Teenage vs Adult Christmas list

Halloween and bonfire night are both officially over which means one thing……….. it’s Christmas!!!

Ok not quite but almost right? Can I get excited now? Usually I’m a lot cooler about the whole situation BUT it’s our first Christmas in the new flat and I cannot wait to decorate!

So with my head full of festivities I had a sudden realisation, it kind of follows on from my last blog post on what it’s like to adult….

When did my Christmas list get so boring???

Seriously, at what age do you stop writing down the stuff you want and start writing down the things you need but don’t want to spend money on?

Well this sparked my imagination and gave me an idea! I text my 15 year old sister, asked for her Christmas list and am going to compare what we’ve asked for here. I’m also including some links to the stuff we want in case it interests you at all.

Buckle up pals, it’s about to get real!

My list:

Someone to pay my mortgage for the year.

An obvious one right? Who doesn’t want someone to pay for their mortgage so they can spend their own money on holidays and fun stuff?

Big candles (not beeswax).

I’ve finally become the person who burns her candles rather than looks at them all pristine and new but refuses to let them live out their purpose. BUT in doing so, my fear has become a reality…. they’re all bloody running out! So I need some really big ones that will last a while.

(Homesense have an amazing array of candles but you can’t buy those online so I’ll link to TK Maxx. Alternatively I LOVE MamaMoon Candles!)

Homesense vouchers.

Literally my favourite shop on the planet. I always set myself a budget when I go but not once have I stuck to it. Why do they have such amazing stuff? I specifically want vouchers because going to Homesense and spending hours walking round the aisles, picking the perfect items for the flat is my idea of heaven!


I refuse to buy my own perfume because it’s over priced bullshit, however if someone wants to spend their money on it then I’ll take some please 🙂

(Jon usually buys me some Prada Candy on special occasions)

Someone to decorate my living room.

Because I’m lazy and don’t want to do it myself.


No explanation needed.

Mimosa Beauty vouchers.

This is probably the most luxurious thing on my list. Mimosa Beauty is the salon round the corner from me where I buy my skin care and get my brows/lashes done, so it would be handy to have something to put towards that. Also with it being round the corner, I get to go for treatments in my pjs – what’s not to love?

Cordless drill.

You never really consider the need for a drill until you have your own home. Watching Jon build all our Ikea furniture with a crappy little screwdriver was painful…. literally, he had the blisters to prove it. It’s just one of those things that’s so handy to have. Plus I can walk round the house feeling all girl boss whirring my drill at Jon suggestively and that idea just makes me happy in itself.

Cordless Dyson hoover (pet version).

If you have to hoover, this is an obvious one. Those Dysons look so easy to use , just whip it out run it round and put it back. No fighting with the mass of crap in the hoover cupboard to drag it out then tripping over the wire or pulling it out of the wall as you go round a corner. The dream.


Because my mum told me I need one and ain’t nobody got time to go buy a freakin mop.

Rebecca’s list:

Adidas tracksuit

(Options here)

Nike air max 97 ultra

(Link here)

Branded clothes

PINK Victoria Secret underwear

(Options here)


Ok so I’m putting this stuff together cause it’s all basically clothes (something I did have on my Christmas list and took off cause I have too many and it’s becoming a problem). Notice it’s all branded stuff too, I remember this age of only wanting the best, newest, branded stuff… this swiftly changes when you start buying your own clothes and your best friend becomes the Primark basic section.

PINK Victoria Secret perfume.

My sister is obsessed with perfume and sprays! It’s likely that she doesn’t need any more but what the heck it’s Christmas! And one item that we both have on our list it seems.

(Options here)

Stuff from Skinny Dip.

I feel like I’m getting too old to pull off anything from Skinny Dip but this place is freakin amazing! (If I had to choose though, I’ll take the cordless dyson please).

New iPhone.

I don’t know if this means the newest iPhone or just a new one… either way, my phone still works so it will do. (Note: her phone also still works.)

L’Occitane products.

Luxurious branded products once again! I’d never even tried anything from this brand before but luck would have it that I got sent some of their products the other day (that almond hand cream though!! Well needed at this time of year). So guess who will be getting those left overs for Christmas – perfect timing!

(Christmas gift sets here)


Pretty vague, might get her one of those dolly sweet neclackes – I mean that’s what I would want.


I feel ya sister! I guess this is the same as someone paying my mortgage right?

So there we have it, the Christmas list of a 26 year old compared to that of her 15 year old sister. I know I joke here but to be perfectly honest although my list may seem “boring” to some, it’s the most exciting thing ever to me! If I unwrap a drill on Christmas Day I’ll be smiling from ear to ear haha!

What’s on your Christmas list this year? Is it more like mine or my sisters?

Peace and love xoxo

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