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I am a great believer in taking time for you!

If you’re single, in a relationship, have a family; as busy as you are you should always make some time for yourself.

All too often we hear of people, women in particular who have lost themselves through dedicating all of their time and efforts to others and although this is something to be applauded you still need to look after number one.

Everyone deserves to feel good, to have some fun and to enjoy the life you have been gifted.


Now this doesn’t have to be something strenuous or time consuming, it could be as simple as running a long bath, treating yourself to something (like a new top or that tub of Ben and Jerry’s that’s been calling your name from Tesco’s freezer section), or taking up a hobby.


For me it has been the latter, I have had many hobbies in my time from horse riding to playing the drums but my new muse has been the most rewarding.



This new fitness craze has been burdened with a stigma, tainting all those who partake as strippers, labeling them as bad female role models and claiming it be sending negative images to our children.

I couldn’t disagree more!

I have to admit before I started I had images of half-naked girls twirling sexily round poles which made me skeptical to give it a try but I had heard great things from others who had done it and thought,

“What have I got to lose?”


Obviously what you learn in a pole class is completely dependent on where you go, there are classes out there which focus on being “sexy” and “the art of seduction” but I am lucky enough to go to a place which focuses on fitness and how to do different poses.

Nothing is out of bounds, if you are willing to learn and dedicated to trying you will be taught how to do it.

Imagination, Determination and New ideas are welcomed with open arms!

(If you are interested in these types of classes check out for more info, the studio is due to relocate close by in May)

I am now 7 months in, with my own pole at home!

It is an extremely addictive sport – and trust me it is a sport!!

Pole is not for the faint hearted, it’ll crush any images you have of perfect girls gracefully fluttering about with images of bruises, struggle and pole burns!


But the determination to get that new move down will over shadow all of the negatives!

And the change you will notice in your strength, physical appearance and mental state will motivate you to go on.

For me pole has been an empowering experience, it does amazing things for your confidence and self-esteem.

When you finally nail that new move you have been trying to get for weeks – it is comparable to the feeling you get when you find £10 in an old handbag you haven’t used for months!


Now I await the excuses:

I’m too fat

I have no upper body strength

I have weak wrists/ankles/knees/hips

 Whatever excuse you have…. It’s irrelevant!

Trust me I’ve tried them!

There will always be an alternative move you can try or a different way to do it so as not to disturb your injury. Also and probably most importantly it will build strength and resilience to most things – personally I have weak wrists and a phobia of doing handstands, but my wrists will remain weak unless I start trying to strengthen them and last week – I nailed a handstand!


It is all about progression, confidence and trust!

A lot of girls are also put off by the lack of clothing worn in a pole class, but this is something that is necessary to crack those moves! You will need to use your body to grip on the pole (and stop yourself face planting the floor!)

However you only need to have those parts out when you are doing moves that require your body to grip, other moves you will be able to cover up more.

A word of advice when joining a pole class – Do not judge yourself against other people!

Everyone is different, people’s bodies work in completely different ways and you may be able to do a certain move better than somebody else and vice versa.

Also you are unaware of how long they have been poleing for, what their background is (e/g gymnastics) or how often they practice.

Focus on you and your progress!


A great tip is to keep a Pole diary – write down moves you’ve tried, things you want to try, include pictures/diagrams… it will help to keep you motivated and track how well your doing.


So if I have sparked an interest with my pole experiences and thoughts, track down your local class and enquire – what have you got to lose?


But even if pole isn’t for you, make sure you find something that is!

Don’t forget about you! Find your muse!

(I will be sure to add photos of my own progress as and when I can! Also check out our pole class page on instagram! “V_Poledance”)


Laura X



  1. sophie harvey
    March 19, 2014 / 8:29 pm

    What a FANTASTIC, OPTIMISTIC, POSITIVE blog you have here Laura! Great sentiment and wonderfully put. I am most definitely in that “I’m too fat/weak…etc.” category, however you have definitely given me a little buzz of confidence to go try new things, and I’m definitely considering taking up a new exciting sport 😉 Keep up the good work! Your pics make you look like an Olympian, SO PROUD! xxx

    • March 19, 2014 / 8:33 pm

      Thank you Soph! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 If we all took some time for us we would all be a lot happier in ourselves! xxx

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