The Kardashians 

Time for some controversy and I’m sure there will be very split opinions on this one.

A lot of people dislike the Kardashians, in fact a lot of people have pure blind hatred towards them!


I can’t deny that whilst I’ve never hated them, I didn’t think much of them. I was a bit like Nicky grahame in BB wondering “who is she!? Where did she come from?!” In my eyes and in the eyes of many the Kardashians did bugger all, they earned millions purely for being related to the one that bought out a sex tape and as a result thousands of girls now sit around wandering which celeb they should do the same with! (Don’t deny it!)


Then, after watching an episode of keeping up the Kardashians with an air of “eugh I don’t even watch this it’s just on my TV” but secretly feeling like “hmmmmmm do I like this?” I made a big decision. Queue series 1 episode one…. Yep I went back to the beginning, starting from day one I decided to figure out what all the fuss is about.

What I discovered by doing this is that I knew absolutely NOTHING about the Kardashians and if this was the case how could I form such strong opinions about them? How can anyone form an opinion 1. Based on second hand information from the media and 2. Not having witnessed anything themselves.

The answer is you can’t!!

Love or hate them I urge you to watch it from the beginning, if you have a strong opinion why not base that on reality? Cause I bloody love them now!

Yes I understand that their TV show is produced by their mother and therefore they can show us exactly what they want us to see but if you have watched it you’ll know that this is a lot! They aren’t always painted in a good light and I think that adds to the realness.
What I have discovered from watching the Kardashians is how honest they are, how much family means to them, how real they are (aside from their surgeries OBV) and how bloody funny they are! They’ve been through a lot and whilst their in a privileged position and can therefore deal with some of these issues easier than the rest of us, they are still human! They still have a heart and a soul, they feel! So when a parent dies, a loved one is an addict, a divorce is decided upon; it isn’t easy. Just because they’re rich does not mean they don’t grieve and feel pain like the rest of us.


I also found, contrary to public belief, that they work super hard!!! Kim Kardashians work ethic is like nothing I’ve ever seen and this has definitely rubbed off on Kendall. They may not do quite as much anymore in regards to their stores etc but they have the money for help and they have become so successful because they worked for it! Yes Kim’s sex tape might have pushed them up the ladder a few runs but that shouldn’t take away from what they have achieved on their own.

So here’s my two cents on the Kardashian clan in case you were wondering:

Kim – amazing work ethic, actually pretty funny, learning to let go a lot more as she gets older, strong, has a tough love approach but can still be emotional, sucker for love, empowering, controversial – Kim and Kanye like to cause a stir, they like to get people talking and they sit back and laugh about it together not giving a flying F! Don’t take this stuff too seriously cause they sure as hell don’t!


Kourtney – amazing! I love kourtney, she’s a fantastic mum and would clearly do anything for her kids! She’s put up with a lot from Scott but always stays strong. She finds it hard to show her emotions and gets awkward as a result. Bloody hilarious and super fun!


Khloe – my absolute fave! Serious heart eye emojis for khloe. She has a heart of gold and always wants to help people. She’s the strongest person ever but of course can let her emotions get the better of her sometimes. Confrontational. Khloe has been through a lot and taken it hard but she just gets on with it, powering through like nothing’s happened. She’s a problem solver. An absolute babe!!


Rob – I’ve always liked rob but he clearly fell into a bad place. Growing up the only boy and having your father die young cannot be an easy thing to go through!


And I can’t really wrap this up without briefly talking about the Jenner’s:

Kris – loves her family. She Loves to be in control. Has a heart of gold and is not always appreciated. Clearly wants to stay youthful and current and be able to bond and hang out with her girls as much as she can! Very emotional, reflective and sensitive.


Kylie – now whilst I find Kylie a little difficult I feel like this is kind of understandable. She’s the youngest of a VERY well known family, she’s been bought up privileged and in the public eye. She also suffers massively with anxiety and I think maybe puts on a front to deal with the issues going on inside.


Kendall – amazing work ethic. Bit of a tomboy. Not really like the others. She’s doing extremely well for herself, she gets her head down and stays low key.


Bruce/Caitlin – I always loved Bruce but felt that he wasn’t always treated that great. Obviously you never know what’s going on behind closed doors and you are only shown certain things. I was SO shocked when he came out as Caitlin but super happy for him all the same! However since watching series one of I am cait and seeing a few other bits I’m not sure how I feel about it!? I mean I definitely preferred Bruce but maybe this is a transitional phase and Caitlin will be different in the future.

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner in 2010 and 2015 on cover of Vanity Fair.

So there we have it, the Kardashians through my eyes. Obviously this is my own personal opinion and everyone is entitled to their own but all I can say is, form an opinion based on something real, not on hearsay! You might be surprised!


Peace and love xoxo

*clearly none of these photo’s are my own but I have made them all clickable links to the pages I found them on google.


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