight for the best images on google, expressing jealousy at those who found the perfect one… literally the highlight of our day! (Aside from the daily “so what are you going to have for dinner tonight?” chat.) This was until the company decided to ban desktop backgrounds, now we all posses the same one, shamelessly sporting the company logo. Although more professional, it’s a killer for the soul!


So anyway, here is what I equip my desk with in order to keep me sane(ish).

Firstly, 28 positive quotes! Not only are these positive affirmations great on those stressful days, they are also the perfect conversation starter, leaving those who visit your desk a little more motivated than when they arrived – it’s all about giving back guys!


More positivity in the form of my favorite ever quote by Roald Dahl (an absolute God in my eyes!) and a snippet from eat pray love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Each of post-it’s you can see detail a target that my manager and I set out during my annual review, having them visible everyday ensures that I don’t forget they exist; this ups the chance of actually achieving them. Just out of shot on the right is one of the best inventions ever – a Rolodex! You will frequently find me spinning aimlessly through business cards just for lols! And no desk would be complete without a miniature Elsa and a bunch of pin ups eating pasta without using their hands! A bit of female energy in a predominantly masculine environment.


Health kick time and out comes the green tea! I used to hate tea! I know, crazy…. Please don’t disown me, I’ll redeem myself I promise. I am now an avid tea drinker – mainly herbal (still can’t stand traditional tea unless it’s to dip rich tea biscuits in) and always make sure my desk is prepped to fulfill this desire! The mug was a secret Santa gift and I still don’t know who got it for me (I find it weird that someone in the office is watching me drink from it, knowing that they bought it for me but that I have no idea!)

And lastly sprinkled with some random trinkets. The hot air balloon card came in a free sample of pukka tea and served absolutely no purpose except that I liked it! The word adventure spurring on my lunchtime holiday searches. The lip balm and perfume were also samples which are handy to keep around due to their compact size. The Venetian mask…. You guessed it, came from my trip to Venice. It was attached to the biscotti I purchased for the office and I swiftly claimed it for myself before anyone else could get their hands on it!

So there you have it! A little insight into where I spend most of my life and where I am currently writing this post from!

Does anyone else personalise their desks? Do you have a desk staple you just couldn’t live without? Comment below and let me know 🙂

Laura x


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  1. Lottie
    October 13, 2015 / 11:15 am

    Food…. 🙂 no time for personalisation here :,)

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