Turning 26!

Guys I’m 26! It’s happened, I’m officially the wrong side of 25 but do you know what, I literally couldn’t feel better right now!

I feel so happy, so settled, so on track with my life and I had the best birthday I’ve had for ages. Unfortunately the last couple of years Jon and I have had terrible news around our birthdays and last year I had the worst spa experience of my life (read about that here if you want).

So this year I didn’t plan anything big I was just going to have a nice, quiet, splendid little birthday.

Well that didn’t happen! I mean it was nice and splendid but by no means quiet!
My birthday was on Wednesday but I managed to spread it across an entire week of food and booze and it was just perfect.

Monday saw me having some work drinks to celebrate our renewal period, not technically birthday related but indulgent none the less. Tuesday, I had pizza express lunch with some work pals which was supposed to be accompanied by that free bottle of prosecco they give you for your day of birth but we were way too hungover for that so carb overload it was!

Then it all got mega exciting because this girl booked the rest of the week off! I mean if you can’t randomly book time off for your birthday when can you?!

26 years prior to Wednesday I escaped the womb and to celebrate I went shopping with my mum where I obviously bought things from new look because I have an actual obsession with that shop and honestly need to go to some kind of support group! If you feel the same please hit this girl up…. we need each other! Once we were all shopped out we headed to Bourgee for afternoon tea. I LOVED it here, the decor is a bit of me! Navy and copper goals! As well as an Art Deco waterfall wall as you enter, I mean bravo to bourgee for bringing this classy place to Chelmsford. The food was also delicious which is a plus. We had “afternoon tea on the lawn” which luckily was not outside (cause it was raining) but served on a tray covered in fake grass… genius. My favourite parts were the sausage roll and lobster cheese thing (technical term.) we coupled this with the cloudy lemonade of dreams and finished off with a ginger and lemon tea. I actually got an offer for this on groupon which meant all of that (aside from the tea) was £15 for the 2 of us! What a bargain!







After lunch we headed back to mine so mum could fake tan my back… cause that’s what mums are for right?! I then donned my new pink body from new look and almost squealed at how bloody cute it is! Deffo my new fave thing. And if I wasn’t full enough, it was time for dinner with Jon :).

We headed to Zizzi’s and actually had a glorious dinner! I had the special to start – pesto and cheese garlic bread (yep you heard right!) and for mains I had the duck with mash lentils and veg and oh my life it was SO tasty!!!! I actually ordered the lasagne which they didn’t have but I’m totally glad they didn’t now. Accompanying our dinner with a bottle of white we had a fab date night, chatting, laughing and of course … people watching (my favourite past time.) As the night was still young we stopped off at Baroosh for some cocktails before stumbling back to our new home happy as Larry.



We actually stayed up past midnight (I know how rock&roll!) which means we saw in Jon’s birthday drinking prosecco/whiskey in bed and watching Aladdin!

For Jon’s birthday, more food and drink was on the cards including a lush dinner at Bills Restaurant (where I consumed pate on toast, a cheese and bacon burger with chips,a side of mac and cheese….and half a steak – I’m not even ashamed, I’m so impressed!) followed by drinks in the pub to watch Spurs lose which usually I’d be pretty nonchalant about but I put a bet on and they were right in saying it matters more when there’s money on it! So close but yet so far!




Friday came around (and still no hangover, so unlike me!) I’d drunkenly text some of my pals the night before to see if they fancied watching a live band at the fleece to which they replied yes, so this is what we did. That is after jons mum came and graced us with a dominos pizza (can you smell the heart attack I should be having by now?) filled up on cheese and carbs I headed out to the pub with the girls for “a few quite drinks” which included 2 bottles of prosecco, multiple rum and gingers and a sprinkling of shots. BUT I had a bloody brilliant night, the band was called the hits and I totally recommend you see them next time they grace Chelmsford. I danced, I sang, I lost my voice and I loved it!

Saturday I awoke not feeling fresh as a daisy BUT feeling a lot better than expected. I jumped in a long bath and headed to pick up my bestie who was sporting a fabulous hangover herself. And what better way to cure this than with a bottomless prosecco lunch? (I know I should be dead right now.) we went to The New London in Chelmsford which is not far from me and oh my the food was amazing! Some brilliant choices were made last week food wise and this is 100% one of them. Such a cute little restaurant with clean fresh decor. Lots of windows so it was nice and bright. We both had salmon Arancini balls and I had the sausage and mash which was SO needed! Along with the free flowing bubbles we perked right up, although became slightly delirious, a little loud and inappropriately giggly. We were also joined midway through by a few of the other girls and we continued to drink, chat and laugh for a few hours. Jenna and I then headed back to mine with snacks and champagne to watch magic mike XXL in bed and I have no regrets!

Sunday was spent in my pyjamas, and consisted of an afternoon nap and a dinner exploding with vegetables in an attempt to counteract the rest of the week!

I honestly had the most amazing birthday, surrounded by great people, doing my favourite things! 25, whilst the birthday wasn’t great was actually such a massive year for me and one I will remember forever. But now, we have nothing to save for, we have no commitments, we just have time, time for each other, time for our loved ones, time to have fun! I’m so excited for what this year has in store…. do me proud 26! I know you can 🙂

Peace and love xoxo



  1. March 7, 2017 / 12:25 pm

    Blimey gal… what a birthday week you had!! I’m jel of all the restaurants you went to – although if I’d eaten that i’d have definitely had some kind of induced food coma!! The afternoon tea at Bourgee is fab isn’t it? The lobster bagels were my fav, and the sweet sugary doughnuts. xxx

    • March 7, 2017 / 12:27 pm

      I know! I’m paying for it now though hahaha yes omg the afternoon tea was so good! And I really recommend the new London! Get in while the bottomless prosecco is still going 🙂 xx

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