Pumpkin decorating…

This weekend was so autumnal it hurt! The weather is doing that thing where it’s super chilly BUT beautifully sunny and I for one am praying that this continues.

The lovely Gemma from Gems Country Life invited me over to her beautiful cottage on Sunday, our mission – to decorate pumpkins! The annual autumn craft that gets you in the mood for Halloween.

First things first…. Pinterest. The creativity source of dreams! I typed in “pumpkin decorating” and was soon faced with a whole host of crazy ideas. I had gone to Gemma’s with traditional thoughts of carving some design, however what I was falling in love with was the painted pumpkins.

Finally I set my eyes upon the idea I wanted to try, as did Gemma, and we set to work recreating them.

Now to say I strayed from the norm is a total understatement but I had so much fun creating this look! I highly recommend giving it ago if you aren’t afraid of making a mess.

The Method:

1.Paint your pumpkin.

I didn’t check what kind of paint we used but I’m pretty sure anything will do and who doesn’t have a pot of white/magnolia paint laying around?! Basically paint the shit out of your pumpkin, we had to do a few layers (I’d say about 3) and to save time we used a hair dryer in between coats.

2.Glue Gun Crayons to your pumpkin.

Yep, that’s right. Grab the kids crayons and glue them to your now white pumpkin. I broke mine in half so they weren’t hanging off the end but I’m sure either way would work. Also if you don’t have a glue gun I guess super glue would suffice! I tried to keep the colours in rainbow order but you can organise them however you wish with whichever colours take your fancy… the darker colours definitely work better. Maybe you could do a black and red one if you wanted to get really halloweeny!

3.Melt your crayons.

We started doing this with a hairdryer as suggested but my god it was taking ages! Luckily for me Gemma is a craft goddess and has every tool you could ever need. So we ended up using some sort of heat gun?! It worked way better (even if I did almost set the stalk alight and kill us all. Word of warning: don’t hold it too close!)

4.Paint your stalk.

The brown stalk was totally killing my vibe so we sprayed some gold spray paint into a pot and painted the stalk with it – managing to hide the burnt bit!

5.Admire your creation!!

Hurrah! You now have a pumpkin that is covered in crap and that almost burnt down your home but look how cool it is! 🙂 Seriously though, make sure kids are supervised on this one and be careful with the melting. The crayon juice sprays EVERYWHERE but its the most satisfying thing to pick off of a table cloth once its dry.

Also, do not drive home with your pumpkin unattended because when you turn a sharp corner it will fall over bash into the footwell and a load of paint will chip off before you even get to display it!

Oh and here is Gemma’s creation… this beautiful white and gold pumpkin is so simple and chic!

How will you decorate your pumpkins this year? Do you use pinterest for inspo??!

Peace and Love xoxo


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