What happens in Weymouth….

If you are a regular reader of Life By Laura you may have seen a previous post on my tip to Dorset (if not click here). Basically a school friend of mine made the big move this year and Jenna and I had so much fun visiting last time that we decided to go again!

The only difference was she had moved (again!) from Bere Regis to Blandford Forum. After a quick discussion deciding whether our “new home” gift/card was sufficient for both moves (we agreed that it was). We promptly booked our tickets.

Our previous journey down to Dorset had been delightful, full of snacks, canned cocktails and most importantly space! This time we were not so lucky. After spending too long enjoying ourselves in the Natural Kitchen at Waterloo we swiftly realised that we had 10 minutes to board our train. We made a quick dash to M&S to get supplies but to our dismay (and by that I mean utter torture) we had to abandon our wine and crisps because the queue was HUGE. We ran through the ticket barriers and along side the train to try and find a seat. LOL good one girls, you booked the busiest train and you now have to stand up for the 2 hour journey – hope your Natural Kitchen was worth it. (It totally was by the way.)


Don’t feel too bad for us (although I’m sure you don’t anyway) because we made some fab tipsy train friends. Charlie – I hope you won your boat race around the Isle of Wight and to the ladies who had spent the day at Buckingham palace – I hope you got to finish your wine and your prawns weren’t ruined.

FINALLY we arrived at Poole, greeted by Holly (and a bottle of wine). We drove to Holly’s new place. Which happened to be the 2 bedroom flat of dreams, an amazing registered building of high ceilings and arched walls. We drank wine, ate snacks and tried failed to keep quiet so as not to disturb her new house mate. Probably the biggest feat of the whole evening though, was the three of us trying to put a camp bed together – the amount of innuendo’s filling the room would have made you blush (or maybe not, I mean I don’t know how your mind works.)

We had pre-planned our activities for Saturday, an early morning drive to the New Forest for bike rides in the wilderness followed by a boozy night in Bournemouth. All of which was thrown out of the window when we were offered a caravan in Weymouth!!!! (I know what you’re thinking, not quite as hip, cool or instagramable as option A but stay with me here.)

We started the day in a cute little tea room (literally in the same building as Holly’s flat) and I devoured the most delicious bacon and cheese bagel I have ever set eyes on. Then it was Weymouth time! The excitement in that car would have made you think we were off to Disney.


Arriving at the Caravan we were unable to check in for another couple of hours BUT that was not a problem due to fact that Holly had pre-booked us a private spa to fill the time! (Suddenly Weymouth is sounding more glam, right?!) For 2 hours we were escorted to this little haven, including our own private Jacuzzi (which was huge), a sauna, steam room and aromatherapy shower where essential oils flowed through the water – dreamy! The best part was, we were able to bring a bottle of prosecco with us AND it was only £15 each!


After 2 hours in a spa any ideas of going out had been thoroughly squashed so we set about creating the best girls night in EVER (which obviously meant stocking the caravan with as much booze and food as possible!)

So here’s how our night evolved – 7 bottles of prosecco, a bottle of sangria and a jug of daiquiri consumed. A meat, cheese and bread platter, 2 pizzas, popcorn, chocolate, crisps and hummus also consumed. 2 full films and half of 2 other films watched. Tunes listened to. Dancing, singing, laughing and an anecdote that shall remain between friends (what happens in Weymouth…). And we did it and all in the comfort of our little carva-van (Cleverly renamed by Jenna!)


We ended our trip with a cute walk along Weymouth beach and a mad dash back to Poole station resulting in us missing our pre-booked train home – oops!


As I get older, going out gets less and less appealing and this weekend just confirmed that for me! I don’t doubt that we would have had a lovely time out on the town in Bournemouth BUT I can guarantee that we had the best weekend in Weymouth with our comfy’s on surrounded by all we could possibly need. (We definitely left with less money guilt… although way more food guilt.)

If you take anything from this post take away the idea of a night in, or a weekend in. Take a trip or stay at home but do not get out of your pjs, make sure you are fully stocked and get your best people around you – trust me you wont regret it.

(this post should 100% have been sponsored by prosecco – maybe I should take out shares?!)

Peace and Love xoxo


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