So Cheesy…

So those of you who know me will know what a HUGE cheeseaholic I am!

I’ve been told on countless occasions that I eat too much but I just can’t stop… I love it, I NEED it! There is rarely a meal that I consume without cheese and NEVER a day without it.


So when considering my next fundraising mission I contemplated what would be most difficult for me …

Giving up cheese!

So here we are currently on day 2 of 5 (which doesn’t sound like a lot to normal people but for me this is TORTURE!)

Now I’m hoping this torturous week will not be in vain – I hear you wondering what on earth would I give up cheese for?

Well…. and here’s the strangest part… for the cats!

Yes you heard me right…. cats!


I’ll be completely honest with you, I’ve never been much of a cat person… kittens maybe but cats, not my cup of tea. However living in a flat, my fiancé and I were contemplating what pets we could have. Knowing his adoration for cats and with his 25th birthday looming I decided to enquire with our estate agent as to whether we could have a cat – turns out we could!

Next on the agenda was finding one! Obviously a kitten was our first thought, then two kittens so they don’t get lonely! But practically it would be a nightmare, the flat would be trashed by the time we got home from work. So thinking logically we decided an older cat would be best and one that was used to being indoors (as there’s no way for them to get in and out). So when searching for our brief, I stumbled across the website for “poppy’s place” .


Poppy’s place is an independent rescue that relies purely on donations and you can tell from their website how passionate they are about animals! From pre adoption checks to post adoption advice poppy’s place really do care! ( – take some time to check out there website)

We adopted our Lola and couldn’t be happier, she follows us round the flat like a little dog and has settled in amazingly. We owe our happy little family to Poppy’s place which is why I’m looking to raise some money for them. To keep them doing the fantastic job they’re doing and to ensure other families get a happy healthy bundle of fluff just like we did!

IMG_8806 FullSizeRender IMG_7028

Just £5 will help feed a cat for a week, £10 will flea worm and treat a new arrival and £50 will vaccinate a cat or kitten against disease. They also have a wish list on their website detailing supplies needed for the rescue centre which you can purchase for them.

So even if cats aren’t your thing, please donate in the knowledge that you will be making a family somewhere whole and happy! And also be safe in the knowledge that I am truly suffering here without my cheese and that without donations to make this worth it I may cry!

Donations can be made using the following link


And here to end the post a super attractive picture of me from 2010 with my muse … a big block of cheddar!

Laura x


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